Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 158: Chase (2)

Chapter 157: Chase (1)

The next morning, Chang Xinkuan came to find Tang Jie, bringing good news.

Lin Xudu had agreed.

Guided by Chang Xinkuan, the three of them headed straight to Cloudflow Academy.

Cloudflow Academy was located at the base of the Cloudflow Mountains, on the outskirts of Shangquan City. The Cloudflow Sect was located atop the mountains, and it was from them that it got its name.

Carrying on the usual style of Immortal sects, Cloudflow Academy did not mix with the common folk, though it was much less impressive than Basking Moon Academy, which had created an entire mountain range for its school. It had simply occupied a field at the base of the mountain for its school grounds.

When the trio arrived, they saw an estate of gray bricks and glazed tiles. It couldnt compare to the grandeur of Basking Moon Academy, but it had the delicate refinement of a small sect. A large field of spirit grains had been planted around the academy, and only invited farmers were allowed to farm these fields.

In front of the academy was a towering archway upon which the name “Cloudflow Academy” had been written.

A teacher from the academy was already waiting under the archway. Upon seeing the trio, he clasped his fist in his hand and said, “Sun Baoran pays respects to the students from the upper sect.”

Chang Xinkuan said to Tang Jie, “This is Sun Baoran, a Mortal Shedding Realm Nine Revolutions expert. He is the headmaster of Cloudflow Academy.”

When Tang Jie learned this, he stepped forward. “I pay my respects to Headmaster Sun. Please forgive us for the trouble.”

Sun Baoran chuckled. “Its fine, fine. Although Lin Lang was a student of my academy, treason can never be tolerated. If there is any place you need to investigate, please say so, and we will do our utmost to cooperate.”

After exchanging pleasantries, Sun Baoran led them into the academy.

As they passed through the archway, they followed a path of gray bricks deep into the school. There were countless small buildings concealed on the sides, and the place was rather quiet and peaceful.

Several students sauntered on the main avenue of the academy, wearing the azure robes of the academy, with a white cloud embroidered on their sleeves and collars.

When they saw the trio wearing moon-white robes, they couldnt help but gawk and point. In terms of atmosphere, it was rather peaceful.

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