Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 156: Coercion

Chapter 155: Shangquan City

Tang Jie continued to spend his days in Inkscent Parlor, gathering data, including records of past incidents and correspondences. He spent every day researching, often only coming out at night.

All the students in Basking Moon Academy who wanted to become a True Inheritor had started to move, leaving the academy for Yan Province. Even the students of the Freedom Society had already formed teams and set off.

Among the outstanding students, probably the only one who showed no interest in becoming a True Inheritor was An Rumeng. As a student of the Thousand Passions Sect, she didnt need to worry about the problem of becoming a True Inheritor. The fact that she had even been sent here foreordained that she would be a True Inheritor.

Only Tang Jie continued to do nothing.

Even Wei Tianchong had had his appetite for True Inheritor stirred up by Tang Jie, and seeing him do nothing made him rather anxious, so he asked about it several times.

Tang Jie would always reply in an unhurried tone, “What are you in such a rush for? Everyone understands to make plans before setting out first. How is it that when the time comes to make the plan, you suddenly cant contain yourself?”

“Im afraid that well be late and Lin Lang will be captured!” Wei Tianchong helplessly said.

“Isnt that exactly what you wanted?” Tang Jie chuckled.

Wei Tianchong was rendered speechless. “I didnt want to fight over it, but you forced me to, yet now youre hardly in a rush at all. What does that mean?”

Tang Jie patted Wei Tianchong on the back. “Relax. Since Im having you become a True Inheritor, I would never give up so easily. Lin Lang isnt that easy to capture, and those who run the fastest at the start might not be the first to reach the end. While we still have time, you should go and cultivate. Do your best to improve your Mistnet Step and Evilhook Shadow Soldiers.”

“Relax. Ive been practicing this entire time and Im very proficient in them.”

“Thats good.”

Another several days went by.

Almost all the students who were going to leave the academy had already left when Tang Jie finally sent Wei Tianchong a message: “Prepare to set out.”

Upon receiving this message, Wei Tianchong and Shi Meng hastily began to pack up.

The three of them got together, but Tang Jie went to the Bounty Platform first.

“Why are we going there?” Wei Tianchong asked in confusion.

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