Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 155: Shangquan City

Chapter 154: Factions (2)

“Do you even need to ask?” Liu Hongyan pouted. “For someone like him, it doesnt matter what sort of view they hold. What matters is which faction can give him the most. Hes a born member of the fence straddling faction!”

Everyone erupted in laughter.

Tang Jie also threw back his head and laughed. “You really do understand me.”

The academy faction was a faction that was also not a faction. It served as a mediator, helping out whoever offered the most benefits.

For Tang Jie, the academy faction truly was the best fit. Thus, he had no interest in becoming Yan Changfengs disciple and joining the radicals. Moreover, some of the administrative ideals of the radical faction truly did not sit well with him.

For example, some people in the radical faction supported the idea of the strong eating the weak, survival of the fittest, and the one with the bigger fist being the king.

The thought of how the world would change if this sort of person gained power made him shiver.

This was like having the Heavenly Extinction Sect replace the Basking Moon Sect!

Although he was happy to incite war between the Basking Moon Sect and Godhead Palace, he had no desire to see the radicals become the mainstream or for slaughter to be normalized.

If that happened, death would become commonplace, the world would stink of blood, the landscape would be changed, the earth would be painted red, and the sun and moon would lose all light…

Of course, he was the only one thinking this. Youths normally did not have that many concerns.

In truth, for most students, no matter which faction they joined, they mostly cared about getting stronger.

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