Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 154: Factions (2)

Chapter 153: Factions (1)

Tang Jie had forbidden the little tiger to show itself to anyone, so the Carefree House had become the only place where it could hide. Whenever there was a visitor, Tang Jie or Yiyi would put the cub in the beast talisman.

As the space inside the beast talisman was dark, the tiger cub couldnt be kept in there for very long, so Tang Jie and Yiyi were reluctant to do this.

Tang Jie now asked, “Right, so what business do you have with me?”

“The matter of True Person Changfeng, of course. So, what—you plan to discuss this with us outside?” Ping Jingyue asked.

Even if Ping Jingyue didnt say anything, Tang Jie could guess at what they wanted.

As expected, Ping Jingyue and the others were planning to use the Freedom Society to form an alliance. They would work together to find Lin Lang, after which they would fight among themselves for the head.

The best advantage of this method was that no matter whose hands the head fell into, it would remain within the Freedom Society. It would also increase the chances for the members of the Freedom Society as a whole.

Cooperating with the competition and competing while cooperating was all it was.

Unfortunately, he was going to have to disappoint them.

Tang Jie had no choice but to knock on the gate. “Yiyi, open the door.”

A few moments later, Yiyi opened the gate and blinked at Tang Jie. From this, Tang Jie knew that Baoer had been taken into the talisman already.

Yiyi rushed over to Ping Jingyue and hugged her neck. She then waved at Liu Hongyan and said, “Hello, Big Sis Hongyan, and Big Sister Jingyue, and Big Brother Junyang, and Big Brother Shuyang…”

She greeted all of the other students in one go.

She had a sweet mouth and immediately had Liu Hongyan and the others smiling, no longer angry that she had refused to open the gate.

Tang Jie said, “Lets go in so we can talk inside.”

Yiyi had already climbed down from Ping Jingyue and run off somewhere.

Ping Jingyue couldnt stop her, so all she could say was, “This child—shes so sly. I wonder what shes up to.”

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