Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 151: True Inheritance

Chapter 150: Duel (3)

Qi Shaoming was startled, but the Heartbreak Saber was swinging at him. Aghast, Qi Shaoming hastily turned, just barely avoiding the saber.

But as he dodged, Tang Jie rushed up, raised his left hand, and fired a needle at Qi Shaomings arm.

Energy Needle!

And he was using only the Silver Cloud Needle, as he felt that this wasnt some battle wherein lives were on the line.

If he used the golden needle, Qi Shaoming probably wouldnt have an arm right now.

Still, Qi Shaoming felt a throb of pain, and he roared in anger and used another Starfall Strike.

“Useless!” Tang Jie roared, once more unleashing a Windcleaver, which obliterated Qi Shaomings attack with an unstoppable momentum.

While he didnt have as many spell arts as Qi Shaoming, nor could he use them as quickly and as flexibly, his Windcleaver Saber could utilize the entirety of his strength, each swing carrying with it his majestic power.

With his absurd strength backing the Windcleaver Saber, he truly could cut down any attack that came at him. It was probably only Qi Shaomings Passing Shadow/Phantom Clone combination attack that he couldnt deal with.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the two of them fought, Qi Shaoming realized to his horror that all of the attacks he used did nothing to Tang Jie while that berserk saber intent surged through the heavens. The frost created by the Iceberg Palm was incapable of slowing Tang Jie even half a step.

With every step, it was possible to hear the sound of ice cracking.

Tang Jie was like a tiger coming down the mountain, his saber swinging out again and again, Windcleaver Sabers going left and right. It was such a simple and straightforward move, yet Qi Shaoming just couldnt stop it.

The freezing ice didnt seem to exist, nor did the falling stars. No matter how fast the Windwalk Form was, there was no escaping the limited confines of the sparring room. While the Passing Shadow was dazzling to behold, Tang Jie hacked at the illusions like they were the real deal, holding nothing back.

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