Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 150: Duel (3)

Chapter 149: Duel (2)

While Tang Jie was at Spirit Lake and Qi Shaoming was at Spirit Spring, the actual difference wasnt very big. Given Qi Shaomings talent and his one year of bitter cultivation, it was completely possible that Qi Shaoming could win.

The thought of fighting with the number one genius of the academy had Tang Jies heart burning with fighting intent.

He nodded. “Okay!”

Since they had agreed, they both set off for the Divine Battleground.

There were few people around, and this was someone challenging another above their tier, so they were immediately matched against each other.

In the sparring room, Qi Shaoming pulled out his sword, which shone with a watery light as he pointed it at Tang Jie. “This sword is known as Autumn Water, and it is a treasured sword passed down through my family. Though it is a spell weapon, its edge is extremely sharp. I will use all my strength in this battle to attain victory. Tang Jie, fight me with everything you have!”

“Of course. Since were fighting, lets fight to our hearts content!” Tang Jie replied, raising the Heartbreak Saber.

The two of them stared at each other, and then they shouted in unison. Qi Shaoming swung his arm, and Autumn Water released a cold beam of light that shot at Tang Jie while radiating a watery light.

The Chill Phantom Clone Sword!

Qi Shaoming was truly the greatest genius of his class. In his hands, the Chill Phantom Clone Sword was brimming with sword energy and as sharp as could be. He had clearly grasped the true essence of the Chill Phantom Clone and utilized this spell to its maximum. Tang Jie roared, swinging the Heartbreak Saber and unleashing a sharp beam of saber energy that collided with the sword light.

As saber and sword energies collided, the Autumn Water Sword pulsed with light, which somehow allowed it to penetrate through the Heartbreak Sabers energy and continue toward Tang Jie.

Tang Jie was forced to retreat. Qi Shaoming went on his tiptoes and launched himself into the air, then twelve beams of sword energy issued from his sword, each one targeting a different place on Tang Jies body.

This was the true essence of the Chill Phantom Clone Sword.

When others released multiple sword beams, the majority of them would be illusions.

But the Chill Phantom Clone Sword spell allowed spiritual energy to condense within the sword to form attacks. Each attack was real, which was why this spell had the name of “Phantom Clone”.

These twelve sword beams covered Tang Jie from all angles, sword energy flooding in from all sides. This one attack displayed the formidable power of Basking Moons number one genius.

Tang Jie bellowed, the Heartbreak Saber slicing through the air, and an eerie slash collided with one of the sword beams.

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