Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 148: Duel (1)

Chapter 147: Counterattack

“What?” Wei Tianzhi was stunned by Tang Jies words.

Tang Jie walked up to him and slowly said, “First Young Master, I dont blame you for wanting to drive me out, and I can understand that youre doing it for the sake of the Wei Clan, but it wont go as you hope. Let me tell you what will happen in the Wei Clan once your letter arrives.”

Tang Jie raised a finger. “Firstly, the master will be furious over your letter and decide to expel me from the clan, but the lady will stop him. She will tell the master that I am currently the first student of our class to enter Spirit Lake, and the only one in one thousand years to create a new record at the Celestial Defense Hall. Expelling me from the clan would be giving up on the hope of the Wei Clans prosperity, and also rendering all their earlier investment for naught.”

Wei Tianzhi took in a deep breath.

Tang Jie raised a second finger. “Secondly, the academy wont let me go, and even if the Wei Clan uses every method at its disposal and succeeds in expelling me, according to the schools rules, my cultivation will not be crippled. Once I leave the academy, I can still cultivate on my own, but it would be difficult for me to avoid some resentment toward the Wei Clan. The Wei Clan went to so much effort to send a servant into school, but rather than obtaining an ally, it raised a hidden enemy. A wise person would not do this!”

Wei Tianzhi trembled.

Tang Jie raised a third finger. “Thirdly, the third young master has experienced amazing progress as of late, and once he enters Spirit Lake, he will begin to participate in missions. Missions are dangerous, and he will be down a servant student—one that is decently strong and is rather loyal to the young master. First Young Master understands what that means, yes?”

Wei Tianzhi was finally silenced.

Tang Jie drew back his three fingers. “Thus, while this matter will cause some turmoil in the Wei Clan, in the end, the master will take back his order. He will write a letter to you praising you for your actions, but in the end, he will sincerely tell you that the matter with Tang Jie is settled and that all you need to do is keep a close eye on him and make sure that he doesnt cause any more trouble. The lady will also write a letter to you, but this letter will contain a torrent of abuse, rebuking you for not paying more attention to your own business and properly cultivating. Of course, this is more for me to see. I will also receive a letter written personally by the lady. The letter will attempt to soothe me, saying that the Wei Clan believes in me, and I will even be given money to support my continued cultivation. With that, this matter will finally be settled.”

Wei Tianzhi was trembling all over, and he shook his head in denial. “No! Thats impossible!”

Tang Jie patted him on the shoulder. “You dont need to believe, but youll find out eventually. An earnest personality doesnt mean that you have a good view of the big picture… Try and do better.”

Wei Tianzhi was utterly gobsmacked as Tang Jie turned to leave.

Wei Tianchong hastily came up and said, “Tang Jie, dont blame my big brother. Thats just how he is…”

“I know,” Tang Jie smiled. “From his standpoint, he did everything correctly.”

“As long as you understand,” Wei Tianchong sighed in relief. “But those words of yours were marvelous. You scared my brother silly.”

“‘Scare? You think I was trying to frighten him?” Tang Jie chuckled.

Wei Tianchong was taken aback. “Youre saying that was the truth?”

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