Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 143: Going Back

Chapter 142: Farewell

“Then I would arrest you and take you back to Horizon Ocean Pavilion to be interrogated, forcing the location of Godhead Palaces treasure out of you,” Xu Miaoran shouted, waving her fists around, but the look on her face didnt seem that wicked and fierce at all.

Tang Jie laughed. “Alright, then; I am. Arrest me and take me to Horizon Ocean Pavilion.”

“Tsk, not even the slightest sincerity,” Xu Miaoran pouted. “But since two major sects are looking for you, why are you wandering around here?”

“After Gu Changqing died, Ive been making my way back to the academy. Because of the Heavenly Extinction Sect, they should know that Gu Changqing is dead, so they arent in a rush to find me.”

“They didnt seem too in a hurry before this. Its been more than a month, and they have a loan receipt, yet they still havent rescued you. The Basking Moon Sect either is too incompetent or has no intention of saving you,” Xu Miaoran snorted.

“If the Basking Moon Sect is incompetent, then what are the other five sects that it stands on the same level as?”

“So youre saying that the Basking Moon Sect doesnt want to save you?”

Tang Jie lowered his voice. “Its not that they dont want to save me, but that everyone benefits if Im still in Godhead Palaces hands.”

There were some things that everyone understood even if they werent stated openly.

Why had the Basking Moon Sect been unable to get back Tang Jie all this time?

Was it really because Gu Changqing possessed such divine abilities?

Not necessarily!

Perhaps at the start, the Basking Moon Sect had been earnestly trying to save Tang Jie.

But as they pursued and turned up more and more Godhead Palace spies, the Basking Moon Sect realized that this process benefited them, so they naturally began to change their plans.

Gu Changqing needed time, Tang Jie needed time, and the Basking Moon Sect needed time. Everyone was willing to make the commitment to get what they wanted, and so the three parties had come to a tacit agreement to keep the pursuit going, never using their full strength.

Xu Miaoran was a clever girl, and she understood his meaning when he sighed.

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