Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 140: Fiend Woman (1)

Chapter 139: Working Together (2)

A raspy laugh came from the dark corner. “I knew that you little cubs werent that easy to fool. As expected, you found me out. Rather than cultivating like good little girls and boys, you insisted on getting into my business. That being the case, then both of you should become vengeful spirits under my Yellow Springs Ghost Dao.”

An evil gust of wind howled.

The Yellow Springs Ghost Dao?

Tang Jie and Miss Xu both paled at these words.

Tang Jie snorted, “Sure enough, remnants of the Ghost Raising Sect. Even after several thousand years, they still havent been cleaned up?”

As he spoke, Tang Jie thrust out his palm, sending that evil wind back where it came from.

The abbot sinisterly laughed. “The Ghost Dao is eternal, and the Ghost Sect is undying. What do you juniors know? Just obediently hand over your lives.”

His sleeves curled up, and a skull emerged from that dark corner, its jaws clacking open as it took a bite at Tang Jies arm.

Tang Jie was presently drawing the wicked ghost from before back into the bells, and that skull moved so quickly that Miss Xus cry of “Watch out” only reached him when the skull had already bitten his arm.

The girl paled when the skull bit onto Tang Jies arm. “Oh no! A Bracelet Fiend Skull! Its teeth are venomous! Hurry up and cut off your hand, and you can still be saved!”

Daoist Fuyu chuckled. “Its too late! The venom has entered the blood and traveled with blood energy. Unless youre at Nine Revolutions and can resist poison, your death is certain! I really didnt think that a single fiend skull would be enough to get rid of one of you. Basking Moon student, my ass! He was nothing at all!”

He loudly laughed.

What he had feared the most was Tang Jies status as a Basking Moon student. After all, Basking Moon signified a faction of extraordinary power, and many of the students that emerged from it were talented individuals. But to his surprise, he had poisoned one to death with a casual blow. He felt that he had been too focused on this detail and had been a little too scared of the Basking Moon Sects reputation.

Tang Jie laughed and threw the string of bells back to Miss Xu. “Is that so? But if the poison cant enter the blood, it should be useless, right?”

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