Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 14: The Basking Moon Sect

The darkness of the night grew deeper and deeper.

Some time had passed. In the small pavilion, Xu Muyang was downing cup after cup of wine, a burning sensation in his throat. Rather than using his spiritual energy to digest the alcohol, Xu Muyang immersed his entire body into the intoxication.

Though he was slightly dizzy, he felt inspired, and recited, “Recollecting the young years, the old times roaming the parks, the carriages flowing like water and the horses like vigorous dragons, the flowers and moon in the spring breeze! Out of the dream, returning to the frontier fortress, the western winds worrying up green waves. When will the journey home be?”

(TN: This poem is a fusion of two poems, both of which were written by emperors of the Southern Tang Dynasty. The first section was written by Li Yu, the last emperor of the Southern Tang, while the second section was written by the second emperor of the Southern Tang.)

This poem was something he had thought up on the spur of the moment. He was no famed poet, but he was from a great clan and had read quite a few books. Mixing the lines of his forebears together, first recollecting the past and then musing on the current situation, could create something rather presentable.

But just when he blurted out these words, a loud voice came from outside. “Hand over the Profound Martial Mirror and you will be able to go back home in all respects. Xu Muyang, rather than clinging to precious treasure and sighing leisurely at the moon, it would be better to return what is stolen to ones rightful owner and return to the proper path!”

As this voice spoke, three individuals appeared in the courtyard.

Their leader was a violet-robed elder. He wasnt very tall, but he had a vigorous grandeur about him that made everyone focus on him.

At this time, he had his hands behind his back as he looked at Xu Muyang, his eyes radiating such majesty that they were hard to directly gaze at.

Seeing this, Xu Muyang immediately said, “So it is Aspirational Lord Wunian who has personally graced me with your presence.”

Godhead Palace had four True Lords, and True Lord Wunian was ranked second. In Godhead Palace, he was the Insight Master and was famed for his power and prowess. He cultivated the Great Aspiration divine connection of Godhead Palace, so he was known asAspirational Lord Wunian.

“You know that it is the Aspirational Lord who has come, so why are you not kneeling!?” A voice exploded. It was none other than that He Chong who Xu Muyang had clashed with at Jade Orchid Mountain, and he was the one who had talked about thereturn to the proper path.

But the violet-robed elder was unmoved, simply saying, “Its fine.”

Xu Muyang glanced at the other individual out of the corner of his eyes. This was a young man in white who looked rather similar to Xu Muyang.

Seeing him, Xu Muyang trembled all over. “Big Brother!”

Even though he had predicted that a member of the Xu Clan would be coming, he had not imagined that it would be his older brother, Xu Ruogu.

But when Xu Ruogu glanced at Xu Muyang, his face was emotionless, and he coldly said, “Father and Mother miss you. Hand over Godhead Palaces possession and then come home with me.”

“Father… Mother…” Xu Muyang softly muttered. With a bitter smile on his face, he asked, “Are they still doing well?”

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