Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 139: Working Together (2)

Chapter 138: Working Together (1)

The girl suddenly appeared and looked in surprise at the ghost.

The ghost was probably dizzy from its flight. The moment she appeared, it brandished its claws and lunged, trying to take a person hostage to protect itself.

The girl softly chuckled. She took the string of bells at her waist and waved them at the ghost.

There was a melodious ring, and the ghost froze in shock. The girl extended her slender finger and tapped the ghost on the head. The ghost turned into a black light and was sucked into the bell.

The girl waved the bells around, seemingly listening to it. She then grinned and tied the bells back to her waist.

Just like that, she had taken care of the ghost.

Tang Jie and Abbot Fuyu stopped in unison, both dumbstruck by what they had seen and clueless as to what to say.

In the end, Abbot Fuyu came forward and respectfully bowed. “Fuyu respectfully greets this benefactor. This ghost was a savage being, so it is fortunate that this benefactor was able to lend a hand and prevent it from escaping.”

The girl replied, “It cant be considered lending a hand. I just saw a ghost, so I captured it.”

Her voice was indescribably pleasant to the ear.

Abbot Fuyu replied, “Since that is the case, why does our benefactor not destroy this wicked ghost?”

The girl crisply replied, “Thats my business. What does it have to do with you?”

From her tone, it seemed that she already considered the ghost to be hers.

Abbot Fuyu froze, momentarily unable to speak. It was Tang Jie who chuckled and said, “Its like this. This wicked ghost had possessed members of Secretary Lis family and has already killed someone. Miss, since youve captured the ghost, its best if you can follow us and explain things to the Li Clan so that they can rest easy.”

“Ah, I see.” The girl thought it over and nodded. “Alright, Ill go with you and ask those Li Clan people if theyre willing to let me take this ghost away.”

The abbot wanted to say, “Would these people dare to say they arent willing?” But all he could do at this point was agree.

The three of them made their way back up the mountain.

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