Chapter 132: Stealing Money

Translated by: Hypersheep325Edited by: Michyrr

A terrorhorn beast drank from a muddy pool of water, occasionally raising its head to watch out for any possible dangers.

Its thick neck restricted its field of vision, and it was essentially incapable of turning its head, so only by turning around would it be able to look behind itself. Thus, it completely failed to notice a pile of dried-up leaves slowly coming up behind it.

As that pile got closer and closer, the horned beast suddenly felt a deep unease.

The beast ’s instincts told it that danger was coming, and it suddenly raised its head and charged off to the side.

At the same time, a cold light flashed out of the pile of leaves, striking at the weakest point in the buttocks of the terrorhorn.

Arooo! The terrorhorn let out a tremendous roar as it flailed its hooves and tried to flee this dangerous place.

But as one of its feet stepped on a few green vines, they coiled around it and held it fast.

It angrily roared, and a yellow light appeared on its body as it began to use some sort of spell art.

At this moment, a sword flashed, leaving behind a white line across the back of the horned beast ’s head.

Thump! The enormous creature ’s head fell to the ground.

A human form appeared in a flash, and Tang Jie soon landed on the terrorhorn ’s body.

Looking at the corpse, he laughed. ”My luck ’s not bad. We finally have some meat to eat. ”

Terrorhorns were lower-grade fiend beasts, and while they seemed clumsy and slow, they were actually incredible when it came to escaping. Their body was covered with tough scales, and their natural spell art was Earth Escape. The only good method was to take them by surprise and strike the weak point at the back of their heads, instantly killing them.

Now that the hunt had succeeded, Tang Jie began to dismantle the terrorhorn. This fellow ’s tough scales and single horn were excellent materials. All of its essence was contained there, but that meant that there was little value in the body.

As he removed the horn and scales, the little tiger rushed up and began to gnaw on the beast ’s flesh, so enthused and sloppy that his mouth was covered in blood.

”Don ’t rush. It ’s all yours. ” Tang Jie stroked the cub ’s head and smiled.

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