Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 13: Declaring an Aspiration

The days of cultivation flew by very quickly.

After a big downpour at the end of summer, the autumn silently arrived.

Half a year had gone by in the blink of an eye.

In this half a year, Tang Jies days were rather packed with washing his meridians and learning formations from Xu Muyang.

Today, in the courtyard, Tang Jie was practicing punching.

He was currently practicing an arm boxing routine. Xu Muyang had taught it to him, and it was meant to work with the Visceral Manifestation Classic in washing his meridians.

At this time, he was punching with such vigor that he created small gusts of wind. Occasionally, spiritual energy would make an entire circuit of his body. With each of these circuits, Tang Jie would experience an incredibly pleasant sensation, and at the same time, his body grew stronger.

Xu Muyang said that this was an indicator that his meridians had yet to expand to their limit.

After finishing the routine, Tang Jie felt the spiritual energy leave his body with great reluctance.

He could have kept practicing, but Xu Muyang explained that cultivation was not something that got better the more diligent one was. Excessively domineering training methods would cause one to overdraw on ones potential and even cause long-lasting injury to the body. It was best to strike a balance between work and rest.

Thus, he could only stop, yet he also couldnt restrain a sigh. “I wonder when these days are going to end?”

“What? Cant wait any longer?” In the pavilion, Xu Muyang was drawing on paper with a brush, and what he was drawing was a set of strange formation talismans. Hearing Tang Jies words, he chuckled. “For people like you, washing the meridians and establishing a foundation might be monotonous and boring, but do you realize how many cultivators pray to the heavens to be given a chance to redo this period?”

“Big Brother Xu is right,” Tang Jie hastily replied.

Thinking back to his school days, he recalled that many of his classmates were anxious to enter society and break free of those prison-like days in school. Only when they spent some time in society and got battered and bruised did they recall how wonderful their school life had actually been.

Tang Jie had been through life before, and though that life hadnt granted him any powerful starting advantages, it had given him abundant life experience. His mindset had long ago surpassed his age, and he was well aware of what was most important. He had only sighed just now because of his sensation of momentary helplessness. If he were really told to give up on laying his foundation and move straight to cultivation, he would absolutely refuse.

Xu Muyang had seen many cultivation disciples who had gotten bored of this routine, even the geniuses getting anxious to begin cultivating.

In the cultivation world, the number of people who actually started cultivating Immortal arts without properly laying down their foundation was rather small. Rather, the more common sort was those who did not treasure their bodies, clinging to a small thread of hope and trying to pull up the plants to help them grow faster.

Thus, he was full of praise for Tang Jies composure.

He smiled and said, “Since youre done boxing, come and study todays formations.”

Tang Jie couldnt help but bitterly smile.

The Dao of Formations, much like medicine, was a discipline where knowledge far surpassed technique in importance. For this reason, it also had few restrictions.

In this half-year, Tang Jie practiced the Visceral Manifestation Classic only twice a day, the amount of time put together taking only an hour. He spent most of his time studying formations.

At times, Tang Jie wondered whether Xu Muyang was using this method on purpose to try and draw his interest.

Compared to the slow pace of washing meridians, Tang Jie was advancing in leaps and bounds in his studies of formations.

This was not entirely because of his excellent mathematical foundation.

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