Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 126: Internal Strife

Chapter 125: A Lie More Real Than the Truth

Following Zhao Xinguos finger, Gu Changqing saw pale and haggard faces.

The Hawk Halls people had been running for their lives this entire time to avoid the pursuit of the Basking Moon Sect. In truth, they were absolutely exhausted, but they had been enduring it all.

But there was a limit to how much they could suffer. Cultivators were also people, and they had breaking points!

While they had managed to achieve a miracle in their seven days of flight, they had paid far too great a price for this miracle.

Putting aside the fact that the majority of the ten-some Hawk Hall members had died in battle, even those spies planted in various parts of Sageheart had been mobilized to complete missions for the Hawk Hall, even at the risk of exposing themselves.

Godhead Palace had planted a total of three-hundred-some spies within the Sageheart Kingdom. In the space of seven days, thirty-some had died in battle, forty-some had been exposed, and at least half of the remainder had been implicated and would inevitably be exposed as well.

At present, excluding Tang Jie, Gu Changqing had five men under his command. The others had been killed in the pursuit or sacrificed themselves to hold off the enemy.

Zhao Xinguo had been able to endure a lot, but after seven days of this, he could endure no longer.

He wasnt like most of them. His father was a Celestial Heart True Person. He had come here to make a contribution to the sect and had never once thought about suffering so much.

When they had captured Tang Jie, he had seen some hope of achieving some merit. At that time, he had followed all of Gu Changqings orders. Even when they were attacked in the bamboo forest and suffered terrible losses, he didnt care so long as he could return to Nadir Hill and get a few achievements to his name. With his fathers prestige and status, this would be more than enough to extract some benefit from.

But the truth was that capturing Tang Jie wasnt the same as obtaining the Martial Mirror. They had been run ragged by ten days of flight and pursuit, and this young master had suffered enough.

Not all young masters were bossy, but all of them were unable to take much suffering. Actually, that he had been able to last seven days was a miracle.

Today, he had finally stepped forward.

A smile appeared in Tang Jies eyes.

He knew that the moment he had been waiting for had finally come.

After all the pain, all the blood and tears, it wasnt just Zhao Xinguo who was fed up, right? But they were cowed by Gu Changqings power and werent willing to speak out.

In the face of Zhao Xinguos criticisms, Gu Changqing replied, “I know that all of you have suffered a lot, but we waited three years for this very moment. We have already paid too much and lost too many people for the sake of getting back the Martial Mirror. Do all of you want all of this to be in vain?”

Zhao Xinguo coldly laughed. “The problem is: how do you know that well get anything from this? Perhaps it will be just as pointless as the last few times.”

“I cannot guarantee anything,” Gu Changqing firmly replied. “But this is exactly why we must grasp every available opportunity.”

“What a joke! We have the person who knows where the Martial Mirror is right here, but were running around and searching for ourselves! Thats giving up on the trunk to seize the branches!”

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