Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 118: Capture (2)

Chapter 117: Capture (1)

The flames of anger instantly blazed through Tang Jies body.

Gu Changqing!

How could you do such a thing?

Tang Jie stared at Gu Changqing, no longer hiding the light of hatred in his eyes.

He knew why Gu Changqing had suddenly mentioned this.

He wanted to provoke Tang Jie into admitting that he was Tang Jiye.

Even though he had had the people from Anyang come to confirm his identity, Gu Changqing still wanted to confirm who he was through his own methods.

From a certain perspective, it was even more reliable than those witnesses.

This was even more reason that he had to restrain himself.

But no matter how he restrained himself, the seething flames uncontrollably erupted from the depths of his heart and burned up his body.

His emotions made it almost impossible for him to control himself.

At this moment, someone shouted.


Cai Junyangs roar exploded in everyones ears.


He pointed at Gu Changqing and roared, “Gu Changqing, are you even human? Digging up graves and destroying bodies is something reviled by both gods and man!”

It wasnt just hatred that would make people take leave of their senses.

Fury against evil actions would also make people stand up.

Gu Changqing hadnt expected that, right when he was about to succeed at provoking Tang Jie, Cai Junyang would jump out first.

He was slightly taken aback.

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