Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 114: Student Loan (2)

Chapter 113: Student Loan (1)

Tang Jie didnt know how he ended up back at the Carefree House.

After getting away from those respectful villagers and tactfully refusing their purchasing offers, Tang Jie said that he was tired and went back with the tiger corpse.

As he made his way back, he drew the attention of countless students, who pointed and gestured at him. The plaintive tiger roar was still ringing in Tang Jies ears, and he could still see the deep affection and helplessness in the mother tigers eyes at the moment of death.

When he got back to his home, Tang Jie listlessly sat on the ground.

He released the tiger cub from the beast token.

Perhaps because he had spent a little too long in that sealed space, the first thing the little cub did was angrily scratch at Tang Jie, after which he saw the motionless form of his mother.

Perhaps he thought that his mother was asleep. He circled around the body, occasionally pushing at her with his head as if he was trying to wake her up.

In the end, he grew tired and collapsed into sleep next to the corpse.

Yiyi emerged from Tang Jies bosom. Climbing onto his neck, she whispered, “Big Brother…”

She spoke very softly.

Everything that had happened today had also been a big shock for this little girl.

“Mm,” Tang Jie grunted.

He looked at the tiger corpse and then looked at the still-unaware little cub. He grabbed Yiyi and put her next to the tiger cub. “Yiyi, can you promise your big brother something?”

“Mm. Big Brother, just say it and Yiyi will do it.”

“Starting from now, this little tiger is your little brother. Promise your big brother that you will take good care of him.”

“Oh!” Yiyi crisply replied, “Ill take good care of my tiger little brother.”

“Very good,” Tang Jie said, petting Yiyi on the head. “Baoer is still young and doesnt understand many things. Youre his big sister, so in the future, you cant argue with your little brother over everything.”

Yiyi firmly nodded.

Tang Jie smiled and moved to walk out.

“Big Brother, where are you going?” Yiyi asked.

“To get something for the tiger cub to eat,” Tang Jie replied.

Regardless of how depressed he was, life had to go on.

The news that Tang Jie had killed a tiger quickly spread.

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