Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 113: Student Loan (1)

Chapter 112: Parting

Sorrowful tiger eyes moved back and forth between the two tiger cubs. Finally, with a trembling claw, the fiend tiger pointed at one of the little cubs.

“Take the little one with you.”

It turned its head, unable to watch this parting.

Tang Jie walked over and grabbed the little cub that was playing with its older brother.

The little fellow was still ignorant, so when someone grabbed it, it instinctively tried to bite.

But it was too weak and failed to penetrate the skin on Tang Jies arm.

Tang Jie raised his hand, bringing the little cub into the air, but it didnt let go, continuing to bite down on Tang Jies arm while its four paws flailed in the air, doing everything it could to fight back against Tang Jies arm.

Its older brother lunged over and began to gnaw at Tang Jies feet, letting out soft growls.

Tang Jie chuckled at how adorable and cute it was. He asked, “Does it have a name?”

The fiend tiger shook its head. “I have yet to name them. But as the tigers are the kings of beasts, our tribe has the surname of Wang (King). I am called Wang Poguan. You can name them.”

“Wang Poguan (Break Barrier)… I understand. Then I will name them after the concept of being free and unfettered (Xiaoyao). Their formal names will be Wang Xiao and Wang Yao. As for your baby name, lets just go with how your head looks and call you Baoer (宝).”

He grabbed the cub and held it affectionately in his embrace.

While tigers were fierce, they were very cute as cubs, and Tang Jie naturally took a great liking to it. In the eyes of Wang Poguan, this was naturally a relief, but it also added to the sorrow of parting, and it started to sorrowfully growl in helplessness.

The deal was done, so Tang Jie went to gather his materials and leave. While these materials had been used to lay down the formation and some of them had been used up, others could be gathered back up and used again. For example, it was impossible for the Azure Light Sword to be depleted after being used in a formation just one time.

As he was packing things up, Tang Jie suddenly thought of something and asked the fiend tiger, “Right, since the Basking Moon Sect only comes once every half a year, how do you normally survive? When I woke up, I saw a pile of bones in the cave. That should be your food, but where does it come from?”

The fiend tiger replied, “There is a red dogwood flower that grows on the summit. When the fruit of this flower is crushed, it will release a scent that can attract all beasts.”

“So it was the helping dogwood. I wondered why the Basking Moon Sect could be so at ease as to only come once every half a year,” Tang Jie said with a chuckle.

Compared to the other spirit plants of Tiger Roar Valley, the helping dogwood could be considered a truly rare plant. The fruits it produced could restore blood and spirit and were of huge help in cultivation, commanding extraordinary value. When the dogwood fruit was crushed, it would create a scent that would travel far, so it was an excellent way of attracting fiend beasts, if not somewhat of a waste.

The Basking Moon Sect had probably planted helping dogwood on Tiger Roar Peak for its own convenience. Since the fiend beasts would throw themselves into the net, they wouldnt need to waste time and energy serving the fiend tiger on the mountain.

After several hundred years of care, anyone would start to think of ways to avoid work.

As if it could tell what Tang Jie was thinking, the fiend tiger said, “I still have some red dogwood fruit left over, and you can take it if you want it. There are also some other spirit plants that I have no use for, and you may take as much as you want.”

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