Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 11: Only Seeking a Free and Unfettered Life

In the room, Tang Jie glared at Xu Muyang and asked, “So youre saying that you laid down a formation in a moment of excitement and then went back to your room to write down your inspirations, forgetting about me?”

Xu Muyangs face reddened. “I just forgot the time.”

He was a mighty True Person of the Celestial Heart Realm, but in front of a boy, he was like a child who had done something wrong. It was quite an amusing sight.

Of course, Tang Jie couldnt be blamed for being angry. No one would be happy to be imprisoned for several hours the moment they got home.

After hearing Xu Muyangs answer, Tang Jie stood up and left.

“Where are you going?” Xu Muyang asked in surprise.

“To make dinner. I was imprisoned the moment I got back, so I havent even started on dinner yet.”

It wasnt long before Tang Jie came over with dinner.

The two of them ate together in the courtyard, Tang Jie never saying a word.

“Whats wrong? Are you still angry at me?” Xu Muyang chuckled and looked at Tang Jie. “Fine—I admit that I was wrong. I apologize. Is that okay?”

The relationship between Immortals and mortals was like that between gods and the common folk. Let alone being imprisoned for half a day, even if Tang Jie had been killed, no one would have dared to say anything. But now, Xu Muyang was actually apologizing to Tang Jie. It was easy to see that their relationship was an extremely deep one.

Tang Jie shook his head. “Im not angry. Im just wondering about what formations really are. How can they be so amazing?”

In the formation, he had felt like he was in a maze. The courtyard was still the same courtyard, but he couldnt get out no matter what he did. The room had been right over there, yet it had felt like it was on the other end of the world. He had been rather panicked and fearful at the time, but now that he thought back to it, he found the entire experience incredibly mysterious. For this reason, even when eating, he couldnt help but ponder it. What was the principle that could make ordinary dirt and soil into this sort of divine dimension?

“Youve noticed it as well?” Xu Muyang laughed. “Yes, the Dao of Formations is truly an amazing field, encompassing all things and containing the supreme principles of the world. A single blade of grass and a tree can be made into a formation. It can be considered the number one mystery of the world. Even if cultivators use their entire lives, they might not be able to plumb even one ten-thousandth of its depths, and its uses are limitless…”

When it came to his favorite subject, Xu Muyang became a fountain of ceaseless praise.

“So what is the Dao of Formations, really?” Tang Jie asked.

Xu Muyang answered, “In the final analysis, the Dao of Formations is really just the cultivation of the world!”

“Cultivation of the world?”

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