ly, he was drawn to a set of needles.

This was a set of flying needles, one set consisting of eighteen silver needles.
Each needle was stored separately and could be kept at the waist for ready access.

The student responsible for taking him around saw that Tang Jie had his eyes on the needles and hurriedly said, “These Silver Cloud Needles are made from essence iron and have exceptional penetrating force.
They are stored individually, but they can also be launched in unison.
The needles are enchanted with seals that, when activated, can form something akin to a sword formation.
Although it's a lower-grade spell weapon, it possesses outstanding power.”

“But what do you do after you've launched them?” Tang Jie asked.

“Oh, that?” The student smiled.
“You use the needle glove to bring back the flying needles.
The needle glove is made from deer hide and is enchanted with a return seal that is linked to the needles.
So long as the needles are within one kilometer, the needle glove can call them back.”

“So if the enemy runs off with the needles, you're out of luck?”

The student laughed.
“Nothing is perfect in this world.
Even if it's a weapon that's gone through ceremonial refinement, if the opponent is strong enough, can't they take it from you all the same?”

“That's true,” Tang Jie casually said.
“How much is this set of Silver Cloud Needles?”

“Nine hundred coins,” the student replied.

“That expensive?” Tang Jie frowned.
“These needles shouldn't have taken that much material to make, right?”

“The flying needles don't need much material, but the labor costs are high.
Junior Brother, you should know that the smaller an item is, the more difficult it is to enchant it with seals.
These Silver Cloud Needles are so small that applying a seal to them takes a lot of work.”

“I see.
Then I'll take it.”

He naturally didn't want these needles for their offensive power.

While these needles were pretty good, they were still a one-time attack.
Even with the needle glove to get them back, it probably wasn't something as simple as firing them off and calling them back.
The process probably required a lot of work.

This set had caught his eye mainly because he wanted to research the seal and see if he could use it on his golden needle.

Even if he couldn't do anything with that knowledge, he could at least mix in the golden needle among the Silver Cloud Needles to take the enemy by surprise.
It was just that these needles were silver and his was gold, so it was hard to say how well-concealed it really was.
It would mostly depend on the opponent.

After buying the needles, Tang Jie continued to browse and soon spotted a set of snowsilk clothes.

From the name alone, one could tell that snowsilk clothes were a high-class item.
In truth, they had nothing to do with snow or silk.
Rather, these were just clothes woven from special silver threads.
They had little protective effect, but they were resistant to tearing and could fend off water and fire.

On his first trip to Tiger Roar Valley, Tang Jie had ruined his clothes in the battle with the tree sprite.
Ever since then, he had been looking for a set of clothes that could endure through a battle.
Ending up naked after every battle simply wasn't acceptable.
Yiyi's “So ugly!” had badly damaged his dignity.

As they didn't have a defensive effect, the snowsilk clothes weren't expensive, but they still cost two hundred spirit coins.

The snowsilk clothes of Basking Moon Academy were generally designed like the uniforms.
Tang Jie tried it on and looked at himself in the mirror.
He decided that he looked pretty good.

After buying the clothes, Tang Jie casually asked, “Right, do you sell any good materials here?”

“What do you need?”

Tang Jie passed over a list.

The student gave the list a look-over and replied, “You'll probably have to pay two thousand coins to get all this.”

The student shot Tang Jie a complicated look, thinking to himself, We're all people, yet our fates are so different.
This kid hasn't even been in school for a year, but he's gotten both a middle-grade spell weapon and so much money. Mentally sighing, he said, “We have most of it, and what we don't have, we can find in the other stores.
Please wait a moment while I get them.”

Tang Jie needed a lot of things, and the student would need some time to gather it all.

With nothing else to do, Tang Jie continued to browse Spirit Platform Pavilion to see if there was anything good.

At this time, another customer entered the store.

It was Shu Mingyang.

Shu Mingyang's eyes brightened when he saw Tang Jie.
“Oh? Why are you here?”

What about you?” Tang Jie replied.

“I've come here to sell, actually,” Shu Mingyang replied, waving around the stack of spell talismans in his hand.

Shu Mingyang was the first member of this year's class to pick up miscellaneous studies.
After the big exam, he had passed the Talisman Dao test and started to learn talismans.
He actually possessed some talent in this field, and he would spend his free time making talismans.

Making talismans was really just recording the spells one knew on talisman paper.
When needed, one simply needed to activate the talisman.
It was much easier than casting in the middle of battle.

Talismans and formations were really just different forms of spells.
Talismans were fast and convenient, and besides that, they could be given to other people to allow them to use spells they normally wouldn't be able to.

The Soulscour talisman had been a good example of this.

Formations were more about power.
The same spell would have its power multiplied when expressed through a formation.
It was just more troublesome to use.

Those who created weapons sold weapons, and those who made talismans naturally sold talismans.
While Shu Mingyang probably had a grand time taking out talisman after talisman in a fight, the costs were actually rather high.
Thus, he had to sell some of what he made every day to balance the books.

This was precisely why Shu Mingyang didn't like going to the Divine Battleground.
In his current situation, a fight just wasn't worthwhile.

To sell goods, students could set up their own stall, or they could sell wholesale to other stores, though the latter would unavoidably result in less profit.

Shu Mingyang had an eight-cycle Jade Gate, so he didn't need to waste cultivation time for the sake of a little more profit.
Thus, he had always sold his talismans to stores.

The two couldn't help but laugh upon meeting each other.

Tang Jie said, “I happen to be in the market for some talismans, so why not sell them to me? I can pay you a little extra, but you'll have to sell it to me for cheaper than the store will.”

“Nothing could be better!” Shu Mingyang smiled.
He stuffed the talismans into Tang Jie's hand.
“Take a look and pick out whatever you need.”

“The last time we fought, I remember you throwing out this talisman that immediately made me feel weak all over.
What spell art was that?” Tang Jie asked as he looked through the talismans.

“Oh, that was a Bloodseal talisman.
It weakens the enemy by dispersing blood energy, but its effects are rather lacking.
It only slightly weakens the target and doesn't last for very long at all.”

“I can just use a few more,” Tang Jie replied.
He had already picked out the talismans he wanted from the stack.

Shu Mingyang saw that he had mostly selected weakening or strengthening talismans and curiously asked, “What are you buying all these for? Are you worried that someone might buy them to use against you?”

Tang Jie chuckled.
“It's not like I'm the only one with a strong body.
I plan to use them on a rather troublesome fiend.”

“You're going to Tiger Roar Valley again?” Shu Mingyang asked in surprise.

“Mm, I'll stop after a few more trips.
If my luck is good… once should be enough,” Tang Jie casually answered.

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