Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 106: Heartbreak Saber

Shui through the main hall and into a courtyard.

This was a vast courtyard that even had a drilling ground. There were weapons of all sorts arranged on racks, and there were several targets set up at the other end.

Tang Jie could see that even the targets were made from high-quality diamondstone, making them difficult to break.

A quick-witted student was already coming over with three silken boxes.

Madam Shui opened the first box. Inside was a pair of black iron hoops.

Madam Shui took one out and explained, “This is an Earth Loathing Ring. Spirit Platform Pavilion brought it from outside. Though it is only a middle-grade spell weapon, the materials are of high quality, and its power is rather good. Eighteen seals have been applied, creating a stellar microcosm. You can hold it in your hands to attack or toss it out. After ceremonial enchantment, only a little training will be needed to control it freely.”

Madam Shui threw out the Earth Loathing Ring. The hoop flew out, a black figure in the air, and struck one of the distant targets, causing it to explode.

Madam Shui beckoned, and the Earth Loathing Ring automatically flew back into her hand.

Tang Jie was alarmed. This was what “power is rather good” meant?

The Earth Loathing Rings were definitely at the apex of power when it came to middle-grade spell weapons. Ye Xings hammer would probably be too ashamed to call itself a middle-grade spell weapon in front of the Earth Loathing Rings.

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