Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 106: Heartbreak Saber

Chapter 105: Soul Weapon

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The extraction region was located outside of the cave in a barren area.

Compared to the secluded natural feeling of the rest of the academy or the blistering heat and activity of the Forging Platform, this place was rather somber and deserted.

A large and empty building was where the extraction region was located.

When Tang Jie arrived, he saw two students lazily applying extraction techniques to a broken weapon, stripping it of materials. Next to them was a large pile of the resulting scrap.

Dan Xin lightly coughed, causing the two students to fearfully stand up.

No matter how dissatisfied, angry, or reluctant they were, they could not show any of this in front of the academys esteemed teachers.

There was only trembling fear and reverence to majesty.

Dan Xin sternly swept his gaze over the two and said, “Ive brought you a new schoolmate. Starting from today, he will work with you in the extraction area. Although extraction is boring work, through extraction, you can understand the composition of magic tools. It is the most comprehensive way of studying the refining of tools. You must not devalue yourself and should apply yourself to your studies!”

The two students fearfully affirmed, but they inwardly grumbled. While the extraction area could allow them to understand the composition of magic tools, the problem was that they needed the chance to make tools.

No matter how much they learned through extraction, they needed to personally make a weapon to apply this knowledge. It was only because they had no other choice that they chose to learn this.

After Dan Xin handed over Tang Jie to them, he left.

Tang Jie and the two students introduced themselves. One was called Zhou Jiahui; the other, Liu Zihan. They were from the class above his and were already in the Spirit Lake Tier.

Perhaps because these two spent most of their time here and didnt go out, they didnt know who Tang Jie was. They simply regarded him as a student who couldnt get into one of the hotter fields and was only left with the spurned art of extraction.

Thus, they were rather cold to him. They simply told him what the basic duties of the extraction region were before going off to do their own work.

Extracting primarily consisted of two parts: undoing materials and removing seals.

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