Morning came and these two mates were reluctant to let go of each other.

Just then lyrii appeared in Asmodeuss room. He was not fully asleep when the Angel got up and followed him to his room, he knew that Asmodeus would come and that he had to let them have some time together so thus he let her go with him.

”Okay enough, you guys are showing off your affection way to much, were is my good morning kiss ” lyrii whined with a little pout displayed on his lips.

Asmodeus was shocked to see lyrii behaving in such a way but he quickly shrugged it off because he knew that he would only show this side of him to the Angel.

”H-huh ah good morning lyrii ” she got up lazily and kissed his cheek. He found her so adorable in her messy bed hair, half closed eyes and slightly swollen lips.

”Good morning angel ” He kissed her forehead and smiled to her sweetly. ”Why don you go freshen up and we can go for breakfast ” the Angel nodded and went to her room to get ready.

”Have you now finally accepted her? ” He asked while lifting his left eyebrow waiting for a response from the stubborn demon.

”What are you talking about? ” He asked dumbfounded by lyriis question, he knew that he couldn hold himself yesterday but that doesn mean he accepted her.

”Oh Asmo, why can you just accept her like any other normal mate would accept his mate ” he Said through gritted teeth. He knew that the demon in front of him was not willing to let go of his stupid ego and accept her.

”Look lyr, what ever happened was all just because of the mating bond, I didn do it willingly, you know full well that if it wasn for this stupid mating bond I would never even spare her a glance, I mean look at her shes so weak, I literally hate weak people especially angels so what ever happend I did not do it intentionally it all happend because of that you hear me!! ” Asmodeus burst out not knowing Esmeray heard the entire thing.

So she turned back and before she could ask she heard everything he said. She was really heart broken, so everything he told me last night was fake she thought as she sobbed silently.

Lyrii looked to his side and so her, tears streaming down her beautiful face, he hated seeing her cry it felt like he had been stabbed several times in his chest, he immediately rushed to her side and engulfed her in a bone crushing hug trying to comfort her and sending death glares to Asmodeus.

Asmodeus was shocked when he saw her, he didn think she would hear that and after seeing her cry he felt a huge lump in his throat, he didn mean to make her cry, he was about to go to her side and apologize but lyrii stopped him in his tracks.

”ENOUGH!!!! You have already caused her enough pain, how long are you going to continue playing with her feelings haven you ever thought if she ever loved you, lemme tell you she loves you with all her heart and its not because of the mating bonds but because she genuinely loves you, but no!! All you do is hurt her. Haven you ever wondered why she never holds you responsible when you hurt her, when you would go to her, she would never push you away because she loves you and she thinks that you are just trying to get used to to all this mating thing!!!!! ” Lyrii roared that the whole of hell shook he was burning with fury.

He didn like to see her in that state and everyone who has ever gotten to see him at his full limit knew that he is someone not to be fiddled with, thats why demons feared him the most before he joined Asmodeus. But since he had been quiet for a 1000years, people thought he had gotten tired and just decided to shut himself up but now… ”I want to tell you one thing Asmodeus, if you ever come near her again I will not hesitate to break our bond and shred you into f*cking pieces, you got that!!!!! ” And with that he teleported him and the Angel to her room leaving the demon glued to the ground, adreanaline scorching through his veins.

”Im s-sorry ” was the only thing that came out of his mouth he didn know what to do, he was completely helpless, he himself doesn know why he said those things or treat her in such a way.

But even after everything he made up his mind, telling himself that he would do anything in his power to break the bond so that he doesn continue hurting her and let her find someone who is worthy of her.

”Because Im not worthy of you, my little angel Im doing this for you, I-I l-love you ” and with that he teleported himself to an unknown destination….


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