Esmeray was sleeping soundly in lyiis arms. It made her feel safe and all she knew was that she never wanted to let go.

But the Angel started to feel another presence in the room, she tried to ignore it but it kept bugging her so she turned her head and met a familiar pair of dark orbs staring directly at her. Suddenly she heard a voice in her head.

”Why do you make feel this way when I don want to ”

”Why can I stop thinking about you ”

”It shouldn bother me if you are sleeping with him, but I just can seem to hold my emotions when I see you in another guys arms ”

Esmeray knew that the demon staring at her is Asmodeus. No matter how many times he would say and do hurtful things to her she could never find a place in her heart to resaint him, after all, she is an angel and angels do not have the gift of hate especially this pure innocent angel.

She lightly shifted to the side to not wake up lyrii. At this view she could see him clearly and she gently whispered.

”Why are you here? ”

”Uhm i-i don know ” the demon stuttered a little.

”Do you want to talk? ” She asked him sincerely. She has been wanting to talk to him but he kept pushing her away

”….. ”

”I will take that as a yes ” she quietly got off the bed and made her way to Asmodeus wrapping her small hands around his muscular arm and used her powers to take them to his room.

”H-how did y-you do that ” the demon asked dumbfounded he didn think angels could teleport.

”We angels have various powers according to our ranks and each angel has their own special ability and mine is being able to move to places using photogenic memory its more like the way demons teleport. ” the Angel sayed proudly because she knew the demon was stunned by her power.

He just stared at her and nodded still intrigued. Esmeray sat on his bed and gestured for him to take a sit next to her. He hesitated a little but ended up sitting next to her.

”I have something to tell you! ” The both sayed in unison and blushed a little

”You go first ” He urged the Angel

”Uhm okay, look I know you don want me here and you never wanted me. I understand that it is something thats going to be really hard to get used to, so I will keep my distance from you till you feel comfortable around me ” She said in a low tone but audible enough for him to hear here she says she wants to distance herself from me, when Im here wanting to have her in my arms *sigh* he thought mentally face pulming himself

”Is that what you wanted to tell me? ” He asked hoping its not only that cause he still wanted to talk to her and listen to her beautiful voice

The angel nodded her head slowly and stood up indicating that she was about to leave, he noticed that and before he could process what he was doing he grabbed her arm and pulled her to his chest attacking her with a bone-crushing-hug. It felt like if she left now then he wouldn be able to be with her.

”*gasp* w-what a-are y- ” He buried her head in his chest even more to shush her

”Shhh lets stay like this for a while ” He said in a low commanding yet caring tone.

She just stood still in his embrace, she felt safe, she never wanted to let go, she just wanted to be in his arms for the rest of eternity. They had stayed in each others arms for a long time, silence filled the room it wasn awkward, it was comfortable, warm and peaceful. Soft snores replaced the silence when he looked down, he saw her sleeping soundly in his arms her nose scrunched up a little and he smiled at how cute she looked. He felt peace when he was with her.

He gently placed her on his bed when he was about to pull off, the Angel clung to him even more and her grip around him tightened, he chuckled lightly at how she did not want to let him go, possessive much, huh? He thought smiling, he had no choice but to cuddle her and soon fell asleep.

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