Asmodeus’s Little Angel

In Each Other\'s Arms

”You will regret this ”


As they were having their dinner, lyrii and angel talked a little to get to know each other more.

”So lyrii how long have you been with Asmodeus ” the Angel asked curiously.

”Well from the very beginning, its just that I never really liked interacting with the other demons because I found them quite annoying ” He chuckled bitterly at his statement, he didn want his little angel to know the real reason why he shut himself up for almost a 1000 years, her ears were too pure and innocent to hear the truth.

”Awww but why do you say that, I feel its sad to not interact with others, we need each other to spread more love ” she pouted cutely and lyrii chuckled at her cuteness.

”Thats why I have you ” He ruffled her hair and she giggled. They talk for a while and did not realize that they had finished eating and it was getting late.

Meanwhile someone was watching them from the corner, with so much rage and hatred.

”You little angel slut, just wait I will make sure you suffer ” the demon smirked darkly and disappeared.


Esmaray started dozing and lyrii could see that she was trying to keep herself awake. He chuckled lightly and picked her up bridal style.

”Ah, hey put me down ” she complained but in reality she actually liked it.

”No, Im taking you to bed, its time to get some shut eye, okay? ” He said in a domineering yet caring way, she just nodded her head and rest it on his firm chest that caused a little blush to escape from her cheeks.

Once they reached her room he placed her on her bed and tucked her in.

”Goodnight my love, sleep well, if you need me just say my name and I will come straight to you ” He said placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

”Wait where are you going? please stay with me ” She held his hand.

”I really want to but I have some things I need to solve don worry I will stay with you tomorrow, the day after and forever, okay my lovely angel? ” He kissed her cheek and she blushed slowly nodding her head. He waited for her to fall asleep and then left.

”What are you doing here!!! ” Lyrii growled at the demon who had been watching them. He had already seen the demon but he did not want to worry or scare his little mate so he just waited till she fell asleep.

”Hey to you too, why are you doing this to me its almost been a thousand years and the first thing you do is yell at me ” the demon pouted. Lyrii felt disgusted by that and grabbed the demons arm teleporting them far away from his angels room.

”You have not answered my question Ara! ” He said angerly.

”I missed you, I thought we could catch up and have a little fun ” she flipped her hair and looked at him seductively.

”Fun? You want to have fun then go to the under dogs theyll give you the fun you are looking for ” He scoffed.

”How dare you- is it because of that stupid angel slu- ” before she could finish her sentence lyrii threw Ara across the room hitting her back against the wall with great impact.

”Should you ever say anything about her or even as much as saying her name then I promise you, you will never live to see the next day!! ” He growled that the walls started to shake up a little ”Oh and Ara, I dont love you and never will, I just used you the person I truly love is Esmeray, so its better you never show your stupid ugly face to me ever again ”

And with that he teleported back to Esmerays room, she was sleeping peacefully, she lookes beautiful he thought. He walked closer to her bed laying down and hugging her to sleep. It made him feel warm even his stone heart could not resist her.


Asmodeus was in his room tossing and turning he couldn stop thinking about his mate whenever he closes his eyes he would see her beautiful face smiling at him.

”Stupid mating bond ” He growled and dashed out of his room.


”Esmeray I will kill you ” Ara said to herself darkly.


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