After crying her heart out and falling asleep she woke up to the sound of loud moans and things breaking in Asmodeuss room whats going on? Is he hurt? Alot of questions were going through her head, little did this pure little angel know what her mate was doing.



Asmodeuss was on his way to the brothel, his demons kept pestering him to not go there and go back to their mate but he ignored and shut them out.

As soon as he stepped into the brothel one of his angels lyrii went out of him and went to search for his mate without him realizing.

As he stepped in Shontelle the most beautiful seductress in hell approached him.

”Hey there Asmodeus I heard you got a mate, and an angel at that, is that true? ”

”Can we please not talk about her Shontelle and pleasure me. I want to forget about her, lets head to my room ”

”Whatever you say ” she smirked at him and they teleported to his room.


Esmeray was so curious, she was about to get off her bed when she noticed someone near her door staring at her, she immediately hid under her blankets.

”Hey, don hide I won hurt you, please? ” Lyrii called out softly

When she heard him say he won hurt her she felt as though she was safe and the fear she felt disappeared

”W-who are you? ”

”My names lyrii Im one of Asmodeuss demons ” He said calmly

”Really? ” A smile crept on her face

Upon hearing that he is a part of Asmodeus, she was beaming with happiness and all the sadness and hurt she felt a while ago disappeared. The demon chuckled at her cute expression

”So, lyrii what are you doing here, I mean aren you supposed to be with…you know who ”

The demon knew that she was still hurt but didn want to show it. So he came here to cheer her up.

”I came to meet you officially, I was so excited when I heard that we are finally getting a mate ”

”B-but he seems to not w-want me ” her voice broke a little

”He does its just that he was not expecting to get a mate so soon, so its really hard for him to get used to having a mate, don worry he will come around give him some time ”

”Okay, if you say so ”

They talked for a while and Esmeray could not help but laugh and giggle everytime he did or sayed something funny she was really happy.


Meanwhile Asmodeus and shontelle were finishing up when he heard Esmeray soft giggles why is she suddenly so happy he thought. It made him feel things and he just had to see the cause of her happiness. He teleported himself to her room and was shocked to see lyrii making funny faces causing the little angel to giggle.

”Lyrii what are you doing? ” He was shocked because lyrii was hes anger demon he was the most serious of them all and never tolerated nonsense its because of him that Asmodeus is what he is today the strongest most feared demon of them all. It took him by surprise to see him making silly faces just to make the Angel laugh.

”Well as you can see Im playing with my mate ” he replied cockily

”Asmodeus would you like to join us? ” The angel asked politely looking at him with innocent eyes.

Asmodeus was beaming with excitement that his little mate wanted to hang out with him even after what he did to her. His head told him no but his heart said yes, so he agreed.

”Uhm sure ”

Esmeray felt a certain emotion rush through her and that made her happy, she was in love.

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