The next day Esmeray was busy getting ready to go to hell and meet her supposed mate, she was so excited.

”hey sister Esmeray are you ready? ” Uriel asked.

”Yes brother Uriel Im ready Ill be out in a bit ”

After she was done packing up she went outside were she found a huge pearl white carriage with 2 hourses at the front ready to take her to hell

”sister Esmeray please take care of yourself and if anything happens don hesitate to mindlink me, I will come straight to you okay? ” Uriel said worriedly.

”Yes brother Uriel, Ill make sure to mindlink you if theres a problem ”

”okay good, now get in your mate is waiting for you ”

”Okay bye ”

She get on the carriage and sets off to hell, she kind of feels sad that she is leaving the only home she has ever known and her brother but she was even more excited than sad to meet her mate

I think the mating bond is at work now


In hell Asmodeus was waiting by the gates of heaven for Esmeray

”I can belive Im being forced to pick up that weak angel, I will make sure she suffers and regrets having me as her mate, lets see how she will stay with me, this is going to be so much fun ” Asmodeus thought with a deadly smirk on his face.

Just then a pure aura makes its way around the gates of hell and the carriage appears infront of the gates of hell

Ah she has arrived


The little angel had fallen asleep on her way, she soon felt the carriage stop and woke up knowing that she had arrived. As she was getting down she felt her heart race at an insanely pace, she knew he was close by. Just as she was getting down she tripped on the steps bracing herself to feel the pain when she hits the ground but instead of pain she felt a stong grip on her waist.

She looked up and saw the most beautiful being shes ever seen he was really tall and well built, he had dark eyes and sharp jawline with pink lips he was the true definition of devilishly gorgeous if looks could kill then this very man standing before her would sweep you off your feet.

”You must be Esmeray, my mate ”

A deep husky voice spoke, it was music like to her ears. She was in a complete daze that she didn realize he was talking.

”Hey, are you deaf? can you hear me? ”

”Oh u-uhm yes, h-hi ” she spoke shyly

Wow shes gorgeous, no, I think that doesn justify her beauty she is beyond immaculate, did I ever do something good in my life to deserve such a goddess

They just stayed there completely lost in each others eyes that they completely forgot they were still outside.

”Uhm excuse me prince Asmodeus, sorry to disturb but your father is looking for you ” the peasant said.

”Huh-oh alright Ill be there, cmon lets go he will get your luggage ”

”Uhm okay ”

And they headed inside, Esmeray felt uncomfortable because of the dark aura but just brushed it off. She could not help but smile as she looked at their hands that are intertwined with each other.


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