In the sky above was heaven where God ruled and watched everything that he created

In heaven lived many angels that each had a purpose.

As each angel served its purpose there was one little angel running around heaven her big bright blue eyes that could inchant you, her long silky gold hair, her pale white skin that shone like the sun. Everything about her was so pure and enchanting.

Esmeray the little angel, even though she was 12000 years old, in the human world she could be your typical 18 year old girl.

She had the heart of gold and was loved by everyone even though she was the youngest she never once felt special as she thought everyone was equal in Gods eyes regardless their rank, power or age


In hell is Lucifer the king of all demons. He had 7 sons, also known as the 7 princes of hell.

But one of his sons stood out the most, Asmodeus the demon of lust, he is the most powerful of all demons. He is ruthless, kills with no mercy and a total womanizer

If their was one thing he could not tolerate was weakness he despised it the most.

He has a stone cold heart that his father, Lucifer, was afraid of him and much more powerful than him but would never admit to it. He killed and tortured for fun and slept with women for pleasure.


Somewhere in the heavens God and other high ranking angels were having a meeting

”We need to put that demon Asmodeus down because if we don , he will continue to create havoc on earth and even in heaven ” Gabriel spoke

”i have found a solution and that is too give him a weakness ” God spoke.

”And what weakness would that be? ” Asked Rafael.

”we will give him a mate and not just any mate but an angel as his mate, I have already spoken to lucifer and he agreed….I know what you are thinking that it is clearly unbalanced but it would be better for the universe which is at stake of Asmodeuss wrath ”

”its risky but we should take that risk. Almighty who do you suggest should be his mate ” Michael spoke.

”Esmeray ”


Back in hell lucifer mind linked Asmodeus and told him to come to the throne room

A few minutes later Asmodeus appeared infront of lucifer with his domineering aura

”What did you call me for ” Asmodeus spoke uninterested.

”I had a meeting with God ”

”And how does that concern me? ”

”we made a decision to give you a mate ” he spoke calmly

e kidding right? ” He raised his voice a little trying to look for any amusement in his voice.

”No ” He said firmly.

”You of all people should know Im not the kind to have a mate, I have no time for commitment and I can never love its a waste of time ”

”this is to balance the universe ”

”Ha, since when do you care about the universe you tried to destroy it what has changed now ” Asmodeus scoffed.

”Thats not the point you are getting a mate and thats final I will tell God to send the Angel here tomorrow ” Lucifer said with finality.

e just-wait what the f*ck did you just say Angel ”

”yes? ”

”F*ck! Listen here my so-called father I don know whats going in that head of yours but I will not accept this, thats bullsh*t! ”

”and whys that? ”

”I will never accept such a weak angel as my mate ”


In heaven Esmeray was laying on her bed when her brother called her

In a few minutes Esmeray appeared in front of her brother

”Yes brother Uriel, did you call for me? ”

”Yes I did, you will be getting a mate ”

”Wait what?! ”

”y-yes b-but… ” Uriel hesitated.

”Whats wrong ”

”uhm nothing I just wanted to tell you this and also when you go there tomorrow you should take care of yourself Im sure the demon will love you ”

”Demon? My mate is a demon? I thought that was unbalanced ” she asked perplexed.

”it is but Father almighty said it will help balance the universe even more ” He explained.

”If you say so, then Im okay with it, I promise you that I will love my mate regardless of his specie and I know he will love me too and yes I will take care of him and myself of course ” the girl spoke happily.

oh my sweet little sister I hope youll be okay he thought

They wished each other goodnight and went too bed. Esmeray was so excited, she has heard and seen of others getting mates and how much they live and stay with each other forever and now she finally had the chance to have her mate she couldn wait and especially that he was a demon she was beaming with happiness

But little did she know that the demon she is mated too is not at all interested in even knowing of her existence.

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