Asmodeus’s Little Angel

In Each Other\'s Arms


Its been a week now since Esmeray went to hell and five days since she last saw Asmodeus, she couldn help but worry about him.

”Hey, what are you doing here? ” Lyrii appeared from no where and it startled the Angel.

”Oh- uhm nothing just thinking ” she whispered.

” *sigh* are you thinking about him? ” The angel looked at him in shock, she didn think he would find out.

”Judging from your looks I bet thats a yes, look I know you
e worried about him and all, don worry he is fine….hes just taking a few days off, hell be back ” He said looking at her worriedly.

”I just hope he is okay… you think you could leave me alone for a bit ” she said looking into space, lyrii was not surprised by her attitude, he knew she had fallen in love with him and not because of the mating bond, so he hummed quietly and teleported away.

Esmeray was still in thought when she felt an unknown presence in the room.

”W-whos t-there? ” She asked a little afraid.

”… ”

Before she could turn and look the unknown figure grabbed her by the neck slamming her on the wall.

”You really are weak just like I imagined ” the figure scoffed smirking darkly.

”Argh!-w-who are y-you? a-a-and why did you that? ” she groaned in pain trying to get up.

”Listen here b*tch the names Ara, and if I ever see you near lyrii and Asmodeus, I won hesitate to rip out those pretty eyes of yours, you got that! ” Ara said while gripping Esmeray by the chin and harshly throwing her to the ground.

”Ahh! W-what are y-you talking a-about? ”

”You know exactly what Im talking about so if you still want to live and see the next day you will do as I say! ” Ara walked to Esmeray stomping on her foot while the Angel screamed in agony. She just couldn take the pain, before she blacked out due to the excruciating pain…

”Asmodeus…. ” she whispered and fell unconscious.


A few hours later…

Esmeray was laying on the bed facing the ceiling above her head, she began to wake up.

”Argh..w-where am I? My body really hurts ” she tried to get up, when sudden flashbacks ran through her head.

”Wait, I remember being smashed in the wall by that psycho b-but what am I doing here? Who brought me here? ” She asked herself trying to figure out what happend before she passed out. Just then someone entered the room.

”Oh, you
e finally awake ” the voice ran through her ears like a beautiful song, she knew that voice all to well, she quickly averted her gaze across the room but could not see him.

”Where are you? ” She could not see a single soul in the room but she knew she was not hallucinating what she just heard, even though she took a huge blow to the head.

”Im here ” the voice spoke, standing right in front of her

”Asmodeus ”


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