Arkan – Intuition Vs System Vs A.I

What doesn\'t kill you makes you stronger.

When in front of what seems to be a god, don move, don panic, and definitely always show respect. Who knows, you might just get some of that sweet divinity. Fuck…. I just died and I can even process all of this right now….

Arkan thought as he looked at the giant of a man right after he started to talk to him.

”We need to talk. ”

The man said with a serious tone that it broke any nonsense he was thinking at that moment and the words made him aware of the grandeur of his situation.

Without thinking, he got to the ground and kneeled with one knee just like how a knight would to a king.

”Awe…. ”

The giant of a man said in surprise.

”Ohhh yeah… I almost forget that this is a core part of your character. ”

The giant said. It was as if he knew him. Arkan just kept on looking down and said nothing.

”Hahahaha… ”

The giant was amused.

”So, that sweet divinity huh? ”

He said, still amused at his actions like an adult would to a child who thinks is smarter than they are. Arkan finally looked up only to see the giant laughing at him again.

He can read my mind?

He asked himself.

”Yes. ”

The giant said, still amused.

”What was it again… that conversation you had with Alax…. ”

The giant man said while still trying to remember something. Arkan was still trying to come to terms with all that was happening.

”Got it… I think you two agreed that no mortal could ever defeat a god. If one has or does, then they must not have been a god or it would mean that there are stupid gods out there that would give a mortal such power or allow them to grow that much powerful without killing them while they posed no threat at the time, something even a gangster would never allow. ”

The giant said like he was quoting his exact words.

Arkan was taken aback. He and Alax had talked about too much nonsense to remember it all and he would never have thought that it was plausible.

”Ohh and the fact that you would only knell down to someone you two thought you would never defeat even when it came to your fantasy worlds. ”

The giant seemed to know him in and out. Arkan was even starting to wonder why would such a being take such interest in him and even know the nonsense he would blubber on about whenever he fantasized about the fantasies he would read about.

”So, stop your kneeling and take a sit already as you might never kneel to anyone ever again after our conversation. ”

The giant said. Arkan tried to process his last words very carefully as he did what he said and took a sit.

He coughed up more golden blood, making Arkan show a little bit of concern.

”I do not have much time. I know that you are still in shock and are still processing all this, but since we do not have much time, so you will understand what I have to tell you, I need you to treat this the way you talked about how your reincarnation would go with Alax, only this time it being a reality. ”

The giant said, making Arkan go into panic mode. That aura of a gangster had long left him.

”Reincarnation! ”

Arkan could not help but blurt out, the thought of reincarnation being too good to be true.

”Mmmm… Got your attention now? ”

The giant replied. Arkan quickly got his game face on as he could not let this opportunity go no matter how bewildered he was by the situation he found himself in let alone the fact that he just died.

”Now that we have gotten that out of the way, before we get into the important part of why you are here, you can ask your questions I know you want to ask. ”

The giant said.

”Are you god? ”

He did not waste time as he knew the only way to get answers was to accept the situation for now and question all of this and his sanity later.

”Some call us that. But the person who will be writing your story years from now calls us Guardians. I like that word, but many others call as other names, deities, immortals, zodiacs, angles and so on. ”

The giant said, confusing Arkan.

”The one writing my story? ”

He asked while not sure he heard him right. The giant smiled.

”Most, if not the majority of the light novels you have read are stories of people who have reincarnated in this or other universes. Just like there is a Guardian of chaos, love, fate, diseases, mischief and so on, there is a Guardian respected by all, the Guardian of Literature. ”

The giant said.

”With every great adventure of those who reincarnate, a story has to be told and a record of that adventure and all the significant things that happen through history has to be kept. So, once in a while he insect an idea of a story to an author to write these stories. For if no one knows about them and about us, well, we will sis to exist, so will the legends of those who were once in your shoes. ”

The giant continued. With everything that Arkan just heard, he had one question that he hoped the answer would not disappoint.

”Is the idiot whos going to be writing my story any good? ”

This damn pig brain asked!

The giant could not help but laugh out loud, making him cough in pain.

”Well, you just have to hope so and I believe he just called you a pig brain…hahaha, mind you, that will be written for all who read your story to see. I better respect him if I was you. ”

Arkan gritted his teeth in anger but there was nothing he could do about it, so he let it go and went to the more important questions.

The giant man did say that they did not have time, and he seemed hurt for some reason. He could feel the reverence around him become less as the seconds passed by.

”How did I get here? ”

He asked the how, as the why he was there he was sure that the giant man would tell him in time.

”Unfortunately I couldn bring you here the normal way, so I had to introduce a spark of my divinity to your soul when you died so we can be connected and I was able to pull you into this hidden space. Unfortunately, just like every misfortune, this was an emergency and the only way to bring you here. It is also why you can resist the lure of my blood and haven tried to consume it. ”

The giant said. Arkan looked at the golden blood that was on some parts of the floor and shuttered at the thought of wanting to consume it. Some part of him was still telling him to do so but a part of him that was deep in him was still resisting the edges.

A spark of divinity huh… See Alax, acting cool and with some respect can net you the jackpot to getting some of that sweet divinity…. shit, forgot that he can read my thoughts.

Arkan quickly tried to think of something else to the amusement of the giant. He did not even have time to come to terms that his one and only friend had been killed right in front of him a moment ago.

”The right way? ”

He asked, trying to forget what he was thinking about.

”So, Track kun was on vacation huh…? ”

He said as a passing joke but was surprised to hear a reply from the giant and shocked at his words.

”You mean the god killer? ”

The giant said, sending Arkan into a stupor.

”He has been sending Chosen ones to this universe for a 1000 years now and is about to move on to another, but he did owe me a Chosen of my own that I have never claimed since the beginning just like Chaos and Fate. Unfortunately, I couldn ask him to get you because this was an emergency, so unfortunate that I even had to give you a small part of my divinity to bring you here which is surely going to change the rest of your life. ”

Arkan did not hear all of what the giant was saying as he was still stuck at god killer.

”Wait, god killer? You mean to tell me the white truck that goes around running over the protagonist in all those stories is real and killed a god? ”

Arkan asked, still in shock.

”Well, why else would he be in so many stories? A god once went to him and complained about the protagonist he had sent him as he was killed in childbirth. Truck kun just ran him over, splattering his divinity on the pavement and creating one of the biggest earthquakes your world had ever recorded. ”

Arkan was taken aback.

”He attacks the soul and divinity directly. That is how he is able to bring the protagonists or Chosen to different worlds and nothing else can attack divinity directly except him, hence no god or Guardian would want to fight him. He is an enigma. ”

The giant said, sending Arkans world spinning once again.

”Enough of this, ask your last question so we can get to why I needed you here. Your mother is about to give birth and I am about to perish. ”

The giant said, now more serious than before. As if the revelation of Truck kun was not mindboggling enough, the giants words kept on making Arkans head hurt again as he could not compute at that point. So, he asked the last question he had at that point.

”I see. So, who are you? ”

He asked with his mind still at Truck kun and the fact that this powerful being that was in front of him just said that he was about to perish.

”Finally, you ask the right question. ”

The giant said as he wiped more of the golden blood that was now coming out of his nose while cracks formed on his skin, further making him bleed.

He stood up from his throne and with pride in his voice, he said his name.


The pride in that statement was almost palpable, but Oizys was not finished.

”And from this day on, I am the bane of every Guardian, and you, their torment. ”

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