There were only two reasons why people would want to close the distance between them.
Either to eliminate a common enemy or to keep a small secret that only two people know about.

Because of the little secret of eating together at night, Shen Qi feels a lot closer to young master Lu.
Before, the young master would only nod when he saw him, but now he would stop and ask him a question or two.

Every other day, Lu Zhuo would come to the kitchen to eat with him.
Even though Lu Zhuo did not say much, they developed some tacit understanding.

His relationship with Samuel was also improving.
He no longer wrote what he saw.
Slowly, they take the initiative to mention their own affairs, even if it is just what they ate in the morning, what they saw at noon, or gossiping about a colleague who did something stupid, and so on, which was better than staying silent.

It was easy to guess that Da Shen was Shen Qi, even if Lu Jun did not tell Lu Zhuo.
However, Shen Qi never avoided describing everything around him, including the fact that he was a cook, so even without looking at those photos he sent, it was obvious he was Da Shen.

But then Shen Qi didn’t know Samuel’s identity, or specifically, Shen A’Qi 1 didn’t know.

According to Lu Jun’s description, Samuel was an introverted person who was about to become depressed.
No matter how you look at it, the cold and arrogant Lu Zhuo is nowhere close to Samuel.

So it was only logical that Shen Qi viewed Samuel and Lu Zhuo as two separate people.

Despite being close to Lu Zhuo, Shen Qi still had to restrain himself.
He was more comfortable facing Samuel.
His character was completely exposed, becoming extremely talkative and lively.

Of course, Shen Qi also gradually found out the difference between the two identities of Lu Zhuo.
As a young master, he is indifferent and reserved.
Even if they gradually became more comfortable with each other, other than food, he would say nothing more.
Instead, as Samuel, he is more talkative and entertaining.
It was as if across the network, even if they could not see the other person, they could chat with the other person more comfortably.
The happiness value also slowly rose from one point to five points.

And in this unspoken tacit understanding, Shen Qi’s part-time job at the Lu family’s days were coming to an end.
Something he would never say to the young master Lu, was simply told to Samuel.

Da Shen: My part-time job is coming to an end.
So I might be a little busy now trying to find a new job.


The implication was that future messages may not be as frequent as they are now.

Job coming to an end?

Lu Zhuo saw the message and unconsciously frowned.
He almost forgot: Shen Qi was called to help by Uncle Shen. 2 to help.
After thinking for a moment, he picked up the phone and called someone.

So the next day, Shen Qi received a notice from Uncle Shen that the chef was still not done with his family situation and had taken two months off.
This meant that he needed to take over for another two months.

Although Shen Qi wondered why they did not employ a long-term chef, because of Uncle Shen, he still agreed.
Plus, he had not found a job yet.
He could save a little more money for two more months since the salary is good.
Of course, he does not want to stay for long.
He is still young; there are still countless things he wants to achieve, and he does not want to be bound in the small kitchen of the Lu family.

Given that things have changed, he sent a message to Samuel, but Samuel did not respond.

Instead, he saw Lu Zhuo during their midnight snack.
Unprecedentedly, he took the initiative to ask what Shen had planned for the future.

Shen Qi froze and gave an embarrassed smile, “You can’t laugh at me if I tell you.”

Lu Zhuang raised his chin, signaling him to speak.

“Since my childhood, I have always wished that I could open a restaurant.
“Not too big, and not necessarily in a busy area, with just a few signature specialty dishes that had a limited time every day, and some regular customers.
” Shen Qi said, with a longing expression, dreamy and beautiful, “It would be best if there were two floors.
The first floor would be the restaurant, while the second floor would be where I live.
I would raise a dog and a cat.
When there are no customers, I can sit on the deck chair while bathing in the sun.

He giggled twice after saying it, as if he had seen a beautiful scene in the future.

Instead, Lu Zhuo poured a pot of cold water and said, “Very well, it is estimated that your wish will come true after you are 50 years old.”

The silly smile on Shen Qi’s face froze.

“The money to buy a store, the money for renovation, if you do not intend to get married and have children, there’s also the money for retirement.
Oh, and insurance too.
That is very important.
You want to be able to enjoy life and earn money.
I do not even dare think of these things, yet you are already planning them.
It is always that the harvest and effort are proportional, although there are exceptions, but only a very few.
Of course, unless you have a large amount in the bank interest rollover, that is enough to eat and drink without you worrying about the capital, or, you can buy a lottery ticket to try your luck.

Shen Qi’s gaze can not help but look to the ground.

Lu Zhuo: “What are you looking at?”

Shen Qi: “My broken glass heart.”

What he said was just a dream, a dream!!! Was it necessary to be so mean? Can we just happily chat!!?

Is being rich that extraordinary? Can they just mock other people’s dreams?

He held up the cup and drank a large mouthful of water.
His cheeks puffed out with a sad face.

I admit it: rich people are amazing.

Lu Zuo’s expression was still indifferent, but there was a trace of regret in his heart.
He forgot that Shen Qi was not his staff nor his subordinates.
It was a work habit, a conditioned reflex.

For a while, the atmosphere remained silent.

In fact, he regretted it after the phone call in the morning.
He had never used his power for personal gain.
This phone call seemed like a signal that reminded him that he was paying too much attention to Shen Qi.
This kind of thing that was beyond his control made him reflexively reject it.
There was a faint feeling that something bad was going to happen.
He was even considering whether to delete that app since Shen Qi did not know his identity anyway.


He did not return messages the entire afternoon.
Shen Qi took the initiative to help him find an excuse, thinking he was busy with work, and did not bother him.
But he habitually picked up the phone, and even the assistant found this strange.

He deliberately came back from dinner outside, wanting to avoid meeting with Shen Qi.
However, by midnight, he pulled open the kitchen door.

He thought that Shen Qi would notice that he was trying to distance himself from him and would no longer take him as a friend, or find another person to chat with… But he forgot that Shen Qi views Lu Zhuo and Samuel as two different people.

When he saw that Shen Qi was still happy and smiling, his heart was relieved.
But who knew that a conditioned reflex ruined the atmosphere and made the other person upset.

Shen Qi did not think too much, but rather learned something new.
Lu Zhuo has a sharp tongue.
Is that why he would intentionally talk less? Worried that his own words would stab others?

After noticing that the atmosphere was unusual, he quickly pulled out a smiling face and helped pour a cup of water for Lu Zhuo, “I’m just kidding.
I’m not even angry, so why is Brother Lu 3  making that face?”

Along with interacting with him more and more, he changed his way of calling Lu Zhuo.

He handed the water cup to Lu Zhuo, cheerfully smiling, “In fact, you are right, my idea is a bit far-stretched.
But dreams are always a little unreal.
I will start saving money now.
If I have to wait until I’m fifty, I’ll just wait.
When I open the store, you can bring your family to eat for free.
Lu Jun can also come along.

He also had a few thoughts.
With the Lu family’s status in Yancheng, if he really could open a store in the future.
With Lu Zhuo’s help, it would be enough if he could just open the restaurant.
In short, it was never a wrong decision to become friends with Lu Zhuo.

Lu Zhuo’s face eased.
In order to make up for his previous slip of the tongue, he said, “My friend happens to be preparing to open a store.
When your work here is over, I can introduce you to them, and you can follow them to learn how to operate a business.

Shen Qi’s eyes became wide, “Really? I can? “

Lu Zhuo looked at Shen Qi with disapproval.
His eyes had a type of dominance, as if saying, “What is there I can’t do?” and “Even if you couldn’t do it before, with me, you can.”

This was the first time Shen Qi liked Lu Zhuo.
He finally realized that Lu Zhuo had a lot of charisma and could be liked and chased after.

After all, the title of being the head of the Lu family was too great, which blocked his sight, so he was always deterred, respectful, and not daring to have the slightest thought of Lu Zhuo.
However, after talking to him, the golden aura chipped away slowly.
Until today, it completely broke open, so he was suddenly moved.

But desire is only desire, and because their status differences are so great, a fleeting desire is meaningless.
When he sees the idol stars on TV, he will also become aroused.

Shen Qi pressed his heart, which was thumping wildly.
Stop beating! This is not something that one can casually palpitate.

Because of this incident, Shen Qi cleaned up the dishes and went back to the room while holding three cans of beer in his arms.
He ran to his room’s balcony and began to become emotional as he looked up at the moon.

The sky, the earth, Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy, and God—please give him a boyfriend! He has been single for twenty-three years.
At least let him fall in love first!

He drank three cans.
With a red face and a little dizzy, he somehow turned on the phone to send a video connection over.
The other person actually accepted!

Shen Qi took the phone and pointed it at himself, waving and smiling foolishly: “Hi, Samuel, is that you? Hello, I’m Da Shen.
No, no, I’m Shen Qi ……”


The screen is black, and only the bottom right corner of him is bright.
Shen Qi waved suspiciously, thinking there was a problem with the phone: “Huh? Samuel, are you there? Hello, hello, Samuel, Samuel… “

“Forget it.” After shaking for half a day, there was no image, not even a sound coming from the other side.
Shen Qi also stopped shaking.
He was initially drunk in order to find someone to talk to.

“Samuel, I’m so sad.
I’ve lived twenty-three years, and I’ve never been in love.
I have never even held a boy’s hand before… Shen Qi said this with sadness, as if he was the most pitiful boy in the world.
“It was difficult to like someone.
Yet, before I confessed, he already had a lover.

Halfway through the shower, Lu Zhuo heard his phone ring:…

“I have liked this senior since the first year of high school.
He is handsome, kind, and has helped me several times.
Although he may not recall it, I recall it vividly until now.I know I do not deserve him.
I didn’t even go to college, I only knew how to cook……”

Shen Qi said, with really sad, red eyes.
He took a breath.
Suddenly, his tone changed: “Remember the young master I serve?”

Not waiting for the other side to answer, he answered: “I just found out today that the young master is so handsome and charming.
When he said he would help me, my heart was thumping so quickly.
But unfortunately, we-“

Suddenly, there was a bang on the opposite side, like the phone had fallen to the ground.
Then the phone immediately seemed to be picked up.
The original black screen now had a picture of the ground, water, and a bare chest.

It was firm, broad, and covered with a layer of muscle.
The line from his shoulders to his chest was especially sexy.
It was not exaggerated like a fitness instructor, but not feeble like an ordinary person.
Under the dark yellow light, water droplets came down the honey-colored chest, across the pectoral muscles, falling to the hidden abs that were beyond the screen, letting Shen Qi’s imagination roam freely.

Shen Qi’s eyes turned red, and he whispered: “Sorry, I seem to be hard.”

The author has something to say: Shen Qi: I’m just politely hard.

I want to say that I have always wanted to write PS (phone sex) for a long time.
I am so excited ~ ~ ~

When I first watched the Korean movie “Whatcha Wearin’?” I remembered this plot.
I can finally write it!! Ao, Ao, Ao 4 In addition to my idol, Ji Sung!!


Shen A’Qi is the character, while Shen Qi is the tasker.  Just wanted to note that Lu Zhuo used the honorific title to mention Uncle Shen  A more personal way of addressing others. Sound of excitement 

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