Shin watched the body of the zombie not knowing if he should eat it or not.

”Even If Im a zombie, I don want to be a monster. I don want to eat a person….Argghhh ” Shin screamed in agony.

He felt like if he didn eat something soon will for sure die.

Shin collapse on the floor next to the corpse of the zombie. sweat rolled down his face as the pain slowly becomes worse every second.

He tilted his head to look at the corpse.

No matter what, Im human not a monster and thats the body of a human, I rather die than eat it He refused to eat the corpse.

He Then looked at the ceiling, as he felt his vision fading as the pain kept getting worse.

I guess I won be able to kill them


The ones I loved the most

How could they, let me die like that.

Shin who was about to pass out thought of the time he had with the ones who betrayed him.

Shin growing up was always bullied, because he rather spend his time reading books than playing with the other kids. Until he met Jason who protected him from some kids who wanted to take his money. Jason is the opposite of him, he was athletic even in middle school, he wasn good academically. So Shin agreed to help him study.

From studying they began to know eachother more. Jason introduce Shin to more people and by highschool he wasn anti social as before. He made a few friends and As jason as his best friend his life was great.

It got even better when he met Jessica whiles he attended college. They both took a finance course together, They both hit it off, when they worked on a project, about mortgages, they slowly began to know eachother, along with that their feeling for eachother grew, It took shin 2 months to finally ask her out.

There first date was amazing and after a few more dates they officially became a couple.

Shin, couldn help show off too Jason, who he believed was happy for him. He would never think his bestfriend and the love of his life would one day betray him.

Thinking of these things a light came to Shins eyes.

hats right, I can die until, I get revenge, until I make them suffer, I have to live to make them suffer, no matter what, I have to live, even If I eat… Shin used his last bit of strength to, drag himself to the zombies corpse.

He raised his head, and brought his mouth to the arm of the rotting zombie corpse, The smell was terrible but, he didn mind that, as he bite into the zombies arm.

Even if I have to eat a **ing zombie


Shin kept eating frantically, like a frenzied shark, at a whales carcass. Maggots from the corpse started leaking out, as shine teeth, Chumped into it over and over again.

Hour later Almost the whole body of the zombie was eaten, only parts that were left were bones and private places.

The pain shin felt was gone, the hunger for some reason was still there but it was suppressed for now.

”I ” Shin said as he looked at the remains of the corpse, thinking about what he just did Shin felt the urge to puke as he, put his hands on his mouth.

”I ate a….person! Even if it was a zombie it was still the body of a person ”Shin weakly said, tears slowly ran down his race.

Shin balled up next to the body, as he cried, but slowly whiles crying something inside him began to break.

No it wasn a person, it was a zombie, it was a monster, I have to survive His voice of remorse quickly became a voice of determination.

Shin wiped the tears of his face, his sad expression changed to a determined one.

He got up as he slowly left the store, his body had gone through a change whiles eating, one of those changes is that his injuries have held.

”if I can eat peope, I have to eat zombies, long enough until I kill them both ” one last tear fell as Shin, exit the store.

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