Chapter 9

ad fingerprinted Jack. Jack felt numb as if nothing mattered, he lost them, and maybe its time he told them the truth, but his dad made it clear that he speaks to no one under any circumstance.

As promised, Mr. Fox had gotten a lawyer, and the witness, the detective, had no longer wanted to talk after realizing who Jacks father was.

Mr. Fox had gotten the detective suspended, and with an investigation in progress, he sued the department promised. Still, due to the nature of the delicacy in the pending investigation, his case was thrown out of court.

Nicoles body was never found, so Jack was convinced she was still alive. After being thrown into a lake and the body disappears, the cops would have discovered her body; even if there were an authentic witness, he would have directed the cops to where he last saw her.

Walking over to her window and glancing out, Jack thought of the days it was cold, and his mother had him and his sister play in the snow, then recalled the fireplace that warmed up the wooded house.

Why does it feel so unreal that she no longer exists, he will never get to see his mother smile again, and she suffered in silence at the hands of his dad, but his dad was too much of a coward to admit to his doings.

After getting back to campus after the funeral, Angela was more comfortable; She had become good friends with Chrissy, Chrissy and Angela became close friends, and Chrissy had a brother. He was, well, different from all others.

He was handsome, not perhaps in the conventional sense, but he had that appearance that could make him stand out in the crowd. He was fair, almost pale white. His unfathomable, golden brown eyes contrasted exceptionally with his light-toned face.

His eyes were as deep and expressive as you could get lost if you stared long enough. His face had that faraway look, which can be described in words.

His smile, which reached up to his eyes and wrinkled them, flaunted his modesty and humility. Often, you could see a hint of pain in his sparkling eyes, which would disappear as suddenly as it emerged.

He sometimes spoke too fast, perhaps revealing how much agony he concealed within himself. Above all were his frame and his stature. He was not highly muscular, with 8-pack abs or 16 cm biceps. However, he could stand out in a crowd, primarily due to his way of carrying himself. Perhaps he was not the kind who had girls swooning over him. But he was straightforward and innocent. He was probably, just one in a million, ”nothing special, but all the same unique. ”

The first day Angela had met him, they had bumped into eachother in the hallway; she had not known it was Chrissy s brother. Without glancing up while hurrying over to her other class, she had bumped into him. Her books had dropped onto the floor, and when standing up, she looked into his eyes as they both froze, ”you
e a student here? ” He had asked her, ” would I be carrying this with me if I was not a student? ”

He smiled. ”I guess not; I am Greg; nice to meet you, ” he had kept out his hand to shake hers; she looked down at his hand and shook her head, racing off to class, ”Greg walked over to his locker, opening it, and there were photos of the girl he had met online and had not heard of in days. Behind him was his sister, ”remind me what happened there again. ”

”You got to stop creeping up on me like that, Chrissy; I don know, she had just gone silent, her messages are not delivering, I tried calling her, and her phone is off. ”

”I warned you, these online girls or guys just end up ghosting you. Have you met my new friend? ”

”New friend? No, I have been busy, but if she is anything as weird as you are, I do not want to meet her. ”

”Stop looking for excuses; you are just shy; how long do you know this girl from online anyway, and we
e you guys not supposed to meet on the evening she had stopped talking to you? ”

”Yes, I went to the restaurant we were supposed to meet at, and she never pitched, but I am sure a pickup truck passed the diner with her in the middle. ”

What exactly did you see, Greg? ”We will catch up at lunch. I have to get to class. Greg closed his locker, forgetting to lock it; his sister had a duplicate key. As she stood there, she was about to shut it; she then looked at this girl in the photo Greg had been talking to online, maybe of. She snapped an image she could help him find out what happened that evening. Removing her smartphone, she snapped a photo and locked the locker before the bell went off.

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