Chapter 8

ched hand. ”Why are you here? ” Brad asks her again, noting her beautiful eyes were darting all around as though shes looking for someone to rescue her.

Brads eyes take in her long golden hair almost to her waist, her figure beautiful and neat, her dress a powder blue with little white daisies complementing the bright blueness of her eyes, her dainty little feet in comfortable gold sandals; what a beauty he thinks to himself I hope shes, not a student here.

”Are you looking for someone? ” He asks again. Angela knows she has to answer, she confidently gains control of herself and straightens her body, ”yes, im looking for my friend, but I need to use your ladys room, please, if I may. ”

Its none of this strangers damn business what im doing here, angela says to herself, glaring at him with a frosty look.

Brad looks at her amused; well, ”my dear lady. ” Says Brad, ”may I know your friends name? May I let them know you are here? ”

”Her name is Michelle, ” Angela answers, breaking eye contact.

Mitchells who? Says Brad. Angela thinks of a way to escape this man hes asking too many questions that she is in no mood to answer.

Excuse me; she says I need the ladys room urgently. ”Can you please tell me which way it is? ”

Brad sensing her discomfort, points out a building standing on its own to the right side of the campus. ”There you go straight ahead. ”

Angela turns on shaky legs hoping to get away from this handsome man, her heart hammering in her chest.

Just as shes about to leave, Angela freezes in disbelief when she hears him say.

”Well, my lovely, you are not a student, then how about me taking you to lunch later? We can have a light meal with coffee or drinks, whatever you choose. ”

Slowly Angela turned back to face him, Realizing he could have been almost her fathers age. Still, then again, he has formally attired greasy hair and something about him that made him appear, Different from other men.

This man had class, and angela always had a thing for an older distinguished gentleman.

She needed someone to cheer her up; she assumed his visiting his daughter or someone on campus.

Looking at Brads left hand, she notices he wore no wedding ring.

”Let me see what he is capable of; he might then just tell her who he is. ” angela looks brad straight in the face and says. ”Does your wife allow you to lunch with strange women? ”

Brad looks at Angela, confused for a moment before she registers what she said.

Holding his left hand up, he says, ”Im so sorry I was not aware I was married. ” An amused smile shows deep dimples.

Angela is mesmerized by his beautiful smile and feels her face burning up.

Well, she thinks to herself, hes single, she is single, and age could use some company; its been so long that Ive been out on a date.

Brad looks at Angela, taking in the conflicting emotions in her eyes. ”There is a nice little diner not far from here; we can meet there later? ”

Brad was expecting her to say no; she would probably think he is weird for asking her to join him at the diner, A girl like this probably loves clubbing.

”Sure, why not? I have nothing to do. ” Why not?

Has he heard right? Did she say yes? He has not been out with a girl for over two years since his last divorce. Uncertain of what to say, all words he could squeeze out were, ” okay, great, see you then? ” he said awkwardly.

She was turning away. ”Bye, see you later. ” not bothering to look back, knowing he was staring at her, Angela hurried into the building brad had directed her to and saw a bronze sign on the door with ladies only written on it.

Beautiful long mirrors decorated the wall; it smelled fresh from disinfectant; the floor was gray marble, clean and shiny.

Angela walked to the mirror, needing to see if she looked as flustered as she felt.

Angela was about to take her hairbrush from her handbag when the door opened, and a cute girl with blonde hair cut into a bob entered; she could have been about seventeen years old, Angela estimated, seeing her, the girl walked over to Angela holding out her hand. ”Hi, im Chrissy; are you a new student here? ” Angela takes her hand, ”Hi, im angela. Yes, I just arrived here.

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