Chapter 8

”What are you telling me? How did I raise an idiot like you? I had known you had something to do with the disappearance of Nicoles son; what idea was it to get rid of the body? ”

Angelas dads sleeves were rolled up till by his elbows as Jack stood there by the kitchen sink. Do you realize everything I worked so hard for would be all for nothing? When they convict you, you won see the light of day again.

Mr. Fox ran his hand over his beard, thinking as he paced up and down, ”So you were not driving? ”

Jack shook his head; Rick was driving; Jack nodded, ”you still never told me whose idea was it to dispose of the body. ” Jack looked down, ”Mine, dad. ”

Mr. fox then walked calmly behind Jack and suddenly placed his arm over his neck and started to choke. ”dammit, you are a bigger idiot than I thought you were; Mrs. Fox then soothed him to let go of Jack as Angela stood there, watching her dads outburst not daring to speak up knowing her father might run-up to her and start fighting with her as well.

He had let go of Jack; you know what, I know what to do to get these suckers off our property; we will put this on Rick.

”No, Dad, you can , ” said Angela

Mr. Fox turned to her, ”you know the apple does not fall far from the tree; you would rather see your brother locked up and cover for that low-life useless waste of oxygen? If thats the case, young lady, you leave my house and never come back. Mr. Fox pointed to the door. There is the door to go if you protect that low-life scum.

”Calm down, dad. ” Said Jack, as he was rubbing his neck, its. OK, I will take the fall and face the consequences.

”You won do such a thing. ” you think I will let you throw away your life because of your sister intoxicating your mind.

”In the morning, we will go to the police station, and you will make a statement, saying that this was Ricks idea; you climbed into the pickup, and he drove into Nicole; he left you there and said he would take her to the hospital. ”

”I can do that, dad. Its a lie. ”

”Whats the point of two sitting for a crime you had not committed, son. ”

”But dad, ”

”No, buts your ”you mom will confirm you got home by foot that afternoon. ” You young lady are leaving today, and not a word to be spoken about what happened.

Angela smiled. Yes, dad, just as you wish, she said in a sarcastic voice as she walked up the stairs; her dad looked at her from behind; that thing is toxic; I can wait to get that girl out of my house. ”

Angela came to her room and looked around; there was nothing but old portraits of her mom and her on the beach, how happy her mom was, and there was a little brown box she had gotten from her granny; she opened the box, remembering she had received it before her grannies passing, she never came out to open the box. Angela now took the box and placed it on her lap as she sat crossed legs on the bed.

The box had a brown envelope; she had unsealed the envelope; Angela had a loving grandma from her moms side, and her granny was found of her; they would build sand castles together and spent alot of time playing; Angela had loved her granny, she would call her grandma Betty, as the kitchen always lingered of that delightful smell.

The smell of freshly baked bread out of an oven was a smell she remembers waking up too often.

On the third of July 1964, she was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly it was too late to do anything since she was Im stage 5.

Angelas memory was sitting by grandma Betty beside and holding her fragile pale hand where the veins were transparent as a golden fish in a clear pound.

Her grandma had always told her I have a surprise waiting for you when you grow older, and this surprise would be life-changing.

Witnessing her grandmas struggles, she was just happy to e around her all the time; Angela had felt safe and comfortable in her presence.

When her grandma mentioned that surprise, she thought it would become old photos that would be sentimental; being young, all that made her happy was animals and sweets; never in beside would she have guessed what was to come.

Angela was looking at the brown envelope when a knock on the door, ”honey, its me. ” Said her mom, as she pushed open the door, ” are you okay? ”

Angela smiled and nodded, ”I am sorry about your dad and how he spoke to you. ”

”It is okay, mom; you should not be the one apologizing. He should be apologizing. ”

”You know I will miss having you here; this house won be the same without you. ”

Angela let out a faint smile, not saying anything.

”Are you ready for this new beginning? ”

Angela shook her head and let out a gentle smile, ” will you be okay, mom? ”

”Yes, honey. ” said her mother holding a brave face. ”

”Please don say anything about your brother. Is this ever come put his future is destroyed? ”

”Its always been about him, mom; no one ever worried about how I feel. I am glad I am leaving. ”

Mrs. Foxs eyes caught the brown box.

”Is that from your grandma Betty? ”

Angela nodded her head, ” yes, it is; as her mother picked up the photo of grandma Betty holding Angela in her arm at the beach, ” I remember this day, it was scorching out, and the sky was clear, we put your tiny little feet in the water, as you came running back as you were about to fall, ” her mother let out a smile. ” Your grandma taught you right in her arms. ”

”As she always did catch me, mom, ” Angela smiled as Mrs. Fox set down the photo. Do you need help packing?. ” Angela took the brown envelope and put it in the bag to see what was inside.

Yes, please do mom, the sooner I get away from this man, the better it is; Mrs. Fox wanted the best for her daughter like any parent does.

The heat waves rose off the pavement like flames above a roof. ”

”As the day wore on, the heat climbed higher. Sandals were the same as going barefoot, as those who had walked on the street could feel the heat of the sand blistering the soles of my feet with every torturous step. ”

The detectives that sat in the car all day could no longer keep out on the same spot if they didn find shelter soon; their brains would fry like an egg on the pavement from the blinding heat. ”

”Rivulets of sweat poured off the detectives shirt, soaked and clinging to their formal wear . ” Without mentioning temperature or the oppressive heat, they are communicated in the car that hes sweating like a turkey the day before thanksgiving.

Angela and her mom thankfully had a cooler in the house, so the heat was not as intensifying as it was outside; I have a gift for you said her mom, as she handed her a box with a dress, ”this is beautiful, Angela changed into the dress her mom had given her and bent half at the waist, arms stretched in front of her with hands coming together to form a toppled-over steeple. Her mom gathered up the dress and helped her wriggle into it. Angela straightened up, smoothed the frock neatly into place, and performed a clumsy pirouette followed by a playful curtsy. ”So, how do I look? ”

”Its very unusual. ” Said her mom and rubbed her chin. ”It brings back memories of my younger days said her mom, looking over to the mirror which was at the side of the Angela, a bed her mother remembered once feelings young and being naively in love.

A whole new world awaits her daughter when she leaves this house, Mrs. Fox had so wished Angela not to go so soon, but she no longer has a say; Mr. Fox has made up his mind, and there is no changing his mind.

Even if she could change her husbands mind, she wouldn because its in Angelas best interest to be away from this house as far as she can.

Angela looked at her mother and let out a smile, ”someday I will come back for you, and you will take care of your mom; I do not support what dad is going to do with Rick, but in all honesty, Nicoles body had not been discovered so they should wait before making any approach to this situation. ”

”You have always been smart, and I know someday you will be successful, but we need to do everything we can to protect your brother, which is why you do not tell anyone about what happened. ”

Angela looked away, then back up at her mom. And smiled ”okay, mom. ”

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