Chapter 7

Angela stood up and got ready for the day ahead. Today she was leaving the house; little did everyone know she had money saved up enough money to start a new life.

The money she saved she had saved up was her online sales of lingerie; Angela had been doing this since she was eleven and had a mind of an entrepreneur.

Jack was Loafing around th house all day; he is due to start college next month.

The disappearance of Nicole had everyone on eggshells; there were all sorts of rumors and speculations.

The detective had a suspicion that Jack had something to do with it. As for his dad, he had slowly started to believe his son was hiding something, but like any other parent, he would protect his family.

It had been three days; as Angela glanced out of her window, She saw the detectives opposite the road, ”Jack, she shouted from her room; those detectives are still out there. Jack walked over to the window; he had seen the car parked there.

”Are you sure you had nothing to do with her disappearance? ”

Jack rolled his eyes, ”are you seriously having this same conversation as we had last week? ”

I had nothing to with her disappearance; a detective had climbed out of the car; he was wearing a white shirt and black tie, with black pants and glasses to hide his eyes.

The detective looked up at the window Angela and Jack we standing at; he looked as if he was in his mid-thirties, ”they are back; this time, their dad was not around, only the mother, hearing the doorbell.

Angelas mother walked over to her door, ”hello detective; I see you are back; my husband had told you he doesn want you here. ”

”Good day, Mam; I promise not to take too much of his time. We only need to run over a few questions. ”

Their mother looked down, avoiding eye contact when the detective noticed the blue mark beneath her eye. ”

”Mam? Are you okay? ” The detective questioned; Angelas mom remembered the recent incident and brushed her fingers through her hair to cover up the bruise beneath her eye.

Yes, I am fine, she smiled nervously, then turned around, looking around, hes not here ” mam, he never left the house all day. We do know he is here; Beautiful Angela then walked over to the door, confidently wearing her white lace dress, her hair was tied in a bun, and she was wearing a waistcoat leather Jacket; Angela appeared flawless and beautiful in her eyes, as she stared at the detectives; ” Angela confidently looked at the detective, and glanced at her mother.

She could tell her mother looked scared as she placed her hand on her mothers shoulder.

Angela s mother placed her hand over her detective, ”I believe my mom has made it clear my dad won be happy? ”

”The detective nervously broke eye contact, fidgeting with his pen; sorry, words barely escaped his mouth.

Something about Angela made him nervous; the detective gulped, opened his mouth to reply, then said, blushing, ” have a good day, mam. ”

He walked at a fast pace back to the car. Angela. She closed the door and smiled at her mother as Jack came slipping down the stairs.

His mother then walked up to him, grabbing him by the chest; what have you done with that girl? I demand to know what you have done to her.

Jack frowned; mom, chill, please, Ive done nothing to him; Angela then walked up to the brother, ”if you have done nothing, why are they convinced you had something to do with Nicoles disappearance? You know they will speak to you if you are suspicious of a crime; they could detain you.

”So you better tell us what happened to Nicole so we can help you. ”

Jack mumbled something, excuse me?

Jack walked to the kitchen. It was a silly game; we were in the woods that Saturday. The guys decided to make her drunk and blindfold her; Angelas mother became pale, ” you did what? ”

”I did nothing, mom. Did you not just hear what I said? ”

”They blindfolded her, and we went to the van; they guys decided to all hide in the truck, and we drove off till by the lake and left a speaker with a USB sounds of wild animals.

Why would you do something like that? Whose idea was this? Angela snapped, and Jack continued as the two women stood there with their arms folded; we went back, and she was not there.

Angela could tell by Jack twitching his eye he was leaving out a detail.

”Jack, I know you too well, you are not that stupid, and that won be a reason for the cops to suspect unless you leave out details. ”

Angelas mother glanced over at Angela; her daughter would make a good lawyer someday.

Jack looked down to the ground; well, Rick, after she was drunk, he, Jack swallowed, he ”he what Jack? ”

He tied her to the tree; it was a joke, though, ” A joke being tired to a tree? If it was Rick, why are the detectives suspecting you? ”

Jack took a deep breath, and he touched her inappropriately, ” he what, who touched her? ” said Angelas mother, pale as if she had seen a ghost.

Angela walked over to Jack, ”what did you do? ”

Jack took a deep breath, ”So you knew they were dating Rick and Nicole? They broke up that night. He tied her and raped her; I found out afterward Nicole was so drunk, though we both had raped her, and was threatening to report us, so Rick panicked, and before I could stop him, he lost it and hit him with a brick.

Angelas mother had now stepped back; what have you done with that poor little girl? Her mother had started shaking and crying, so why are the detectives stuck on you? Why do they keep coming back here? ”Did you touch her, yes or no? ”

”What do you take me? No, I did not? ”

”Where is Nicole now? ”

”She ran off without her clothes into the woods. ”What about the others who were at the party? ”

Jack now looked down, realizing his sister had him in a corner, and panicked, ”there was no party happy? ”

”What are you saying, Jack? ”

That night and Rick were driving, we at first never noticed it was Nicole when driving past her; I looked up and saw it was Nicole. We reversed, and Rick being intoxicated, flipped over her; we realized what had happened and checked if she was alive, but she was not; I wanted to go to the police, but Rick said he would take me down with him because while reversing I pushed his foot down on the accelerator, thinking he would swerve and break. Still, we had not realized she was this close, and we had bumped Into her.

Jack now leaned his head over, holding his head.

It was an accident, mom; we took her body and dumped it in the river; when further down the stream, she gained consciousness, we saw her last fighting against the current of the water. I tried going after her, but it was too late. She was out of eyesight and nowhere to be seen.

We had spent hours looking for her, but no sign of her.

Jack walked over to the window. ”I would have to tell them what happened, mom. ”

No, you can ; if you do, you won see the light of day again.

We will have to tell your dad. But how could you be so stupid? Did anyone see you?

I am not sure, but there was a particular movement at the opposite house, but we assumed it was the wind; those people usually work.

”You know you have done many stupid things in your life, but this is the dumbest thing you have done, ” said Angela

You have to stay in the house and not talk to anyone; I will go out and see if I can see anything at the river.

”I will have to tell your dad this, so we can be prepared for what is to come. ”

Jack didn seem much bothered, ”why are you so calm, Jack? ”

Jack looked up well because dad would preach, cover up my trails and end up putting Rick behind bars, and I don care what happens to me. Because this family is messed up, you are being sent away. Dad is beating Dad and Mom. So what is left of this family? Jack snapped; his mother looked up at him with tears, realizing how broken her family was.

It will be all; okay; we will get through this without anyone being locked up. Angela walked over to the kitchen, looking over at the detectives car, ”if I leave the house, they are going to follow me. ”

You could always sneak out in the back, and they won see you; I will come with you. ”before anyone does anything, we need to call your dad and tell him what happened. ”

Angela shook his head; dad would make things worst and make sure the blame was on Rick alone, Angela knew Rick was hardworking, and he did not have a father; his two little siblings were dependent on him and their mother.

Angela and Rick were close friends as kids, but as they matured, they spoke less to each other.

Rick has attempted to reach out to Angela. Angela had stopped talking to him since he tried kissing her without her consent.

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