Chapter 5


Chloe sat there on the floor of the train in tears, everything had happened so suddenly, yet every second of what had happened felt so long. Chloe was shaking; as she looked around, there were cops everywhere; Joey was in shock as they were removed from the crime scene.

They were seeing Jimmys body being put in a body bag when just a few moments ago they were talking and joking.

Joey sat in the ambulance as the paramedics shined a small light on his eyes; he then realized he had to tell Jimmys family, ”Joey was dating Jimmys sister Claudia; Joey removed his phone from his pocket as he had scrolled down to her name.

Hesitantly he clicked on her name, and after a few seconds, he pressed the call button.

”Hey baby, I thought you guys were at the game, is everything okay? ”

The words couldn escape his mouth as he opened; words couldn come out; instead, tears rolled down his cheek.

”You are scaring Joey. Is everything okay, and why do I hear siren around you? ”

” its your brother; he had gulped. ”

”What about Jimmy? Is he okay? ”

”He was shot. ”

Mom and Joey heard Claudia yelling on the other end of the phone.

”Yes, honey? ”

”Jimmy was shot. ”

”Honey, what are you saying. ”

”He has shot mommy Claudia cried hysterically. ”

Pass me the phone, honey, ”Joey, is this you? ”

”Yes, mam. ”

”What sick game is this of yours? ”

”Its not a game, mam. ”

The mother then heard sirens around; where are you guys now? She was in disbelief, ”Is my son at the hospital? What hospital is he in? Tell him I am on my way.

Joey shook his head as he couldn find the courage to tell her that her son was dead; Negotiator Voss then looked at him and walked up to him, saw the name Claudia on the phone? Claudia, he said curiously, is that family of, agent Voss then paused, is that family of the Jimmy. ”

Jimmy nodded his head; agent Voss took the phone, ” Hello, who is this? Said the lady on the other end, ”Hello, mam, this is agent Voss. Can I please come and see you? ”

”Why is my son in trouble? ”

Jimmys mother was a church-going community leader.

Jimmys father entered the room; Jimmys dad was an average construction worker and family man.

”Honey, why are you and Claudia crying? He then reached for the phone; as his wife was speechless and handed him the phone, he looked at the name with a frown, Joey? ”What is happening? ”

It is not Joey, Sir; I am agent Voss; I am afraid I have some unfortunate news relating to your som. May I come and see you? Jimmys dad gulped as he breathed in more profound, is my son okay?

”Sir, I am afraid not. Would you and your wife mind coming down to the station? ”

”Yes, of course, we are on our way; Claudia was close to her brother hearing her brother is shot, and he could be dead in the tone Joey said; tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to control her emotion.

”Come, honey, we have to go. ” Jimmys mother felt something was not okay. She was dreading the worst; as she sat in the window up at the sky, she was suddenly calm and looked over at her husband; I am sure hes just in trouble like every other teenager these days; he will be okay, right?

Her husband looked at her and had not answered; he had known it had to be serious, Jimmy was not a kid to get in trouble, and he had a bright future ahead of him.

Lets go, honey. Claudia, who was in her blue jean and black leather Jacket with her red hair loosely hung down her shoulders, looked over at her dad, ” I am also coming. ”

”No, honey, you should stay here in case he gets home, and there is no one to lock open. ”

Her dad knew what to expect down at the station and couldn bear to let his daughter hear the news that they were about to receive; it had started getting dark as Jimmy and his parents left the house. Claudia kept on buzzing Joeys phone; everything still felt unreal.

The friend who was shot in the leg was unconscious and rushed to the intensive care.

This has been the worst day of Chloe, s life. Its a day that had left a scar on everyones heart.

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