Chapter 5

Jack was a bit shaken from this visit and realized that Nicoles disappearance was serious.

He went to their favorite hang-out spot, they spent a lot of time by the train, one particular hang-out spot was on the roof of the train, although Nicole was no longer his priority, deep down he still cared about her well-being.

Angela heard the door downstairs opening and shutting close, she looked through the bedroom window where she saw Jack wearing a hoody with a neon dragon on the back, and she noticed the Cadillac had started to follow her brother.

Angela then decides to climb into her old moms old sedan and followed the Cadillac, the guy in the passenger seat was taking pictures, why were they suspecting her brother, well whatever is happening Angela needs to warn her brother.

Angela removed her cellphone and called her brother, he was in her eyesight, and she saw Jack removing the phone from his pocket looking at it, and putting it back. Dammit, Jack, Angela wanted to accelerate and overtake the detective but that would look too obvious, she then sent him a text ”you are being followed by the cops ” he never removed his phone until she continuously called when Angela saw him reading the text she ended the call, Jack stopped, as the Cadillac came to a halt.

Angela stopped a few meters behind them ”do not look back Jack, she whispered under her breath.

Jack then walked to the opposite side of the road and walked into a corner house, that is where the footballer stay, why would he go to the house Rick was staying in, ” what if Rick had something to do with this disappearance of Nicole, he would be implicating him. ”What are you doing? I told you, you
e being following, don you think Rick is also a suspect? ”

Jack took out his phone looked at it and put it back into his pocket, ”did you get that Jim? I told you something happened to that girl, and they are hiding something ”

”You know Fred, being a detective all these years, I can tell you, you are wrong on this one my friend. ”

He was last seen with her, and my suspicions are on those two, they are hiding something.

”What are you doing here mate? ”

”Have you heard of Nicole? ”

”Of course I have, are you forgetting I am the one who is dating her mate? ”

”No, I have not forgotten, and trust me I do not have any intentions with your girl, you are forgetting what you did behind my back, my good old friend. ”

Jack placed his hand on Ricks shoulder, ”have you forgotten its that stupid game of yours that created this mess we are in, I am having detectives follow me so I need to stay here for about an hour. Rick became pale he felt a wild sudden stab of fear assault him strange pain rose in his throat anxiety fear jerked a sharp breath, the color drained from his face spasm of fear crossed his face

Blood pounded in his ears as adrenaline burst into his veins a feeling of something squeezing his chest

making knees went weak as perspiration beaded his brow, the detectives are following you?

Yes, you look pale, is there something I need to know, Jack, clenched his fist.No course no, Rick answered, well you can stay here you have to go, the detectives might think we know something.

”We do not know anything, so why are you so panicking? ”

”Me panicking, no never, I am fine ”, Rick laughed nervously, as he stood up from the sofa, and walked Jack over to the door. ”It was good seeing you, I will let you know if I hear anything. ”

Jack walked out of the door, turning he noticed the car with the detectives in. They were pretending to go about their own business. Jack had then walked back to the house where he found Angela seated.

Angela approached her brother. ” Why are they following you? ” Jack shrugged his shoulders. ”Do you have any involvement with the disappearance of Nicole? ”

”Excuse me? ”

”You heard me, Jack, what were you doing at Rickss house? ”

”I just went to pay him a visit ”

”Oh please, we all know you guys can stand each other. ”

Please, Angela, get a grip I don have the energy to entertain this.

Angela had walked to the lounge, she somehow had a feeling that her brother was hiding something, and whatever it was he was hiding she will find out, she has two days before campus, ”Angela and Jack were never close they spoke on the need to know terms, Jack had a reputation of a badass guy where most of his peers looked up to him, popular with his convertible car and always wearing a leather jacket, Angela, being beautiful and smart other women were jealous on her.

Not being the biological daughter of Mr. Fox an influential lawyer, she spent a lot of time in her room and at the library, she had one close friend Chloe, who was kind-hearted and sweet, ” others would say to sweet for this cruel world,

Chloe was shy and smart, she wore reading glasses, she had blonde hair but dyed it red, and she had a beautiful smile, She sat at the corner of a train, her petite figure leaning against the window sill deeply immersed in thoughts.

She had an erect figure even though she was petite. Her arms were gently folded and her legs were folded crossly.

Her bosom was well matured for her age. Her face showed she was lost in thoughts. Her face was calm and a slight smile spread across her face.

She had a crush on Jack, but barely exchanged two words with him, and she had typed multiple times a message to him, but then ended up deleting them.

She had heard of Nicole and she had seen what had happened that night with Nicole what she vaguely remembered was a fire in the woods with students, and Nicole had a blindfold on, they were intoxicated, and they were laughing and pushing her, stripped her down.

Everyone knew what had happened before she took off running into the woods, everyone except Angela, who had not been invited to that party.

They could all get in trouble, Chloe sat on the train wanting to tell Angela what had happened, but with Jack always being around, ”they ” would find out and she would be called a snitch.

Jack had feelings for Chloe, but never told her, him dating her would mean his bad-boy reputation could be ruined, as everyone saw her as a shy geek, which is why they invited her, but Jack protected Chloe, he knew their intentions and told them, Nicole would be an easier target, as his sister would start asking questions, and the student knew Angela wouldn stop until had found the answers she was looking for.

No one dared I pick on Angela, knowing her dad is a top lawyer and her brother Jack, would hurt anyone who hurts his sister, Jack had once, beat up a kid so bad with a baseball bat that he was walking on crutches for months, and nothing happened to Jack because of his dad being the powerful man he is.

As Chloe stood up, to climb off the train, three men came walking up to her, standing around her, she nervously looked around, and as she tried to pass them, the guy in front of her pulled out a pocket knife, leaning over, ”where do you think you are going pretty one. ” At this moment Chloe knew if she had not done something while there were people on the train, they will end up doing something bad to her.

”Chloe then reached her right hand into her bag in search of the pepper spray, then the other guy gripped her hand squeezing it, careful now don do anything stupid.

As the train came to a stop, Tom and a few of his friends boarded the train, Tom was on the football team and was close friends with Jack, Tom, and Chloe we were in the same science class.

He was his number 8 Broadwings Blue and yellow Jacket, he had short blonde hair, be was masculine and six foot tall with blue eyes. He turned and noticed the three guys standing around Chloe, and noticed she looked afraid.

Tom had nudged Jimmy, that when Chloe looked up and the three guys followed her eyes. Tom without hesitation walked up to the guys. Chloe, why are you standing here? Come stand over there with us. Jimmy and the other two guys then followed Tom, Tom had noticed the guy holding a pocket knife.

”Boy do you want to get yourself killed today? ” Jimmy noticed a gun on the waist of one of the thugs, Jimmy placed his hand on Toms shoulder to make him aware these guys are carrying more than just a pocket knife.

Instead, Tom ignored Jimmy, grabbing the guys hand. ”No Tom ” Chloe had noticed the gun.

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