Chapter 4

”So son, what have you been up to, have you decided where are you going to study? ”

”Yes dad, I was considering Harvard. ”

”Good son, you always knew where you were heading in life. ”

Angela,s dad glanced at her, as she rolled her eyes, ”So young lady, it is day one, have you decided where you will be going? ”

Angela shook her head, thats good said her dad, where have you decided to go? She wanted to say away out of your miserable face, then bite her tongue, and gave off a fake smile.

”I have decided to go to campus. ”

The smart choice young lady said to her dad.

There was silence for a moment when there was a knock on the door, ”who could that be here so early. ” said her dad, Go get the door son.

Jack walked over to the door, ”Hello officer. ”

”Good day, young lad are is your name Jack? ”

Yes, said Jack frowning, wondering how the cop knew his name, ”would you mind if I ask you a few questions relating to the disappearance of Nicole?

Mr. Fox overheard the officer and stood up, ”Jack does not answer that. ” said his dad walking over to the door in his grey suit, the officer raised his eyebrows when seeing Mr. Fox he was well recognized by the cops since he had multiple cops suspended for not having sufficient evidence of the accused on violating the law, he was smart and a fast thinker, when the cop saw Mr. Fox, he knew he had to have his facts together for this visit.

”Good morning, Sir, I am sorry for disturbing you, but the reason, ”hurry up, ” said Mr. Fox, ” Angela had hated how her dad spoke down onto her, ”Officer Jerry, why are you on my doorstep at this hour?

The officer gulped, well I do apologize Sir but the reason I am here is that ”he pulled out a photo of a young girl age sixteen or seventeen she had red hair, and ocean blue eyes with pale light skin, ”this girl went missing and two days ago, and your son was the last person speaking to her, just then another officer came walking from the car.

The second cop immediately recognized Mr. Fox, he was the best lawyer in town his tactics of interrogation were unlike any other. ”So you are telling me that because my son was last seen with this girl, you have the right to question him? ”

The one cop looked over to the other, ”No Mr. Fox, but ”then what are you doing here? ”

We were hoping your son could help us out by giving us direction into where she might be? ”

”Where she might be? ”

”So you want my son to do your job? ”

Jack came walking up to the door, ”dad it is fine. ”

”Go back to the table and finish your breakfast. ”

I know how this goes, ”you guy will keep coming back looking for answers, my son has nothing to say to you, officer Jerry. ”

”But sir, if your son could help us we could be saving a life? ”

”So you telling me she was kidnaped or taken, not missing, you do have reason to believe this is an abduction due to circumstantial evidence you have come across but you are not getting anywhere and now you want to pin the blame on someone to close the case, that is why you are here right officer Jerry? ”

If the law was breakable you would interrogate my son without my consent or acknowledgment, which is why you asked if his parents were here?

”No, sir, do have a good day. ” said the officer realizing they are not going to be able to speak to Jack.

Angela looked out of the window it was, it was a beautiful day the layer covering the atmosphere had an aura of brightness as the light flickered through it and reached the surface of Earth, making it a bit scorching. The sun finding its way from the horizon to the summit of the sky pierced its lucid sunlight to the people which made their faces plastered with an eerie glow, squinting eyes, and glittered demeanor. The birds were soaring high with so much zeal and zest that could bring courage to even a derelict for the search of betterment in its life.

Angela stood up from the table and helped her mother. Her dad had left and she has finally had a chance to speak to her mom, ” are you okay honey? ” said her mother, I am sorry but maybe, Angela looked at her mothers face and noticed a blue mark beneath her eye, ”he hit you again didn he ” her mother is beautiful in all her aspects. Her smile shines like the sun at sunrise she has black hair with shimmering sprays of white, long, and smooth curls like noodle spaghetti. Her eyes are black and round, filled with love even though one eye was blue when she laughs you can see a beautiful love on the side of her cheek. Her mom is of average height; she has large eyelashes and figured eyebrows. Her lips are thick with a sparkle of pink; her nose is medium and much defined. Her ears are rounded and neither too large nor too small, ”normal ”. In general, her face is smooth with a bit of wrinkle on her forehead but beautiful still. She is of robust constitution, but with nice curves.

She looked a lot like Angela, as for Jack she looked a lot like his dad, Angela used her index finger to remove moms hair from her face, ”why do you allow him to do this to you mom? ”Well its not as if food will magically appear on the table, he is a good man, he just has some troubles in his past his still dealing with but things will get better.

”No, mom he will keep on hitting you for as long as he can because of his a coward. ” Thats enough Angela, you shall don speak like that about your dad. ”, I heard everything mom, last night mom, about him not being my dad.

”You were not supposed to hear that honey. ” said her mother attempting to lean in and hold her, Angela turned a cold shoulder, turning her back to her mom, well I did hear it mom, and I wish you had told me than me having to hear it while he kept on hitting you.

His mother walked over to the kitchen table, looking out of the window, ”where is your brother Jack? ” He is in his room mom.

It should never have happened and your dad won ever forgive me for what has happened, Mike was his best friend, and he came around often, your dad was drunk and left the house, I was vulnerable and alone, and Mike was there and her mom paused, anyway. What made you change your mind about going to campus? Is it something you want to do?

”I do not have much of a choice. ” And it will give me a break from this house, especially with everything that has happened, I had made up my mind last night.

”As much as I am going to miss you, I do want the best for you in life, so this is the right decision. ”

Angela smiled, I need clothes and toiletries.

”We can drive into town a bit later and get you those things. ”

Her mother never spoke about what had happened to Jeremy, their dad was a great guy, and always outgoing a family man, but after what happened to Jeremy he had started to drink more often and had started to stay out late. Jenny knew he was cheating on her with the Secretary with all the lipstick and perfumes on his clothes, she had confronted him, and he denied it, he went into his lawyer defense mechanism mode, and turned on her saying she had a guilty conscience of Mike which is why she always accused him.

Jenny stopped loving her husband long ago, and he knew she had, which is why he was frustrated with his life.

Angela went upstairs to her bedroom and walked over to the window when she saw a suspicious-looking vehicle opposite the street, Angela had then removed her phone and snapped a picture of it, its was an old Cadillac with two gentlemen in formal wear, they looked like they were detectives, and they were looking at the house, what would they want with her brother?

Why were they suspecting Jack? Thought Angela, as she remembered earlier the incident with Nicole, Her eyes were a fire in water if you can imagine such a thing. They were passionate about ice. So even on Angela first meeting her shed be a friend for life, never dominating nor submitting, but a companion who walks freely alongside. And that she was and more.

They were close in school but as they both grew older they never communicated much, until Angela learned that her brother and Nicole were in a relationship, that is when she started to come more around to the house, and they would spend more time together.

Jack and Nicole had broken up months ago, but they remained friends, she was in a relationship with a popular footballer. This is why Angela found it rather strange for the cops to be suspecting her brother.

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