“So, this is for these kids.


“But we won’t be able to go back anymore.
Is that okay?”

Milim had asked this to Rei and Ace instead of me.

The two of them immediately gave a response.



It seemed that Milim understood that they had agreed.

“I see.
I understand.”

Milim closed her eyes.
A black vortex enveloped her and, as it was, enveloped the bodies of the two animals that were in front of her.

The bodies of the two animals were absorbed into the black vortex as if they were melting.

In the next moment, the black vortex shone and the bodies of the two animals changed.

“What is this…?”


When the light subsided, what appeared was… “Horns?”

“Yes, that’s it.
That’s all I can do.”

I could see that they were different from normal horns.

Then, Rei and Ace began to howl, taking their respective horns.



The spirits of the two animals shone respectively.

At the same time, the horns they were carrying disappeared as if they were being absorbed into their bodies.

Rei’s evolution has been confirmed.
It has evolved into the top-ranked species, Fenrir.

Ace’s evolution has been confirmed.
As Minotaurs are already top-ranked species, it becomes the unique monster “Ace”.

Due to evolution, their status has been significantly strengthened.

Rei, Ace, and Milim’s stats have been significantly improved due to familiar strengthening.

“What is this…?”

“Originally, they were strong as spirits, but their strength decreased because they were separated from their physical bodies.”

“So that’s what happened…”

There was also a way to use their beautiful bodies as a vessel, but these kids wanted to become stronger.”

“I see.”



They expressed their desire to be useful.

Milim floated away from me and flew to the side of the two stronger animals.

Well, it’s not like I can blame her.

“By the way, what does it mean to be almost immortal as a Necromancer?”

“Hmm? Oh… it means exactly what it sounds like.
They have a stronger ability to touch death compared to humans.
We call that magic ‘Twilight magic’,” explained Milim.

“Twilight magic… Is it different from just dark magic?”

“Well, it’s one type of dark magic, I suppose.
Especially since the energy related to death is special.”

I kind of understand, but also kind of didn’t.

“Well, you know how we extend our lifespan by drinking blood.
That’s Twilight magic.”


I kind of understood, but also kind of didn’t still understand.

“Well, it’s not worth thinking about too deeply! You’re similar to me.
That’s enough, right?”

I involuntarily stiffened at the carefree smile directed at me.

I had forgotten because of all the commotion, but when I really think about it, I’m this close to a beautiful girl.
It’s no wonder I’m nervous.

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