The Necromancy pact allows one to command the undead.
Even though it was a vampire, which is considered to be the pinnacle of the undead, I had assumed that the contract would be valid as long as the individual in question had no physical body.

However, it seems that the contract can also be made in the form of mutual promises and agreements between the two parties.
In that case, it is likely that skills can be obtained as well.

『Pact』 has been added to the Necromancy

As expected.

“Well then…”

For some reason, Milim crossed her arms in front of her, closed her eyes and stared at me with upturned eyes.


The conditions of the pact were simple.

Do not harm each other and do not betray each other. 

That was the general idea.

“This is Necromancy? It’s a strange feeling.”

You have made a 『Pact』 with Milim (Vampire Lord). Acquired Unique Skill 『Black Mist』 through ability absorption. Acquired Unique Skill 『King of the Night』 through ability absorption. Acquired Extra Skill 『Blood Regeneration』 through ability absorption.

Acquired Extra Skill 『Black Wings』 through ability absorption. Acquired Extra Skill 『Dark Magic Enhancement』 through ability absorption. Your status has significantly improved due to ability absorption. The abilities of Rei, Ace, and Milim have improved through 『Familiar Strengthening』.

“Oh wow… this is amazing… What is this?”

“What did you do?! What did you do?”

“No, it’s just that we made a pact through Necromancy, so our powers were shared.”

“What?! You can do something like that?!”

“Uh, isn’t that how this works?”

“Not as far as I know!”

“I see… I thought it was convenient, but I wonder if this is some kind of skill… No, wait, what if it’s just an extension of my Tamer ability?”

“It’s fine.
I do feel like I’ve gotten stronger.”

“Will I get any stronger? Oh, I got a few skills.
Can you teach me how to use them?”

“You got skills…?”

“Don’t you inherit the skills of the person you’re connected to through Necromancy?”

“What?! Is that true?! What did you inherit?”

“I have no idea what the Black Fog and King of the Night skills do.”

“Are those not Unique Skills?! Oh, can I still use them?”

Milim appeared flustered as she prepared, and then, her figure was enveloped in fog.
Then, the fog began to move as if it were alive…

“Can you still use King of the Night?”

Countless bats began flying around Milim.

“Thank goodness.
I’m glad that ability absorption doesn’t mean stealing someone’s abilities.”

Milim looked relieved and then switched to explanation mode.

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