Chapter 18: Statements(5)


Surprisingly, the very next day an examiner who was an S-ranked adventurer showed up, and so I was immediately called to the guild’s training facility.
There were already people there when I arrived.


So you’re the S-rank candidate.”


A beautiful woman with red hair was waiting there.
She had clear, fair skin with a slender body, carrying a long sword on her back and a dignified, almost defiant look in her eyes.
Her slightly longer ears probably meant she was a half-elf.
Based on all of those features alone, I knew who she was.


“The Sword Saint, Luminous-Libest.”


“Correct! Heh-heh.
So I’ve become someone famous, huh?”


Someone who had been blessed with the skill; 【Kensei】 which is said to occur only once every thousand years.
She was a living legend who was also the youngest to be acknowledged as single-handedly having the skill of an S-ranked adventurer, The Luminous Gale.


“Umm… is it fine to rush this so much? You’re pretty busy right?”


“Yeah… aren’t all S-ranks busy?”


Setting myself aside, it seemed that she was busy.
An S-ranked adventurers’ time was valuable.




Luminous began some light warm-up exercises.
She had been completely carefree up until now.




SFX: Buwa


As soon as Luminous finished her warm-ups, the wind around me started to whip up suddenly as if she had simply decided to flick a switch.
It looked like her entire body was shining.
The S-ranked adventurer before me was emitting an aura so overwhelming that I unconsciously took a step backwards.


“What the hell…”


I was able to handle the aura head on thanks to Rei’s support, but I could physically feel that she was on a completely different level than us.




Luminous lowered her stance and put her hand on her sword.




At that moment, the air around me changed again.
From there, she had seemed to kick it up another notch.
My whole body shuddered from her aura.
Even though Luminous should have been smaller than me in size, she seemed to swell up to many times her actual size.


“Rei! Ace! I’m relying on you two!”






Thanks to their two roars, Luminous’ overwhelming aura had been almost completely erased.
That was good.
As it was, I wouldn’t have even been able to move.


I had heard that you were a Necromancer… well then, let’s go, yeah?”


Luminous’ figure instantly disappeared from my sight.
The next moment, Rei was blown away.






Ace jumped towards where Rei had been blown away from and swung down his axe at that spot.


“You’re too late!”




Ace’s axe only left a cloud of dust after being seemingly sucked into an afterimage of Luminous.
She was already no longer there.




However, Luminous didn’t have the leeway to shift it into a counterattack.
Rei immediately moved to attack her.



“Heh… both already have more strength than A-class magical beasts… Stronger than the average Minotaur.”


“Is that so? That was great, Ace.”


“Of course, you too.”






Amazingly, Luminous continued to parry the two’s attack even as she kept talking.
Based on her composed movements, it seemed she still had much more to give.

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