Chapter 15: Statements(2)


We entered the other room and talked about the circumstances surrounding this matter.
Nina-san asked me some questions and we talked about my treatment up until now as well as the details of my being made into a decoy for the floor boss this time around.
At this point, Nina-san let loose with a sigh.


“At any rate, that was a stupid thing to do.
For them that is.”


“I know right?”


“No, I don’t mean what we were just talking about, I mean leaving you behind, Land-san, you know?”




Nina-san’s words were beyond my expectations.


“Surely you mean because I became stronger after Rei died.”


“No, I’m talking about when Land-san was a still an ordinary Tamer.”


I thought she was joking at first, but in contrast, Nina-san’s eyes told me she was serious.
Due to her composed nature, it was hard to tell exactly but… Anyway, from an outside perspective, I wonder if everyone and the guild in particular, thought that I was somehow important to the party.
Could it be something like that?


“When I was a tamer, I only carried their luggage and was pretty much useless you know?”


“It’s the opposite.
The ability to make up for the party’s shortcomings even while carrying the luggage was surely only possible since you, as a Tamer, had the unique ability to call upon your partner.
Having the skills to do that, and furthermore, being able to protect yourself while taking part in an A-rank or higher quest makes you quite valuable.”


“Is that so?”


Even as Nina-san continued along with her remarks, I still found myself immediately thinking that what she was saying was not quite right.


“Otherwise, the job known as “Carrier” wouldn’t exist.”


A ‘Carrier’ is quite literally someone who is meant to carry things, but other than that, they are made to move people and bring things into the dungeon.
It was the type of job where you weren’t just in charge of carrying the luggage but also saving lives.


“Land-san was originally the party member who would carry the luggage and scout for enemies.
You alone would use your familiar to watch out for the others, and really, without you, the party would not be S-Ranked yet.
They were all holding you back.”


“It was to that extent?”


Naturally, the guild was the one who decided the ranks.
S-Ranks in particular could definitely be said to be the face of the nation.
Of course, each individual party member was not recognized as S-Rank, but rather the party as a whole was said to be S-Rank.


“I didn’t have the leeway to worry about since Roig-san kept causing problems, but I intended to bring up this matter if Fade-san began to take actions to remove Land-san.
But, I didn’t expect for things to turn out like this.” Nina-san said whilst clutching her head.


“I just want to confirm for the time being but, Quella-san and Meiru-san alone could join you and you can make a new party and be the party leader.”


“No way.”




Having seen that I had no plans to change my mind, Nina-san quickly backed down.
Well, considering Nina-san still asked like she had nothing left to lose after seeing how things played out, I was aware that it was a serious problem.

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