Chapter 6 – The Angel in the Test (3)

Heroes were a kind of celebrity.


Of course, there were heroes who were not recognized even in their hometowns because they weren’t famous, and there were heroes who were so famous that the whole world, not just Korea, was enthusiastic about them.


Among them, Yumari was a particularly famous hero.
A half-dragon belonging to the famous Confucian family, Seocheon.
And that beautiful appearance and strength… It was natural that she got famous.


Even though she was simply dressed for practicality, her beauty stood out without any ornaments or makeup.
She also had a small horn on her forehead as a token of acceptance.


That Yumari was looking at him.


Graduated from Central Superhero Academy.
A hero who gained notoriety as Dragon Lady due to the mixed blood of dragons, but was excellent enough to turn that notoriety into praise.
A hero who prevented the rainbow-colored rift alone.


Leffrey remembered his room from his previous life.


The biggest decoration in the room was a poster of her.
In the corner of Leffrey’s bookshelf, there was a scrapbook with her articles cut out.


That’s right.


Previously, Leffrey was a fan of Yumari.




But that Yumari was talking to him now…


“My name is Yumari.
I’m not arrogant, but I think my name is well known… Have you ever heard of it?”


That Yumari was talking to him in a friendly way.
That Yumari was smiling at him.


“I’ve heard of it.
The Dragon Lady of the Seocheon family… I know you well.”




She reached out her hand.


But Leffrey couldn’t hold that hand.


Why? Because Yumari in his previous life betrayed humanity.
She sold the Mariana Camp, humanity’s most important fortress, to the Demon King’s army, and in return, she flew to another dimension as a perfect dragon.


Flying with her wings spread out as a dragon, she never looked back to the world she had abandoned.


Leffrey recalled the miserable past.


He made up his mind once again.


‘I must prevent that from happening…’


Why Yumari betrayed humanity.
To know that, he had to know about Yumari’s past.


There was a case in which the head of the Seocheon family kidnapped the spear dragon Rumari and made her his concubine.
Then the spear dragon Rumari gave birth to a cute daughter named Yumari.


A prodigy who had both the capability of Seocheon and the ability of a dragon.


The people of the Seocheon tried to take advantage of Yumari’s superior abilities, but they also tried to get rid of her out of fear.
In short, it could be said that factions were divided.


And both factions…


They were people that tormented Yumari.


Eventually, the spear dragon was taken advantage of by the Seocheon family and died, and Yumari’s half-brothers also sought her life for fear that she, an illegitimate child, would aim to be the next head.


For her to live.


She had to keep showing excellence.


She didn’t know when she would be purged if she was recognized as unnecessary.


The reason why she had the perfect attitude as a hero, it was just a performance to survive.


And Leffrey from his previous life was just fooled by it.


Leffrey bowed his head in bitterness.


No matter how good the reason, the fact that she betrayed humanity didn’t go away.
Even if she betrayed humanity to find her freedom, too many people died because of it.


“Aren’t you going to hold my hand?”


Pretending to be nice to people like that and reaching out.
But Leffrey was no longer fooled.
Now he knew that it was all acting.


Leffrey said with a sigh.


Show your senses as a dragon right now.
There’s a trap for you.”




Leffrey knew about the traps set up here.
How? After Yumari in her previous life betrayed humanity and ran away… There had been a huge hearing.


Various truths were revealed at the hearing.
One of them was the fact that the head of Seocheon was against Yumari… This was because of the first report that related to the entrance examination.


“Ha… What is this…….”


Dragons were very good creatures.


In particular, the horns responsible for their senses were also responsible for everything from traps beyond walls to atmospheric conditions and human emotions.


Her horn grew little by little.


It was to raise the sense of a dragon.


She didn’t want to show her competitor that she could raise her sense as a dragon, so she was hiding it on purpose…


While Yumari revealed her senses, Leffrey organized his thoughts.


‘No matter how much I feel betrayed, Yumari is the hero that humanity needs.
If I can prevent Seocheon from tricking Yumari….’


Then maybe she wouldn’t betray humanity.


More than that…


‘After all, Seocheon’s work will only help Yumari develop animosity towards humanity, but it won’t kill her.
If that’s the case, it is right to block it and make it my angel power.’





Angel power was essential for future exams.
If he could get this precious angelic power, he could forget about the past resentment for a moment and help her a little.


‘Damn… Damn it.….’


Meanwhile, Yumari’s sense was sharpened.


She saw dangers toward herself everywhere.


Amulets related to dragon slaughter… It was such a good amulet that it could hurt her body.
Perhaps it was the tactic of those who wanted to purge her within the family.


‘I can feel the energy of the dragon on some doors.
Can Seocheon interfere with the entrance examination? It’s dangerous.
Then there’s a good chance that the family’s eyes and ears are hidden in this test.’


And with her transcendent sense, she even read the emotions of the boy next to her.


The boy was feeling a great deal of grief.
And he even felt a deep sense of betrayal.
They met for the first time today, so why did he have such deep feelings for her…?


And the boy smelled like the sky.


‘Mother’s smell…’


Dragons were a race that had the sky as their friend.
It was said the fresh and fragrant smell from her mother was a smell that only belonged to a truly heavenly species like dragons.


“First of all, thank you for telling me about the trap.
But you… Do you hate me?”


“…I can’t say I don’t.”


“Then why did you help me?”


“I can’t say that either.”




“Stop, I don’t want to talk anymore.”


I saved you once, so that’s enough.


This was Leffrey’s thought.


Even if Yumari was not at fault at this point, Leffrey was emotional enough to argue that.


So Leffrey refused to talk further.
And sitting in the corner, he decided to think about where to use the angelic power he had collected earlier.


‘I think if I accumulate a little more angelic power, I can raise my stats…’


The angelic power, which was empty after raising the stats last time, was judged to have saved Yumari, and it was now filled to the point of nearing the critical point.


‘Still, if I think about using my powers in the future, I have to leave out some angelic power.’


So Leffrey decided.


‘Let’s save up this angelic power.’


Leffrey crouched in the corner of the hall like this and thought about the angelic powers.
Seeing Leffrey like this, Yumari had no choice but to think.


‘He really looks like my mother.’


Rumari, the spear dragon.
Because she belonged to heaven, she smelled of heaven and was so beautiful that her beauty was incomparable to ordinary people.
No matter how hateful she became, she had foolish kindness to save people’s lives when they were in danger.
Just like the boy who saved the one he hated just now.


‘Look, smell, personality… There’s nothing that doesn’t look alike.’


And on this floor, such a character was always taken advantage of and then died.
It was so miserable that the people left behind could hardly remember.


Yumari had no choice but to bite her lips.


‘…You really look like my mother.’


Because of the rising sadness and longing.


Yumari couldn’t even talk to Leffrey.


The awkwardness continued throughout the day.


Fortunately, this awkwardness didn’t last more than two days.
This was because by the time the day was over and the next day came, a trainee from a large guild came in for the third place and someone from another family came in for the fourth place.
Yumari greeted them immediately.


Their vigilance was immediately released.


They seemed to have forgotten that they had to compete soon.


Of course, Yumari turned cold as soon as the conversation was over…


They didn’t notice.


‘If you have a team-play test, you’ll need to get along like this.’


Seeing Leffrey sitting sullenly, Yumari felt an emotion that couldn’t be put into words as an examinee.


‘He hates me but showed sympathy.
That kid can be used.
Maybe other people will use him too.
And the others…’


Just like how her mother was taken advantage of…


She was now worried about Leffrey.


Leffrey who was her competitor.


So she couldn’t show this feeling.


And she made excuses for herself.


‘Why are you worried about him? That kid hates me.
He’s my enemy.’


Yumari thought and smiled while accepting the jokes of other students.


‘Yumari… What the hell do you want to do?’


The tenth person to complete the application was a really beautiful werebeast with pink hair.
Wearing a funky outfit, she must be a feline beast, judging by the shape of her ears and tail.


Yumari immediately identified her.


‘The next chief of the Moon Cat clan, Hongwol…!’


In the Moon Cat clan, famous for being the best assassins and thieves, Hongwol was considered a genius among them.
As a member of the Moon Cat clan, she was known for her shrewdness and cruelty…


Therefore, she was someone to be wary of.
But Yumari naturally hid that feeling and tried to say hello to her as she did to others.
But Hongwol ignored her and approached a boy sitting in a corner.




As soon as she saw Leffrey, Hongwol’s pink tail rose up and trembled.


Yumari thought.


What? Did Hongwol and the boy know each other?


Yumari erased her false smile and watched the scene carefully.
As Yumari’s smile disappeared, it was a bonus that the man she had been talking to was surprised.


“…Who are you?”


“Hmm? Oh, you’ve never seen me like this before.”


As expected, it seemed to be the first time the boy met Hongwol.


Then what’s wrong with Hongwol?


Don’t tell me…?


“Boy, I’m Hongwol of the Moon Cat clan.”


“Oh, Hongwol…?”


“Have you ever heard of it?”


Yumari bit her lip.


As explained earlier, Hongwol was famous for her brutality.
Besides, she was also a member of the Moon Cat clan, so she wouldn’t blink an eye about taking advantage of others and throwing them away.


Yumari’s mother died while being used by such people.
Because of such cruel beings like the Red Moon…!


What are you trying to do? Don’t tell me… are you trying to use that boy?’


Yumari was taking a step forward without even realizing it.


“I’ll make a suggestion.
Boy, let’s team up with me.”


But Hongwol was much closer to the boy.

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