Chapter 5 – The Angel in the Test (2)

With that question, the illusion was solved,


And the owner of the meat restaurant was revealed.


Lusa was an elf with long ears.
Like an elf, he had an unrealistic appearance and was perfectly balanced over 170 cm tall.
However, if he had to find a flaw, he could pick out the dark circles under his eyes and the degree of cold impression.


“How did you see that? Answer me!”


A pair of hands held his shoulder.
No force was given, but Leffrey could not move.




Leffrey was embarrassed.
Why is Lusa rushing like this? You’re surprised that you can’t believe you put out the exam and I pass it? In that case, you shouldn’t have made this test in the first place.
He wanted to say, but Leffrey resisted.


Because his expression looked so desperate.
To be honest, it was scary.


“It was a guess…”




Lusa’s expression was turning ominous.


The already cold impression became colder.


Leffrey quickly opened his mouth.


“The examiner was eating meat.
So much more focused on the meat than I ever was.
Then, of course, it’s hard to guess you’re an elf who abstained from meat.”




Leffrey smiled slightly.


He had realized his cuteness.
Honestly, using cuteness itself was a little disgusting, but was it really the time for Leffrey to be picky?


Perhaps it didn’t work, but Lusa let go of his shoulders with a slightly relaxed attitude.


“But I have heard that there is a meat-eating elf professor at the Central Academy.
If you were the professor, wouldn’t you show us eating meat and deceive people so that no one would be able to answer the question of your race correctly? I made a guess like that.”


Leffrey admired his own logic.


From today, he was the logic angel Leffrey.


“You believe this?”


Lusa said, lowering his voice.


“It’s… really.”


What a talent, thought Lusa.
Finding him who was thoroughly hidden so quickly, and even guessing the race in the least circumstances.
He couldn’t believe such a young creature already had this talent… Lusa felt greedy after a long time.


In addition…


Trembling hands, pretending not to be afraid like a man, but actually looking scared.
Nevertheless persevering.
And… a really angelic face.


The combination of all this… It was like…


Lusa spaced out for a moment.


And he was a little surprised.


He was feeling sorry.
And to think that he wanted to help… It was the first time in nearly a hundred years that he had such a weak thought.


Lusa said, managing his facial expressions.


You pass the test.
I’ll give you an application.”




The boy’s expression was blooming brightly when he was told that he would be given the application.
Lusa managed to resist the twitching corners of his mouth.


“And now that you’ve passed the additional tests… You should be rewarded.”




A reward worthy of it?


Leffrey couldn’t hide his joy.


And seeing that, Lusa had to use more force to keep his cold shell alive.


“What’s your name?”


“It’s Leffrey.”


“Yes, Leffrey.
I’ll write you a letter of recommendation.”


And he added as if to make an excuse.


“I’m not writing this for you because you’re self-centered.
I’m writing you a letter of recommendation because you found me as soon as the application period began, and you’ve seen my race through various circumstances.”


With an old-fashioned fountain pen coated with gold leaf, Lusa wrote a letter of recommendation.
In fact, Luca was highly appreciative of Leffrey.


It was a great talent.
Needed to be coveted.


He was cute, too…


“Don’t get me wrong, okay?”


“Thank you…!”


Leffrey, who received the letter of recommendation and application, bowed politely with his hands on his belly.


“I’ll pass!”


Seeing the boy’s big smile, he almost said, I’ll look forward to it… He almost said that.
Lusa couldn’t figure out why he was so flustered.
This body, which had lived 100 years longer than a normal human being, had never been fooled by a human… You’re flustered just by this little thing?


No matter how talented you are…


It’s impossible.


He looked at the boy’s back as he exited with a regretful feeling… It’s impossible.


* * *


An application and a letter of recommendation were in his hand


Of course, Leffrey was in a good mood.


‘Yes, I still remember the future.
Really, I… I might be able to pass the Central Academy.
Besides, this is a letter of recommendation from Lusa, who oversees this test, so it’s worth a lot more than any other letter of recommendation…’


He couldn’t believe he was entering Central Academy a school he’d longed for.
Leffrey couldn’t stop imagining.


He would be called a cadet when he got into the Central Academy, right? From being unemployed without a family to being a student of the Central Academy, an elite school that everyone recognized.
It was a really grand leap.


‘If that happens… You’re not gonna live like me in your previous life again, are you?’


The boy folded the application and put it in his arms.
Then he looked at the letter of recommendation.
The content was simple.
Lusa Sherinan, a professor of Martial Arts at the Central Academy, recommended Leffrey.


‘Was Luca Sherinan have this kind of personality?’


Of course, Leffrey met Lusa for the first time today.
That didn’t mean he didn’t know about Lusa.


Information about Lusa Sherinan was widespread on Sprout Wiki, Awakening Information Sites, and even on YouTube.
So Leffrey had to figure out what kind of person Lusa was, what he had done, and… see what was going to happen in the future.


So Leffrey felt strange.


Lusa Sherinan was known for not being the type to write letters of recommendation like this.
He was a professor known for being stingy with praise and for giving harsh reviews.
It was said that he was sometimes jokingly called a sowing master because he was so good at sowing seeds (C).
In addition, he heard that it was a problem because he showed no enthusiasm for teaching except for the students he liked.


But, he praised an awakened person with pathetic stats and wrote a letter of recommendation even though he’d never seen the kid before?


‘As expected, Wiki can’t be trusted.’


Leffrey felt uneasy.


He challenged the Academy entrance exam just because he know the future, but he didn’t expect to get it wrong already.




He couldn’t give up now.


* * *


The entrance exam for the Central Superhuman Academy could be seen as a semi-international event.
Because it was an opportunity to see the hopes of the era of closing the dungeon and catching monsters.


Therefore, it was understandable to some extent that so many people gathered to apply only for the applications, not the entrance examination.
The application for the Central Academy was not just an application, but a preliminary entrance examination for the Academy.


An application reception center was set up inside the Central Superhuman Academy.
Although the reception center was just a tentative tent, it was not funny at all, considering the size of newspapers and broadcasting stations from all over the world.


Among them, two reporters from the Superhuman Newspaper, a newspaper specializing in news related to awakened people, exhaled their breath.


“But to be honest… There’s no point in waiting now.”


“What are you talking about, sunbae?”


February, the days when the storm of winter was not over.
The senior reporter said while fiddling with the hot pack as if it had no meaning.


“I’m not coming anymore today.
Even if you are a detective and tracker who is running on active duty, it will take more than 10 hours to find the Academy professors who are hiding, you know? Students who enter Central Academy are geniuses, but they can’t find them within a few hours.”




“But looking for them is just the beginning.
Aren’t you supposed to get applications from those strict professors? Including that… I won’t come anymore today.
No, I can’t.”




However, the junior reporter had no choice but to look around.
Most of the reporters were blanking out, and some were looking at their phones with bored expressions.
Some people threw away their cameras and enjoyed coffee.


“I can’t help it…”


“So let’s warm up.
Let’s be reasonable.”


“Well, but.”


“But? But what! What are you, my sister?!”


The senior got angry, but the junior didn’t even look at him, let alone listen to him.
The junior pointed to something.


“Someone’s coming over there, though?”




A boy was walking in the distance.


The area around the center quickly became noisy.
The click of the shutter, the sound of waking up a sleeping cameraman.
And the sound of rushing to take care of the equipment.


“Wait, who is it? I’ve never seen him before, though?”


“Which guild does he belong to? No, is he from a clan?”


They looked at the boy.


The boy with blond hair was as beautiful as an angel.
He had a vulgar expression, but it was also a very fitting expression.
But worn-out jumper that didn’t suit his appearance, a shy expression at the sudden attention.
And the attitude that made this situation seemed so awkward.


Veteran journalists immediately realized.


With this appearance, they couldn’t have known.


This child was not an elite raised by a large force.
Maybe it had only been a few days since he awakened, or he wasn’t awakened at all.


The moment they thought that,


An application for admission came out of the boy’s arms.


“Oh, my God.”




The reporters immediately quarreled and rushed at the boy.
As more than ten microphones flooded in at once, the boy was stumbling and at loss.


The act of oppressing the test student may escalate into a diplomatic issue.
You know it well, right?”


One of the professors who was watching it said.


With short hair like a soldier, the professor’s name was Park Jinho, who was said to be in the top ten for close combat in Korea.


He didn’t expect to see such a famous awakened in person.
And such a powerful awakened would directly serve as a professor.
Leffrey’s heart starts beating fast again.


“Come on in.
You don’t have to deal with everything.”


“Oh… Thank you.”


Park accepted the boy’s application and muttered.


“Well, it’s a real application.
Leffrey? Are you a foreigner?”


“No, I’m Korean.”


“You’re not from awakened family… There’s no guild you’re belonging to?”




The professor smiled with interest.


“I didn’t expect a rookie to receive Lusa’s application without a guild contact.
That’s weird.
I don’t feel any special power.
Don’t tell me…”


Park Jinho’s eyes shone sharply.


Leffrey became a little nervous.


“Ha, there’s no way that Lusa could have been tricked.
Excuse me.”


“No, it’s fine.”


“…By the way, there are already two of you.”


The professor led Leffrey to the end of the hallway.
Wait… a hallway? Wasn’t this a shabby tent? Why was there such a long hallway in the tent?


‘And how can a brick hall… And two? There’s someone who came earlier than me?’


To be honest, Leffrey thought he was in the first place.
Honestly, it was like Leffrey cheated on the correct answer of the exam, but wouldn’t it be strange if he didn’t get a perfect score? But there was someone who scored higher than a cheat? What kind of monster was it?


“Rest here.”


There was a hall at the end of the hallway, a huge hall in Western style.
Beautiful chandeliers like you would see in a French palace, expensive marble floors, and antique furniture.


But what was unique about it was,


There were quite a few doors.


And in the middle


A woman with long hair stood.


Leffrey recognized the woman at a glance.


‘No way… No way…?’


Leffrey shuddered.

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