Chapter 3 – The Awakened Angel (2)


“Young mister…? Miss…? Anyway, you’re an awakened.”


The man in the suit, who had been showing a harsh attitude until now, immediately raised his arms and took the posture of martial arts.
It meant that he would deal with him sincerely.


“I thought you were a non-awakened person because of your weak mana.”


It was true.
Leffrey’s magic was no different from the average person’s.
The same was true for the other specs.


“So we’re on our way, aren’t we? It’s the smuggler who’s in trouble when the police come.
Isn’t it you?”


“What? I could be the owner.”


“Then you’re an abuser.”


“Ha… What do you mean by abuse, this is a world where it is difficult for people to live.
This can get a little rough.”


Knuckles were held in both hands of the man in the suit.


Leffrey bit his lip.


‘My arm is still tingling.
I tried to stop it, but next…’



Leffrey’s fist was strained.
He could tell by instinct.
Angels become strong when they do good deeds or right things.
And the harder it got, the more… he became stronger




Angel power rose as the confrontation was maintained.


A fragile life was wriggling in his arms.


At this moment when there was something to protect,


Leffrey felt he had become stronger.


“Have you ever heard of true education?”


After confirming Lefrey’s determination, the man shook his head once and rushed straight at him.
There was a relentless attack.


“So, what if you are awakened? Have you ever waved your fist?”




“You’re worth your pretty looks, Miss.
If you see that you can’t even fight at all!”


It was just as the man in the suit said.


Leffrey was an ordinary person who had lived without violence all his life.


Of course, he didn’t learn how to swing fists.


Although Leffrey was in a strong state with the good deeds buff, the gap between him and the man in the suit was too great.
In addition, Leffrey had a life to protect.


The man in the suit who thought he had the chance to win.


He said, wiping the snow off his shoulder.


“I don’t want to make a big deal, either.
Miss, put the cat down peacefully and go home.
That’s the sensible way to go.


Meow–a cat’s cry came from his arms.
As if it was clamoring to let itself out.
Seeing the cat, which had been quiet so far, did this, it sounded like it was saying to turn itself over and go home.


He thought for a moment, shall I pass it over?


But Leffrey shook his head.


There was no guarantee that the man in the suit wouldn’t retaliate if he turned it over.


‘To win… To be strong… I have no choice but to do something more angelic……!’


Leffrey clenched his fist.


“That’s true.”



“The sound of beating.”


Leffrey rushed back.


Is truly angelic!>




[NEW! Archangel’s Martial Arts Stomping on Dragons Lv.1] [NEW! Healing of the Celestial Angel who Lives in Creation Lv.1]




Archangel’s Martial Arts Stomping on Dragons Lv.1 (Power)


Angels are the guardians and warriors of heaven.
Simply put, they’re soldiers.
And the main enemies of these soldiers are the Great Devil, the Fallen Dragon, the Cursed God, etc.
They’re all formidable opponents.


To protect the heavens from them, angels trained in special martial arts.
A martial art that is superior to any other martial art on earth, and worthy of the angels who are truly God’s agents.


Through that martial arts, angels trampled on dragons and made the world peaceful.








Healing of the Celestial Angel who Lives in Creation (Power) Lv.1


One of the most common legends about angels is the legend of healing.
When the sick pray to heaven, the angels, who have received their mission, heal them.


The power to cure a disease that no doctors or alchemists could cure.
People called that power a miracle.





The windows floated in front of him.


Leffrey summarized only the key points and read them quickly.


The martial arts of angels, the power to use heavenly martial arts using the power of angels, healing of angels, miraculous healing that performs better than common methods.


Leffrey didn’t hesitate to use the angel’s martial arts.


Leffrey’s posture changed immediately like a professional.


For now, he was Leffrey the angel warrior.


“Looking pretty good, aren’t you, Miss?”


“I’m not a lady, I’m a young man.”


“What? Now that I look closely…”


The man in the suit, who had been beating Leffrey with excitement so far, was a little embarrassed.
And with a laugh, he aimed at Leffrey’s neck.
He probably intended to neutralize Leffrey as a party leader.


“I don’t think so.”


Archangel’s Martial Arts Stomping on Dragons.
Although angels are weaker than dragons, they have the martial arts to bring down even such a powerful being.


“It’s real!”


It was a neat slap on the back.


The man in the suit was stuck in the snow and couldn’t come to his senses, and the alley he had been blocking was wide open.
Driving one more minute from here, there were quite a few cars passing by even this late at night.
Which meant there was a CCTV.


In a space like that, even that guy wouldn’t be able to do it recklessly.
Therefore, Leffrey ran.


‘Even though I used angelic martial arts, I’m not overwhelmingly advantageous.
Then there is no chance for me to consume angelic power to maintain my power.”


As he ran breathlessly, he came straight out of the street, and there were quite a few taxis passing by even though it was late at night.
Leffrey looked back.


As expected, the man in the suit couldn’t chase him.
He just glared at himself.


“…Where should I go?”




Before he knew it, the cat squeezed out of his arms and rubbed Lefrey’s swollen cheek.




“You got hurt, too.”


The blood-soaked shirt was telling how serious the cat’s wounds were.
There was no time.
To make matters worse, a group of men in suits was loitering in the distance.
With a crackling sound, CCTVs burned down, and cars stopped passing on the road.


‘What the hell is this scale? This cat.
It’s not just a spirit?’


Even though it was late at night… They had the right to block the streets of Seoul and destroy CCTVs.
Only state power and large guilds can cross the line like this.


‘Maybe it’s a big guild.’


Even before the fall, large guilds always crossed the line.
They used to bully people all the time by closing gates and catching monsters.
They said it was all for ‘representation’.


Of course.
Of course, but,


There are no heroes among them.


He’d rather betray humanity and have those garbages attached on the Demon King’s side.
None of them was close to a hero.




On second thought.


It couldn’t be said that there was none.


It was just…


Such a person didn’t survive long.






“Since you’re pink, I’m going to call you Pink from now on.”


The siege was closing in.
There was only one way left for Leffrey.


“Ha… I hope I succeed.”


Angels become strong when they do the right thing.
And when you do good, you get angelic power.
Now, these were the only two facts that Leffrey believed.


“I… I will use all my strength to heal you”


He could tell by instinct.
Now, this cat was fatally wounded, and devoting all of his angelic power to heal the wound might not be enough.


Leffrey gathered all the angelic powers at his fingertips.
All the feeble mana, including the angelic power, was engulfed by the divine light at the boy’s fingertips.


“…Run right away.”


He didn’t know if it really understood what he was saying, but Pink looked at him with eyes wide open, as if in shock.
As if it was unbelievable, as if it couldn’t be.


The boy laughed.


No matter how spiritual it was.


Do you really understand this situation?



All the angelic power accumulated today was consumed, and all the weakly existing mana disappeared.
Instead, the large wound on Pink’s front foot began to heal like a miracle.
It went beyond simple healing, the scar disappeared, and hair grew softly over it.


Status window messages that came up with it.










This was exactly what Leffrey planned.
Use all of his angelic powers to do good to gain more angelic powers.
And just as he obtained the power of martial arts and the power of healing, he would obtain wings and the power of flight to escape.


‘Oh, God… An angel must have wings.’


But Leffrey’s plan was only half successful.
He gained angelic power, but not Angel’s power.
In particular, Leffrey had gained so much angelic power that he had expected to gain power related to wings, but his expectations were nicely betrayed.


Actually, it couldn’t be helped.
Don’t all the angels in the media have wings? So, of course, Leffrey could only expect to get wings.


‘I’m dizzy… I used too much energy for a moment…’


Naturally, the boy’s body was not strong.
It wasn’t easy to use divine power several times while being beaten unilaterally by the man in a suit.


Leffrey knelt on the street.
He felt the cold through his pants.
Still, the dizziness didn’t go away.


‘…I’m screwed.’


That was Leffrey’s last thought.


* * *


The boy fell as if asleep.


Lying down on the snow like a scene from a movie.
In a way, he seemed to have fallen asleep comfortably.


‘You really look like an angel.’


Hongwol had no choice but to think so.
His shoulder-length blonde hair was flawless, and his closed eyes were soft but clear.
He had a pretty face that could be mistaken for true beauty.
To put it a little crookedly, it was like ‘God carved it Himself’.


Betrayed, trapped, and cursed.
Then getting hurt and running away.
Today was the worst day for Hongwol.


Nevertheless, the boy’s appearance was magical enough to forget all about it.


The boy, the boy…


‘…I don’t have any money.
I can’t take you to the hospital.
Find someone else.’


He spoke coldly, but his hands were already stroking her.
An expression that said you’re cute, an expression of regret.
And a warm touch.
For Hongwol, who had lived as a strong person all her life, these were all moments that she experienced for the first time in her life.


The boy kept on pretending to be cold.


But his action was too warm.


He fought for her, held her in her arms, protected her, and let her run away.
And at the last moment, Hongwol saw it with her own eyes.
The fact that the boy gave up on himself and healed her with all his strength.


He was truly an angelic child.


‘Boy, boy…’


The healing of an angel is a miracle.
An angel can heal a curse that no doctor or alchemist can cure.


The chosen child of the Moon Cat clan.


The curse of Hongwol, the chief’s daughter, had disappeared.


As a little cat, she regained her true self under the moon.
Long pink hair that ran from her back to her curved hips, her skin flawless enough that even the moonlight in her eyes shone again.
Long arms and legs that no one would believe used to belong to a little cat.
Like a beast, she had unusual ears and tail, but her beauty was not shaken by those things.


Naked, she was so enchanting.


If she didn’t have blood all over her hands.


Many people would be bewitched.




“Sa, save me.”


Crack-Hongwol twisted the neck of the last survivor.
As lonely as it was, white snow piled up over the black suits.
No one was moving.

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