Chapter 2 – The Awakened Angel (1)


“This is me…?”


A boy was smoothing his face.
The boy, who had blond hair, white skin, and green eyes, was definitely a pretty boy.


“This is….”


The boy was a little surprised.
It was because he had seen this boy somewhere.


“The angel.”


Except for the absence of wings, this figure was the angel who talked about himself and the heroes just before he died.


“…What the hell is this?”


The boy quickly grasped the situation.


The angel was not an illusion caused by excessive bleeding, but a real angel, and he was sent to the past to become a guardian angel for heroes.


How do I know I am sent back to the past?


The boy looked out the window.


Pang pang-


He saw a road with a long traffic jam.
It was a landscape that could not be seen in the future when it was destroyed by demons and monsters.


“Should I believe this situation?”


He had no choice but to believe it.
After the chaos, there were magic, superpowers, and dragons and fairies in this world.
Why couldn’t he believe this when there were magic and fairies? It was a world dominated by purity that had already escaped human cognition.




The boy’s heart beat a little.


That happened to awakened people.
The word that everyone mumbled at least once.


“Status window…?”




Leffrey Lv.1


Race: Angel


HP: 32/32 MP: 20/20


Strength: 7


Agility: 5


Mana power: 12


Paranormal ability: 5


Angelic power: 1




The status window really came to mind.


The blessed ability that only the awakened could lift.
Leffrey looked closely at the status window, hiding his overwhelming emotions.


“…it’s a bit of trash, isn’t it?”


It was just a specification that was no different from ordinary people.
Even if Leffrey said it was level 1, this was too serious.
It was because the specification of the awakened person was often determined at the beginning.
By that standard, Leffrey’s specs were just rubbish.


But the only strange thing was the stat called angelic power… The boy had never heard of angelic power in his life.
It was never mentioned in the novels that he liked to read, and it was a stat that he had never seen in an awakened documentary.


There was no way to know right now.


However, looking at the replacement of the part where the divine power should exist, he could see that it was a force compatible with the divine power.


This power was Leffrey’s only hope.


“Is an angel this weak?”


The boy sighed and searched the room.
He had to find his cell phone, wallet, ID card, or even documents to prove his identity.
It was necessary to recognize what the situation was now and what time it was exactly.


“Cell phone.”


New fact: even angels Use cell phones.
Leffrey was a modern angel.
The boy quickly opened his cell phone and checked the information.
Fortunately, it wasn’t locked.


Phone book, Kukuotalk, internet, etc…


* * *


It wasn’t until late at night that Leffrey could put down his cell phone.
Honestly, there were a lot of surprising facts.
First of all, Leffrey had Korean hegemonic nationality.
And as a result of combining Kukuotalk and phone books, it turned out that Leffrey was a student at an orphanage called Saebit School.


The boy smiled sadly.
This part was not much different from his previous life.


If there was something a little strange…


There were signs of mental problems.


Through analyzing the Kukuotalk conversation, Leffrey appeared to have suffered a serious crime as a child and was undergoing psychiatric treatment related to it.


Darker than I thought…


The boy thought with his head down.
In the end, does it mean that angels are sinners now that they have fallen to the ground?


“That’s funny.
What angel is this?”


This was just a pretty little boy.
An angel wouldn’t freeze to death.




The room became completely dark when the lights on the cell phone went out.
Leffrey fell into deep thought with his eyes closed.
The person he met once was definitely an angel.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to perform such a miracle.


And he was the one who opposed the Demon King.


Otherwise, he couldn’t have been hurt like that.


Finally, the angel wished for a hero.


“…Hero, there’s nothing like that.”


Leffrey thought of the world before it was destroyed by the Demon King in his previous life.
As the angel said, at that time, the Demon King could not be reached, but there were heroes who could set up fangs for that monster.
But the curse of the past, the late discovery, and the trap of envy and jealousy ruined them.


But at this point it could have been stopped, the damn angel insisted.
To do that, Leffrey…


“I have to go to the Central Superhuman Academy.”


He had to enter the Central Superhuman Academy.
This was the only way he could think of.


Central Superhuman Academy.
It was said to be the best Awakened Academy in the world, where only a select few could attend.
Money? Power? All you need for admission is skills.


The ability to be the hero of mankind.


It was known to the public that the Academy promised full support for the students if they showed such skills.


According to Leffrey’s research on the Internet and documentaries, the lowest cut-off for the Central Superhuman Academy was ‘enough to play as an active hunter right now’.
However, since it was an academy, only minors could enter, and of course, they had to be awakened.


Leffrey was a minor for now.
He was also an awakened person who could show the status window.
But whether he could play as an active hunter…


‘Of course not.’


However, he still had to enter the Academy.


‘The Golden Generation.
The only superhumans who can stand up to the Demon King.
Maybe the Golden Generation will enter the Central Superhuman Academy this year.
And in order to maximize their potential, the most important moment to develop their skills is during their academy years.
Make them much stronger than the future….’


Leffrey made up his mind.


‘I’m going to knock down the Demon King.’


He wasn’t doing it because the angel asked him to.
The villain.
No, Leffrey wanted to live.
If the Demon King turned the world into a wasteland again, Leffrey would die with it anyway.
Such an experience was enough once in a lifetime.




A sound that didn’t seem true, contrary to the serious thoughts.


He learned a lot of new facts today.
Living point, even angels get hungry if they don’t eat.
After opening the worn-out wallet, Leffrey checked the remaining bills and smiled despondently.


‘No, I don’t have money for breakfast tomorrow.
Catch the Demon King? What the hell am I talking about?’


By the way, he had to deal with hunger right away.
In order to buy a hot bar with the remaining money, Leffrey searched nearby convenience stores.


Fortunately, the convenience store was not too far from where Leffrey lived.
Looking into the pouring snow, Leffrey hid his complicated feelings.


‘I can’t reach myself at this point.’


‘Kukuotalk and Facebook are all gone.
Has my existence disappeared?’


‘Well, I don’t have a family, and I didn’t have any personal connections to take care of.’


‘Damn it…’


It was a night that felt colder somewhere.


With all the money he had, Leffrey could buy two hot bars.
One he planned to eat today and the other planned to eat tomorrow.
A purely rational calculation


It was at that moment.




The sound of a cat coming from a nearby place


Leffrey immediately looked at the source of the sound.


It was on the left wall.


There was a cat.
A pink cat, but with a front foot injury, bleeding.
Snow was piling up on the immobilized cat.


“You’re going to freeze to death at this rate.”


Leffrey reached out carefully to caress the cat.
The cat came to Leffrey’s gentle warm hand without resistance.
Perhaps it was distraught in the cold and couldn’t even rebel.




‘What is this…?’


The power that comes up when you do good deeds, angelic power.


Leffrey intuitively realized that when he did something good or noble, his angelic power increased.


“…I can’t raise you.”


Splash- Splash-


The pink cat got up and looked at him.
Leffrey stroked the cat with a sad expression.


“…I have no money.
I can’t take you to the hospital.
Find someone else.”


In fact, Leffrey liked animals.
He especially liked dogs and cats.
But the boy refused to admit it because he was ashamed.


“I can’t help it.
I like dogs more than cats…”


He had to collect angelic power, so there was nothing else he could do.


Leffrey held the cat in his arms.


He felt a small amount of angelic power rising.


“But… to get out of this cold, how…”


Animals could not understand humans, but the cat was still in his arms as if it had understood him.




‘I don’t know what an angelic power is, but… It’ll be helpful if I collect them right, right?’


Leffrey thought, hugging the cat.


“The student there!”


The boy heard a voice calling for him in the distance.


A man in a suit was calling Leffrey in the distance.
Suits were common clothes for office workers, and it wasn’t strange that adult men wore suits.
However, if there was a problem, people such as gangsters also liked to wear suits.


“Let’s talk for a minute.”


The man wore a suit with a ‘bad meaning’.
Of course, it was wrong to doubt someone in a suit in that sense, but the circumstances made him suspicious.


“What do you want to talk about?”


“Oh, it’s nothing…”


The man in the suit laughed.


“Have you ever seen a pink cat? It’s unique, so you’d have noticed it at a glance.”


As expected, there was a saying.
Leffrey muttered ‘Of course’ in his mind.
The news he’d seen a lot before the world went down.
It was news about a criminal organization that hijacked and smuggled spirits.


As expected, this pink cat was a spirit.


‘And being chased by the spirit hunters.’


Leffrey mumbled after tying his coat.


He could feel the little warmth in his arms.


“I’ve never seen it.”


“Really? You’re not lying?”


A bumpy suit


Leffrey frankly regretted it a little.


‘I think he’s an awakened person, too.’


He should’ve just given him the cat when he first saw him.


He looked so good in a suit that he instinctively hid the cat.
Even if he stepped back now, he couldn’t avoid a collision.
Maybe he should try keeping his mouth shut.


‘It’s ruined…’


From the walk, he could feel the arrogance unique to an awakened person.
Leffrey was weaker than adult men in terms of specifications.
But he couldn’t let the cat go.




It was because the angelic power continued to rise as an act of protecting the cat.
He didn’t know what kind of power this was, but to the weak angel Leffrey, it was the only hope to overcome this situation.


“Don’t do anything you regret.”


“…I’ve never seen it before.”




‘I can’t run away with my stats anyway.
Even if I run away, I’ll be caught… Using this angelic power or something…”


“I think there’s a misunderstanding.”


The man in the suit gave a wistful look.


But everyone would know.
That wasn’t a sad look, it was a happy look.


“I’m a man who hates violence.
Let’s talk about it.”


Fist flying lightly with the words.
But for Leffrey, it was not a light fist at all.
This fist he had built up as an awakener and a gangster was powerful enough to incapacitate even a strong adult male with one shot.


But Leffrey stopped it.



“…I stop this?”


Leffrey and the man in a suit,


both looked at each other in surprise.

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