Darby walked into her favorite cafe, it was near her work and the perfect place to take a break and have a nice cup of tea and a treat while reading. She was freshly graduated from college and new in the field of Archaeology and had just started working at The Museum and Institute of Archeology. And starting her dream of independence and no more lessons or classes. She felt giddy and excited for what the future would hold. She ordered her drink and a slice of cake and then made her way to an empty corner of the cafe for some privacy and peace while she read the newest issue of Archaeology Weekly that she had picked up from the museum. The people in the cafe that glanced up as she walked by and recognized her, shifted awkwardly in their seats. She was notorious for being a Lady that had rejected society. Her father, being a Lord and unimaginably wealthy, she could have sat back enjoying her familys wealth and kept quiet, eventually marrying into another wealthy family and then having children and continuing on the cycle of filthy rich Lords and Ladies in society mixing rich with rich kind and enjoying their lavish wealth. But instead, she had turned away from the people of her status. And denied any attempt to socialize with them. Her father was so spectacularly rich that even though she denied Society, they couldn really do anything about it.

Instead she pursued getting into college and getting a degree in archeology, something that was practically unheard of for a woman, even more so for one from a rich family that didn need a career. Usually those in high society were contented with being rich and marrying whoever was appropriate and equal in money and status. She had decided to not go by the title of Lady Darby Herrington but preferred to be called Miss Herrington, like any other young woman might be. And she had enrolled and placed in college, always top of her class, but that didn keep people from murmuring about her. Doing something Society doesn agree with as appropriate AND also doing it annoyingly well? Nothing could be more obnoxious to those of the high class status hoping for her to fail and go meekly back to her place.

She sat down at her table, away from others, those who knew who she was looked annoyed and chose to move tables a bit further away. She could not be bothered what so ever. She was used to this, and she welcomed the privacy her reputation brought her. The cake and tea was brought to her table by a waiter who quickly scuttled away, noticing the awkward atmosphere. Alone at last, she sighed, took a bite of cake, a sip of tea and opened the large magazine that she had been eagerly waiting to read. The peace was lovely and she settled into her reading of the latest discoveries, far away places and all the renowned people on the scene of archeology. She was deep into a particularly interesting article when she sensed someone approaching her.

They were pacing a bit of a ways from her, back and forth. Many possibilities flashed through her mind. 1. Someone wants to take a chair from my table and is trying to get up the courage to ask. 2. Someone who knows who I am, wants to start a scene with me to get approvable points from others in Society. 3. They are lost and they don know who I am but want to ask for help in some way. 4. My father has sent someone else to ”secretly ” approach me to help him keep tabs on me.

Her father, Lord Herrington, a worrywart, was very anxious about her getting into some type of trouble and him not being there. Knowing her reputation and her personality, she was fine with engaging in confrontation or any type of trouble and had him worried sick almost constantly. But she wanted her independence and had refused any type of bodyguard or chaperone, no matter how much her father had begged and pleaded. And so he had taken to trying to get people to be near her without her knowing and let him know how she was doing in her daily life. Sure she had been a target of ridicule and had various problems because of her shunning high society but she never backed down and it didn get to her. She was going to do what she wanted and she didn need anyone elses help, she was going to have the life she wanted and she was going to do it on her own.

The person near her finally decided to approach her. They cleared their throat. Sounds like a male, based of the sound of that cough. She thought, no longer bothering to read as she prepared for whatever the person approaching could want. ”Excuse me, miss? ” The voice spoke, confirming itself to be indeed male. Darby raised her eyebrows as they had officially decided to risk speaking to her. This person must not know who I am fully if they are starting out with that polite tone, she thought, mentally making notes and gathering information on whatever came her way. Ah well…might as well let the show begin she thought as she lightly sighed preparing herself for whatever disturbance was to come. As she lowered her magazine making sure to have a delicate and innocent expression on her face. The person before her came into view and she began her note taking and listing possibilities. A strange man approaching me suddenly…he looks eager to speak to me. Ulterior motives?…Most likely sent by Papa…Tall. Strong. Well built… Looks reasonably intelligent, but eager….Very eager….Desperate? Sad? Appears to be an ”Undercover Chaperone ” situation….Pfft! Nice try Papa… First course of action? Ignore him? Beat him? Let him think he is doing his job but mess with him the entire time?…..Hmm….How about all three? A small smirk flashed across Darbys face and had the poor man not been so enamored by her angelic looks he might have caught it. But in an instant it was gone, and already too late. And in its place she had selected her most gentle and delicate expression to dazzle him with her sweetness until she decided to drop the hammer on him and leave him puzzled and wondering What on earth happened when I was with that sweet, adorable angel? She finished this plan just in time to answer to his question ”Yes, I like it. ” and smile warmly at the poor unsuspecting Jack. Darby could tell he was fishing for details that he already knew the answers to, so she fed him the information he was hoping for, all the while leading him along to what she wanted and reeling him in. She gave him her best ”Oh my! Working at the place I work? How unexpected! ” face. But at the end of her exclamation, having fully confirmed that he was sent by her father she couldn help but send a sinister atmosphere into the air, If he knows what is good for him he will leave now. But the man didn leave, he just shuddered and continued his chatter. Darby giggled lightly as she decided Oh well I guess it is time to set off the trap. ”You can do it mister, just believe in yourself! ” she said encouragingly. And here we go, first the tea. Splash. Then the stomach. Thud. Next the foot. Stomp. Now the plate. Shatter. And the nose. Crunch. The glass. Slice. Lastly the pity card. Sniffle. And now, it is time to clean this up and make a swift exit. ”Ive got to go back to work now! Goodbye! ”

Darby made her way down the street, holding in her laughter for as long as she could before she had to pause, she couldn contain it any longer and burst out laughing in the middle of the busy sidewalk. ”Hahahah! ” She doubled over laughing, she pounded her small fists on a nearby building and even stomped her feet, all trying to compose herself. It had all gone so smoothly, it was really too funny! She gasped for air and wiped away the tears she had shed laughing too hard. ”Ahh nice try Papa. ” She giggled to herself. ”Oh I almost feel bad…Papa is definitely not paying him enough for this. ” And she made her way down the street giggling and shaking her head occasionally.

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