All Abilities Great Urban Master

Chapter 10 The 2nd Sino-US Hacking War


The rice uncle couldn help laughing.

”Its wrong. I want to say that he is so angry. ” The girl quickly corrected it.

Chen Ling rolled his eyes. This woman is more talented than him. If she is not too hungry, he will suck you to death tonight, and this meal should be rewarded to her.

”Sun, what if you suck you to death… ” The girl is also a stubborn master, and she will make mistakes.

The uncle just said that you two of you should stop acting, half each. I think he also identified two people who appeared in the canteen around this night, because of the delay in doing something.

As for what it is? Hey hey, uncle laughed and said nothing.

”Misss national color is fragrant and unparalleled. How can she fall in a look at this different-dressed beast? ” The girl said angrily.

”Whos watch is different? ” Chen Ling glanced at her. The girl was really smooth when she talked about her beautiful woman, and she was right when she looked at it carefully. A pair of bright and very clean eyes, and the beautiful facial features give people a ”beauty like snow ”.

What is inconsistent with such a gentle temperament is her fiery personality.

”Look at how honest you are, huh, but you don even know that the lady is the priority. ”

”You two should save your efforts. ” The uncle who was eating laughed and brought two plates, ”No, thank you, this classmate. Food is the day of the people. Come early next time.

”This classmate doesn mind one and half of them, will they? ”

”Lets do whatever. ” Chen Ling laughed and sat aside the plate.

The girl looked at Chen Lings indifferent appearance, which was a hate, but she shouted a few times when she was not angry, and she also shouted a few words without arguing. Probably still being angry about being a beautiful woman.

Chen Ling browsed AIs information while eating. I forgot all the way I was involved, but there was a super beautiful girl staring at her covetously.

”Didn you hear of it? Is reading good for your eyes when eating? ” The girl couldn help but feel the curiosity in her heart, so she sat opposite Chen Ling with a plate.

”Oh, thank you. ” Chen Ling is not an unreasonable person. He kindly reminds him that he is naturally pleasant.

”Im dizzy. Are you too hungry to eat books? How to turn the page by page? The girl blinked. It was too fast. With her eyesight, he turned over what was on it clearly.

Well, you must be pretending.

The girl thought, I didn know that Chen Ling was using NO104 power visual memory.

The biggest advantage of this power is that everything the eyes see will always leave a engraving. Unlike never forgetting, there is a disadvantage. This memory will only wake up in the power, that is to say, when Chen Ling no longer uses visual memory, it is difficult for him to remember what he has seen now.

The primary power is so entangled. Fortunately, the cost is only 120 seconds to close your eyes after the event.

Turning halfway, Chen Ling closed the book. He stared at the girl, the corners of his mouth seemed to smile, and then buried himself in eating.

The girl didn know that her beauty had been printed by Chen Ling all her life.

”Oh, are you from the computer department? ” She saw the book AI above, which is a popular fifth-generation computer topic today.

”Hmm. ”

”Then you must have heard of the American horror thirty-one point, right? ” The girl asked curiously. Do you know which hacker did it? ”

”How do I know? ” Chen Ling took a look at her, continued to eat, and said vaguely, ”Maybe it was made in our country. ”

The girl also took a few bites and said, ”Absolutely impossible. ”

”Is this so sure? ”

”Thats it! ”

Chen Ling shrugged his shoulders and continued to eat.

After a while, the girl couldn stand pressing the topic box again. If I find the hacker, Miss Ben must kill him with a whip.

”Are you American food? ” Chen Ling thought that this beautiful girl, like those women who admire foreigners, wanted to marry foreign devils every day to have the dream of overseas Chinese.

”Well, you are the American food. Your whole family is American food. ” The girl stared and looked angry with a different flavor: ”When I saw Uncle Sam, I wanted to beat him. ”

”Oh, then why do you hate that hacker? He seems to have done something that made Uncle Sam lose face and throw it to the world. Chen Ling has a good impression of her.

The girl is a little hot-tempered. She can see that she is very straightforward and kind-hearted. Chen Ling is confident in seeing people and has never seen people.

”He was playing CS and had already aimed at the headshot. Unexpectedly, he was popped down by the pop-up window. I was so angry. ” The girl bit her lovely lips and blushed.

Chen Ling couldn help laughing. It was really an unusual answer. ” Be careful that the hacker hacked your computer.

The girl just remembered that the hacker had hacked the United States and laughed.

In the empty canteen, a goose yellow light, a man and a woman talking and eating with a smile in this cold environment is a different romance, but the people involved don feel it.

The master at the dinner window thought, ”Who can believe this? ”

”Its late. You can eat quickly! ” He had to remind him.

The girl said it. It seemed that the time was approaching 21 oclock. Dizzy, I ate half a bowl of rice for so long. She hurriedly took a few bites and cleaned up the wind and the remnants of the clouds.

”Next time its so late. I want the young couple to stay quietly for dinner. Uncle can introduce you to a place. ” This uncle who eats also seems to be very approachable.

”Its really a coincidence that a boyfriend will be angry to death. ”

”Haha, I think you are a good match. ”

Even if you say its a good match, he needs to be handsome and unparallelled. girl thinks aggrievedly.

After leaving the canteen, the stars outside were already dim.

”You are full of anger today. ”

The girl hasn forgotten a few words.

The two of them were different in departments at the intersection. After a while, they heard the sound of hurried footsteps and ran back.

Chen Ling turned around, and the girl turned back again.

”Did you lose something? ”

”I forgot to tell you. ” The other party thought for a moment: ”I owe you a meal today. Uh-huh, Miss Ben doesn like to owe anyone. Well, if you have something to do, come to the art department to find Ning Xue. Sister Ning Xue will help you as long as you don do treacherous subjects.

She patted her very promising chest with righteousness.

Dizzy? Ning Xue? Im really sorry for this gentle name.

”By the way, whats your grade number? ” Chen Ling asked.

In the distant shadow, there was a silver bell-like smile.


Chen Ling looked at the watch and invaded AI for another day. Anyway, there was a last chance to test the power today. He pressed No. 58.

A gentle voice came into my mind.

”NO58SL data begins to load, power code: cold and ice control successful application… ”

”Visual Memory ”:

Number: 104

Level: Elementary

Ability: In the visual memory power, everything you see will be permanently preserved.

Cost: Close your eyes for 120 seconds afterwards.

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