All Abilities Great Urban Master

Chapter 3 Mind Reading Girl\'s Delusional Disciple

As soon as he put on his watch, the tin gold gears began to rotate like living things. Chen Ling suddenly felt that an electric current spread across his whole body and couldn help but be excited all over.

Then, the rotation of the mechanical gear finally stopped, and the time on the table has been automatically converted into a real-world sense of time.

It seems to be quite advanced… Chen Ling is a little stunned. He feels like this watch ran out of the movie. Looking at it left, he didn see a famous name.

The watch has a slight vibration, and a metal button shines.

Chen Ling pressed down, and Xiaoyas voice ran into his mind.

”Hello, Mr. Chen Ling, this watch has carried out multiple verifications of your body password. From now on, this watch belongs to you. Please be sure to use it well. Im Xiaoya, a customer service. If you have any questions, please use this watch to contact you. Have a good time… ”

”Wait a minute!! ” Chen Ling felt that things were a little strange. Whats going on with this watch? Isn it a joke? ”

”Well, this ”strong 13 model watch ” is the prize you want. It is the latest development in the upper world, with intelligent communication, recording, Internet access and other capabilities in the mortal world, including 108 supernatural rule powers… ” Xiao Ayas gentle explanation.

Chen Ling can close his mouth, which is too strange. ” Can you coax me? Its not making a movie… ”

”The watch also comes with a universal movie function, which can be recorded by yourself, and has intelligent editing, lens capture, rendering of pictures, etc. Of course, please don use it casually. It will consume a lot of energy. ”

”I want to know whats going on with that power? ” Chen Lings eyes came out of light. X-Men, HREO, and Qi Dian novel powers have been reading it all the time ago. He has been looking forward to having such a power.

”The watch model 13 of Zhuangyi comes with 108 power controls. Please press the Roman numerals for the first time you use it, and the corresponding power will appear, but it should be noted… ” Xiaoya was about to say something when the dormitory door was suddenly opened.

Chen Ling was shocked and hurriedly turned off the communication.

”Damn it, youngest, are you communicating with the five-finger girl in all daylight? ” The second brother Mengze came back.

Chen Ling raised his middle finger, and the temperament of this guy was so windy no matter where he was.

”Gentre, what kind of watch is this? Its so cool. ”

”This is a goddess in the upper world who thinks I am a good person and gives it to me. ” Chen Ling laughed and knew that he would not believe it.

Fang Mengze said contemptuously that you must have gone to collect anime again.

”Why did you come back? Aren you going to pick up the new students? ” Chen Ling shifted the topic.

”By the way, hurry up. Blessed are the beautiful women of this year! I have to sort out the image. Fang Mengze shouted loudly and rushed into the bathroom in the bedroom.

Speaking of beautiful women, Chen Ling remembered Xiaoyas music that day, but he didn know how she looked like.

”Xijing Huahai University ” is the name of Chen Lings school.

Xijing is an international city that rises like a Red Kingdom rocket, and Huahai University can be said to be the masterpiece of this city.

The school rules are very large, comparable to a small town. There are many planning areas within the school, among which it takes more than half an hour to walk from the dormitory area to the extracurricular activity area alone.

Huahai University is one of the top ten famous universities in the world. There are many rich people, politicians and businessmen who have graduated from this university, the most unbelievable of which is a Chinese candidate for the President of the United States.

When it comes to the spectacular degree of freshmen entering school every year, you can imagine the scene of fresh graduates participating in job fairs. The people responsible for recruitment are a group of seniors. They aim to end their single life at the younger brothers and sisters who entered the department.

Chen Ling studied in the Department of Computer Science of the School of Information of Huahai University, which is a very popular major. You should know that due to the major breakthrough in the fifth-generation intelligent computer ”Touring ” developed in the United States, the structure of the network society will become more and more obvious in the future, and the computer department has been favored by the public.

Nevertheless, the computer department is still in a situation where wolves are more meaty and less meat.

”Xiao Ling, which beautiful woman do you help your buddy aim at? ” Fang Mengze took off a ten-thing-th-th-year-old virgin who evolved into a beast version, and Chen Ling curled his lips disdain.

”How can a sex like you who end his first kiss in kindergarten know my sadness? ” Fang Mengze said hatefully.

Chen Ling said something, and I was also very sad at that time.

”What about Xiangxi Palace? ” Chen Ling pointed to the table reported by the computer department.

There are many people gathered at that table. It is a heroic girl who is stamped as a freshman to enter school.

She is Xiangxi Palace, as noble as her name. The chairman of the Student Union of the Department of Computer Science is also a flower of the School of Computer Information. Almost all men regard Xiangxi Palace as their dream lover, but no one dares to chase him.

The reason? Simple, low self-esteem!

Xiangxi Palace is very cold and arrogant. It doesn mean how arrogant she is, but her temperament is very cold, belonging to the kind that can be viewed from afar but not sacrisphemy. It is said that the family background is extraordinary. Once there was a * who used the entangled mian method to pursue the Xiangxi Palace. As a result, three days later, this * saw the Xiangxi Palace as if a mouse saw a cat. Up to now, it is a laughingstock of Huahai University.

As soon as Fang Mengze heard the name of Xiangxi Palace, he shrank and despised him, ”Sike a woman can only be conquered by a heroic man like Alexander. This era is destined to be accompanied by the green light drops. ”

Chen Ling didn think so. Others could wave their hands to attract thousands of men to drown you with saliva. He asked me to see that Xiangxi Palace likes is not a Kuiwei man, just an honest man.

”Youth, I know you for the first time in a year that you will fall in love secretly, haha. ” Fang Mengze smiled.

Chen Ling, damn it. When did I fall in love with her secretly?

”Isn the honest person you? ” Fang Mengze laughed.

Chen Ling said angrily, ”I won be a good person from today on. ”

”No, youngest. Several girls in our class are secretly in love with you. Youd better continue to be a good person. Fang Mengze patted his shoulder, envious and jealous.

Chen Ling curled his lips, didn bother to pay attention to him, and said that he would continue to be a good person. He suddenly remembered the watch. Xiao Aya said that if you press the Roman numeral, you will have the corresponding power. I don know if its true or not. She is preparing to have a try. At this time, Fang Mengze shouted like spring again. Wow, beauty. Super pure beauty, this buddy must! ”

A beautiful girl appeared at the reporting point of the computer department. Who was dressed in a white dress. A pair of deer-like clear eyes looked quite shy. She looked timidly at the pureness around him and speechless, which made a group of women jealous – no sh In front of me, Im so pure.

A group of wolves rushed to the reporting point and howled.

”President, let me take her with you. ”

”Beauty, I will protect you! ”

”Im a ten-thing-year-old virgin. Only I deserve it! ” Fang Mengze shouted louder.

”What do you look like? You just lose the face of the computer department. Do you want to be deducted credits? ” The presidents assistant scolded coldly.

The innocent girl of the party lowered her head deeply and blushed.

Its so cute.

Under the cold eyes of Xiangxi Palace, no boys dare to be presumptuous, like sheep one by one.

”Come and bring it! ” Xiangxi Palace glanced at it, and the white green onion pointed in one direction.

The man looked at all his jealous eyes. If he had… Forget it, don do it… Fang Mengze looked at Xiangxi Palace and pointed to himself in shock, with a face that he couldn believe it.

Long live the president, I will always love you! Fang Mengze shouted in his heart and ran out.

”The classmate behind you. ” Xiangxi Palace frowned.

Fang Mengze was hit and turned around. He saw that Chen Ling felt better.

Chen Ling blinked?

Look at those jealous eyes again. Is it me?

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