All Abilities Great Urban Master

Chapter 1 The Price of Being a Good Person

When Chen Ling said that he would no longer be a good person, the three brothers in the same dormitory couldn help but be happy.

The oldest Wu Gang said that you were born to be a good person.

The other two brothers nodded happily, and the bosss words were right at all.

Although Chen Ling is not extremely handsome, his eyes are very clean, which makes people feel very simple and green. 90% of his first impression of him is: this child is so honest.

In the words of the old three lamp: Even if Chen Ling touches the buttocks of the beautiful woman, the beautiful woman will apologize to him, saying that I shouldn put my buttocks over.

In a word, two words are kind, and three words are very kind!

With this temperament and appearance, if you don be a good person, there will be no good people in the world.

Chen Ling was very depressed about the three heartless and lungless sexual mouths.

The second brother was righteous enough and asked, ”Did you, was you teased by a beautiful woman? ” With a lewd smile, I remembered the ”glorious deeds ” of the past.

Chen Ling rolled his eyes. Insulted by my aunt!! ”

”Damn it, youngest, did you go to the bank to withdraw money to end the virginity? ” The second brother shouted.

”Lao, whats going on? ” Boss Wu Gang is still serious.

It turned out that Chen Ling met a woman when he went to the bank to withdraw money at the beginning of the new semester. The woman saw that Chen Ling was probably very pure, so she showed off her eyebrows, saying that she had received a winning phone prize for a small car, but she had to pay 20% prize tax and asked her to remit 100,000 yuan first, so she came to the bank.

Chen Ling was stunned as soon as he heard this. Isn this a typical winning liar? So he kindly persuaded her not to believe it. It was a liar to win the prize and send money. Who knows that this woman will be un happy? He said that I told you honestly. Whats the truth you told my mother? Is it stupid to dare to fall in love with me? So he scolded Chen Ling for being jealous.

Chen Ling was bored. Am I jealous that you have no brain? Originally, I wanted to call the police, but this woman has always claimed that her husband is a senior official, so Chen Ling is too lazy to pay attention to her. My dog takes a mouse – whats more business.

”Youth, poor people must have something hateful. Just ask for a clear conscience. ”

”This kind of woman is greedy! You deserve it. ”

Several other brothers comforted.

”To welcome the freshmen at the beginning of school today, there may be several disasters to the country and the people. ”

Chen Ling rolled his eyes and refused. He stayed alone in the dormitory to browse the news. He happened to see a person who won the prize and asked for remit money. The bank staff and the police station did everything possible to stop it, and even the leader came. The man still remitted the money, and it was too late to regret the incident. The essence of deception is a greedy word. No wonder the wealth from the sky makes peoples interests.

Brain disability is hopeless.

Chen Ling cursed secretly.

I was pouring water on the forum, and the mobile phone on the table vibrated.

”Hey. Who is it? ” Chen Lingman asked casually.

”Hello, Mr. Chen Ling! ” A very sweet voice came from the phone, and Chen Lings bones were almost crispy.

”Hello, beauty. ” Chen Ling laughed and said, in the words of brothers, he is actually a wolf in sheeps clothing.

”Im Xiaoya, the customer service of ”Shangjie ”. Mr. Chen Ling. Congratulations, you won the prize. ” Xiaoyas voice is really gentle as water. Chen Ling swore that the first school beauty of the college can compare with anyone who patted the horse.

Winning the lottery?

Chen Ling woke up from intoxication when he heard this

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