It’s the nature of the world to change with the ages.

The age with the kingdom and 3 principalities at the height of prosperity is also approaching a turning point.
The one to throw the dice was the commonwealth.
The commonwealth declared war and made an accord with Sacrament principality, with Austia following soon after.
While Alseid kingdom is surrounded by enemies from three directions, it would be left with a situation of enemy in every direction if even the Wilmington principality that’s currently continuing a desperate resistance falls and, given that, the downfall would be a matter of time.
According to the reports from spies, a great force consisting of 80 thousand members from the commonwealth’s forces, 50 thousand from Austia principality’s and, 50 thousand from Sacrament principality’s is making preparations to advance.
The total count for the army of the kingdom that is opposing that is 100 thousand, the Wilmington principality force that Kran stationed in the royal capital is 5 thousand.
As such, the sum total becomes a formation of 105 thousand.
The people’s livelihood has become a strained affair, as this has already completely entered a wartime system.
The capabilities of transportation should be taken note of as, coming and going has become rare to the extreme and, that seems to have become yet another restriction.
Additionally, dealing with the large quantity of refugees accepted in from Wilmington principality still isn’t going as could be hoped, the kingdom is also standing by as the decisive battle approaches.
It’ll be a huge issue if something like the National Mobilization Law comes into effect.

「Saira, Saira~?」
「Ah, hai desu nya!」

I found who I was searching for, while walking about the mansion.
Though while saying that since she was in the book room as predicted, that means it was done in one shot though.
She came over while seeming happy, when I came into the room.
Saira’s cute.

「Is something the matter desu nya?」
「Un, I’m going around checking on everyone so, I thought I should do Saira too.
I’d like for you to answer this after considering properly but……」

Pausing for one beat, I urge the Saira with a curious seeming face to ready her heart.

「I, will intervene in the fight that’s going to occur after this.
I can’t guarantee life and death.
If you return to the countryside, I’ll guarantee your livelihood so I’d like you to prepare your things.」
「I don’t like that nya!」

It was an instant response.
After that, it was a little angry.

「……You’ve properly considered it?」
「I, don’t want to separate from Alice-san nya! I am, Alice-san’s smith! Creating armaments such that Alice-san and everyone stays alive is also, my role! I won’t hand it over to anyone desu nya!」

There’s no lie, in those eyes overflowing with strong determination.
I suppose this isn’t a conclusion that came out by going with the flow.

「It can’t be helped can it.
Certainly, you are my exclusive smith so, since you’re something like an imouto.」
「Hai desu nya! We’ll be together until death!」

No no, haven’t you made too much of a resolution.

「Ma, since I won’t die.」

I lightly gifted her the chop I inherited directly from Till.
Saira bent her animal ears and, smiled while seeming embarrassed.

「Shall we do cooking together after this, Saira? I’ll see how proficient you’ve become for you.」
「Hai desu! I’m happy desu nya!」

Did you know that I can occasionally hear the maid-sans’s screams, when you force your way into the mansion’s kitchen?

「Since such things as follow up attacks being made on everyone while they rest on the battlefield for mealtime, is tragic isn’t it……if we don’t plan ahead while worrying about what is to come……」

Umu, I try nodding and this time Saira looked at me with resentful seeming eyes.

「Awful desu nya.」


We arrived at the kitchen, with such a reason.
While cooking tools and seasonings are gathered here, it’s also sparkling from a thorough cleaning.
Of course, there shouldn’t be any Cs showing up.
I’ll cry if one comes out.
I’ll faint if it flies.

「The ingredients are……Amazing, we might be able to make anything.
What should we make, Saira?」

I try looking into the freezer that uses ice crystals and, meat and fish, vegetables and even drinks are secured in large quantities.
While saying that, there aren’t all that many people residing in this mansion so, I suppose an amount is required for the maid-sans living in the annexe.

「It’s hamburger here desu nyaa!」
「NyaI see~」

Tasty~stuff isn’t it, hamburger?
With that decided it’s preparation time.
Tying my long hair into a ponytail, putting aprons on.
Saira has a pink flower pattern, she has an adorable apron on.
Eh, me?
It’s a plain cream color apron you know, is there a necessity, for adorability?

「Nyafu, Alice-san loves changing hairstyles nya.
Every hairstyle is beautiful!」
「Tha, thank you.
But I just tied it back because it was getting in the way okay?」

Ponytail, I suppose people who love it love it though.

「Recently Alice-san’s, hairstyle has changed a little nya.」
「Aah, un……since I want to use this ribbon you see.」

I try stroking Till’s blue ribbon that’s tied on the back of my head.

「Wawaa, please don’t cry Saira! Look, cooking! Shall we enjoy cooking?」

Furthermore, this ribbon is actually acting as the phylactery for Ilya’s dragon pact so, I have to keep it on without removing it even when I’m naked okay?

「Gusu……hai desu nya……sowwy.」
「Look, would you blow your nose~?」

I offered a tissue out and, Saira took that and fully blew her nose making a chiーーーn sound.
She’d become a little red.

「Fufu, you’re like a reindeer.」
「It, it’s embarrassing nya……Alice-san is, strong and kind……I, feel safe when I’m with Alice-san……So I don’t want us to separate desu nya.」

Turning red, while grasping her apron, the Saira saying that while fidgeting is too cute the extent of a cheat.

「Thank you, but I also cried a lot you know……Even now, tears come out at night before sleeping.」
「Is it okay, for us to sleep together tonight!?」
「Fufu……then, perhaps I’ll ask for that? I’ll make you into a hug pillow so, be prepared okay~?」
「Hai desu nya!」

Even if I’m on guard, Saira’s cattily cute issn’t she.

「Then shall we do cooking? To start with use the onion to……onion……?」

I tried looking in Saira’s direction.
I made her cat ears jump up, with a puzzled face.

「Ano……Saira, are you alright with onions?」

To be sure when given to dogs, cats or such, I’ve heard that it causes the symptoms of poisoning though.

「? Onions, are tasty you know?」
「Ah, that so? That’s so isn’t it……」

It’s the matter of saying that even if she has cat ears, Saira is human.
It’s still full of things I don’t know, fantasy.

「On that note, are we using onions?」
「Eh? They’re normally used? On hamburger.」
「I, thought we were just frying the mince nya……」
「……Could it be that」

Saira nodded with her jaw hanging.

「This is my first time, making this nya……」

I seee.
Then this means that when she said to make hamburger, she chose what she wanted to eat doesn’t it?

「I understand, then let’s make it together? Since it’s a promise okay.」
「Hai desu! Cooking with Alice-san, happy desu nya!」

E~tto, then start by finely cutting the onion, I suppose.

「Saira, can you cut finely?」
「Cut finely?」
「Nn, let’s have me demonstrate.」

I put the skinned onion on the chopping board.
After promptly separating it into halves with the kitchen knife, I quickly start mincing it……mince……!

「My eyes……my eyes……s!!」
「A, Alice-san!?」
「Ah, I’m sorry, I just wanted to try doing it.」
「Eh, eeeh!?」

But, it’s true that it stings doesn’t it~.

「Te, tears are coming out nya……」
「They always do, when cutting onions don’t they?」

The onions over here really are, also the same aren’t they~.
Onions, I wonder how they’re called over here?
Maa, it’s fine either way though.

「Hai finished.
Cutting finely is done in this manner.
Will Saira also try doing it?」

A timid Saira grasped the kitchen knife.
Her method of holding it was, that, how to say it……very, unwieldy.
She’s putting in too much power or rather……
At this point I’m afraid……

「Saira? The hand that holds it down is, the cat’s hand you know?」

Nya, and she does a cat imitation.

「I, I understand nyaa!」

And so Saira, held down the onion with the power of her entire body.
Bushuu, and it made an unbelievable noise.

「Ano……you’re stabbing the onion with your claw but」
「Eh? Is it not held down like this?」
「U, u~n, that’s a bit off.」

If it’s like that, won’t it not be cut well……
It becomes shorter when cut so, I wonder how you intend to change where you’ve stabbed it when that happens?
However, when I look at them again, when Saira is excited her nails really are sharp like a cats aren’t they.
I think I’d cry if I was scratched by that.

「Maa, would you show it be cut for now?」
「Hai desu nya!」

The Saira that had returned to her original vigor, swung the kitchen knife up to her head.

「Wait a bit!? You’re making too much of a wind up! Since your hand will fly, if you make a mistake while eyeballing it.」
「Eh, but oneesan, is always swinging her katana like this nya.」
「Just, what is Saira fighting……」

You’ve done well staying safe up until now, Saira.

「Mou……please wait for a moment okay.」

I circle around to Saira’s back and, I put my hand on her like I’m holding her from behind.
Saira is particularly slender even among my comrades so, even I can envelop her with room to spare can’t I.

「Saira, release your power? Here we go~」

I rebuked Saira as she put in a strange power and, leisurely slid the kitchen knife in.

「It’s that sort of sensation.
Ton ton ton.」
「Incredible desu nya……but, my eye stings nya~!!」
「I’m also, stinging a little.」

It seems like the damage is higher for Saira as she’s in front though isn’t it.

「Is it somewhere around here? Let’s do the mince next.
Since I’ll fry, the finely cut onions.」

Since my instincts are warning me, that leaving a source of fire to Saira is dangerous.
Bringing the mince out from the freezer, I put it into a bowl.

「Shake the salt a little and, the back is like this, it’s just knead knead and knead.
The trick is to do it quickly.」

After doing just a imitation of kneading, I entrust the bowl to Saira.

「I understand!」

Un, good response!
But, your claws are out again you know?
Nervous nervous.

「I’m leaving it to you okay.」

Saira thrust her hand into the bowl, while using her hands like she was trying to bring down prey.
Un……maa, un.
If she manages to mix it then it’s okay right?
Watching her appearance while frying the onions, I throw in breadcrumbs, eggs, nutmeg and pepper.
In addition, I throw in the finely cut raw onions that weren’t fried and, I throw in the fried onions after watching for the right moment.
The cooling process wasn’t sufficiently completed according to the procedure so, it was a little too hot to handle though wasn’t it~.
This time Saira starts plucking off the rather well kneaded mince to be shaped into convenient sizes, as sweat runs down her forehead.

「So, next is this……use light slaps, with a sensation like you’re letting the air out and」

Using the palms of both hands, I throw it like I’m playing catch ball.

「Waa, that looks fun!」

Saira imitates me, grabs the mince and goes and hits it softly.
Her estimate was off so the mass of mince, struck me directly in the face.

「Wawaaa!? Why!?」

My face starts dripping with grease.

「I I, I’m sorry desu nya!!」
「……No, well, it’s something that happens a lot, and I don’t mind so.」

I wonder if something like the god of laughter descended……speaking of direct hits.
I promptly cleaned my face and, rubbed it with a towel.
It’d be a big problem if I produce a tasty smell or the like so, Aim or someone gave me a bite.

「Ano……you’re angry, nya?」
「Fufu, it’s about as much as being given a direct mince attack by my imouto, Alice-san isn’t angry.
Let’s go with good rhythm okay.」
「Hai desuu.」

Saira turned pure red and, nodded countless times.
Since it’s conversely worrying, if she does it timidly isn’t it.
After that, Saira’s catch ball finished after a difficult struggle and, somehow she finished making it into convenient sizes.

「Un un, it’s well done you know.」
「Is that true!?」
「Fufu, you’re training to be a wife aren’t you.
It’s said that if you seize a man’s stomach you can take them out in one blow you know?」
「Is that so? Alice-san is, eto……how is it? You’re, particular about food but……」

Occasionally like this, the Saira fidgeting while using upturned eyes is naturally cute isn’t she.
Since there’s no sensation that this child is being calculating, on top of her personality, that makes it all the more so.

「Well I’m also, ma……when I eat tasty food, both my stomach and heart become happy you know.」
「I, I’ll do my best nya!」
「That, so? That’s good enthusiasm isn’t it.」
「Of course desu nya!」

She’s being intense!
After that, we passed a fun time together, until it finished frying in the fry pan.
Cooking is one of my hobbies so, the process when making it together with someone like this truly was, a good time that put my heart at ease.
I realized anew, that it isn’t the case, that I desired to spend day and night in battle.
Even though Till was that strong, it wasn’t the case that she dove into labyrinths or went on adventures either, since she loved snoring her way to sleep.
……I don’t know what to think of that either though.
But that isn’t so now, we’ve entered into the flow of battle.
We’re free to attack, or defend but, I suppose we’ll be steadily pursued into a corner if we flee.
Therefore, I’ve decided.

「Un, it’s well done! Everyone will surely get enjoyment from its taste you know.」

I try doing a slight taste check with the hamburger we finished up and, I felt that I wanted to give Saira a flower mark.

「It’s because of Alice-san desu nya……we can, make it together again right?」
「Fufu, of course.」

She was reserved but, those words had extremely strong feelings in them.

「I can’t achieve anything except, things of this level so……I, will protect everyone with my battle……Even if chimera come, regardless of whatever strong enemies come, I’ll show reliable weapons be made until the end.
That is, my fight desu nya.」

I heard, that she’s already finished distributing armaments to all the maid-sans.
Items specialized for melee combat, items specialized for long distances, magicians, and for their various strengths an weaknesses.
Matching them person by person, it seems she went around making one off equipment.
The scale of my mansion is, a company’s scale.
That’s somewhere around nearly 200 names.
Saira has circles forming under her eyes.
Even though I assume she’s tired out……that’s why, she misjudged her catch ball issn’t it.

「Nee Saira, I don’t intend to instigate anxiety but, I feel this is surely a situation that divides life and death to the extreme.
At that time, I’m convinced that your weapons will save everyone.
I also, was always saved by your Caster・Glove.」

The white dragon’s time, the Yamata no Orochi’s time, my trump card was always that.

「Aren’t you pushing out big words a little?」

I make a satisfied smile with a special sense, in front of Saira.

「Not one person came out as a casualty, from my house.
Everyone, has exceptional coordination as well so, since they’re strong enough to surprise you.」

I took on my house’s maids as they grouped together into 6 members per party and, it wasn’t easy for me.
Laugh when an optimist would laugh, I believe I really will make that so.

「Hai! I believe you nya!」
「Everyone, has a reckless goshujin like me and, it’s a huge problem isn’t it.」
「No, each and every one, felt it couldn’t be forgiven.
Therefore, Alice-san’s thoughts and everyone’s thoughts are the same desu nya.
Let’s do them in, the commonwealth!」

I let out a laugh at, Saira’s valiance.

「Nya nya?」
「Fufu, that’s so isn’t it.
My courage is coming out.」

The decisive battle is near but, I’ve spent this day reconfirming, that I’m blessed with the people around me arren’t I.

「Eat a lot today and, let’s sleep a lot okay? I’ll hold you tii~ghtly for you.」
「Hai……makes me embarrassed nya……ah, but but! I want to talk with Alice-san a lot at night so, I don’t want to sleep desu……nya.」
「Nn~, that’s also fine isn’t it? Then, shall we sleep past noon tomorrow?」
「Hai! Alice-san, I love you desu nya!」

I as well, Saira.
Truly――thank you okay?

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